Friday, September 05, 2008


(Note the lower case i's everywhere...explanation below)
i'd just love to work here...and,i'm sure, you would,too.(Google guys,are you listening?)

Pic 1 Pic 2

Pic 3
All the pics: From the Google work environment.

Pic 1:Decompression (stress) capsule that is impermeable to sound and light ..
Pic 2: Moving around: A slide allows quick access from different floors ... There are also poles available ... they are similar to the ones used in fire stations.
Pic 3: Health: Professional masseurs (eusses) available.
Knock Knock- now, quit dreaming- i'm sure we'd all like to have a similar work environment.

Thought for the day: See above. So, why do we still wait for opportunity to wake us up?

Some replies and follow-ups to previous posts.

Hi,Keshi-noo,i was referring to the 'i'm blogging that' cartoon in the 'Come September' post.:)
i was sure someone would comment on it, either terming it a ROFL one or a rude one. What's your comment,now?:)
No-one tried the General Knowledge questions,too..come on, I'm sure you know at least some of the answers,people. Try!!Austy, Amy, Keshi,Soham,Cyn,.....try!!:)Answers next time.
So,how many of us were successful in trying to pass the day with only pleasantries and no frowns? Sadly,i wasn't. It was just one of those days, when lending someone a finger to guide them leads to the whole hand being pulled. And, i had to get bugged at those acting strategically incompetent just to get me to do their work.And, as i said, 'It doesn't mean that we should act happy falsely, either'. Anyway, it just took reading a few posts, like
- Keshi's (first) imaginary visit to the Doc,with imaginary questions like:
Doc: Did you take Panadol?
Keshi: Does that cure Multiple Personality Disorder?
- Austy's description of a traffic jam on Ganesh Chaturthi day,which went 'A traffic jam on the over bridge, an hour from east to west; a gentle breeze touches the pipal canopy etched against the just-about orange sky as a truck trailer carries an oversized Ganpati home, escorted by a gleeful orange bandana and T contingent.
As i said, it takes very little to make me feel happy,so, why does it happens that sometimes i've to search even for that' very little'?*muses LOLlingly*. No,no,don't worry-there's always a good answer to such 'a'musing thoughts,where i'm concerned.
Did you read about the front page of the Ole Lady of Boribunder,as our very own Times of India is lovingly called, being altered to show no 'capital I's', because "the proprietors want to do away with the self-promotion of 'ego'?I=ego, ergo: no ego;ergo: lower case i.", as the article in the local magazine here said.
i tried doing that in this post,but,it certainly feels odd!Is the 'ego'thingy the only reason, i wonder?
Time for some jokes:
Cute joke of the day:
A kindergarten teacher was giving her class a lesson on using scissors. As she helped one child who was having difficulty, she asked him if he had any scissors at home. He replied, "No, but i do have two brudders!"

And another:
Perpetual braggart: You know, when i was born, the military let off 21 guns.
Perpetual tired-of-listening guy: And they all missed, I see.
Man: "May i buy you a whiskey?"
Blonde: "No you can't, whiskey is bad for my legs"
Man: "That's a shame, do they swell?"
Blonde:"No, they open!"
Next post coming up tomorrow. Till then, keep smiling!!:)


Keshi said...

I saw that Blogging joke and cracked up big time...but didnt comment on it. ooops! :)

ok will try the GN qns soon.

Im like takes VERY little to make me happy. I LOL and Im happy hahaha!

There was a time I used to take things so seriously. Not anymore. cos cmon life itself is a silly can end anytime so why not laugh while we can :)

ROFL @Whiskey joke!


Keshi said...

**Which is heavier - a horse's liver or its gall bladder?

gall bladder mebbe...cos man they drink so much lol!

**- What is the first line of dialogue Amitabh spoke in Reshma Aur Shera?

like I'd know this one. Duh Amit! Reshma Aur Shera? :):)

**- What is the filament of a neon light made of?

Neon? :)

- How did Ashwatthama die in the Mahabharat?

o god Mahabharat was one big war so I guess everyone died fighting? lol!

**- Who played the title role in Hitchcock's Rebecca

no idea! but I love watching Hitchcock movies.


Solitaire said...

I wonder if people in Google have the monday blues?! I just wrote a post on them.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-yep,I know that-i.e.just like me,you also need v. little to make you happy.And,that's great,I feel!
Answers to the quiz:coming up in my post dt. 17.09:)
Sol,I did read that post..I defi don't think they have the Monday morn blues at Google.In fact,they might well be having Friday evening blues.