Monday, September 15, 2008


How spontaneous are you? For example, when you are watching a movie like 'Hungama', and hear this dialogue:
Paresh Rawal(to wifey): Where are you going with this hippypotamous?
Wifey: This is a dog not a hippypotamous
Paresh Rawal: I'm talking to the dog.
or,'Awara Paagal Deewana', where Paresh Rawal keeps forgetting his name and everyone else's, calls himself everything from Chunilal to Methilal to Manilal to...:)
or, Seinfeld,talking of laundry day(Let me reproduce that hilarious dialogue here), in his inimitable somewhat sarcastic voice:
"Laundry-day" is the only exciting day in the live of clothes.

It, think about it: the washing machine is the nightclub of clothes. Ya know, it's dark, there's bubbles happening, they're all kind a dancing around in there...shirt grabs the underwear: "C'mon babe, let's gather".
You come by, you open up the lid and they'll: [shows how clothes are acting when you open the lid]...Socks are the most amazing article of clothing. They hate their lives, they're in the shoes with stinky feet, the boring drawers...the dryer is their only chance to escape and they all know it. They knew a escape from the dryer.
They plan it in the hamper, the night before: [sock's voice] "Tomorrow, the dryer, I'm goin' wait here!" The dryer-door swings open and the sock is waiting up against the side wall. They hope you don't see him and then he goes down the road [shows how the sock is going down the road]. They got buttons sowed on their faces: join the puppet show...
So they're showing me on television the detergent for getting out blood-stains...Is this a violent image to anybody? Blood-stains? I mean, I, come on, you got a T-shirt with blood-stains all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem right now...Maybe you oughtta get the harpoon out your chest first.
Do such situations make you guffaw out loud? And, at what time?
- Even when you're alone?
- When you're with someone to whom you want to show off your sense of humour?
- When you're with a staid looking group of old fuddy-duddies who look bemused at what they are watching,when they'd rather be out making a potful of money,rather than 'wasting'their time watching slapstick?
- When you're with a group of like-minded people?

If your answer is 'yes' to all three, I'm your friend for life.(As such, I consider my fav. bloggers as 'friends for life'...ahem!!Hope they do,too!) I love such people. I love their zest for life. Only too often, people don't tend to laugh at the funniest of situations,and I wonder what's holding them back?Instead,they tend to find faults even with such situations, and comment on how 'sick' the comedian is. Come on,guys(n gals), if comedy wasn't meant to be a part of our lives,to lighten us up, make our hearts pump better,it wouldn't be around, would it?

It reminds me of this good friend of mine from school days. He's in Bahrain now. We used to go to movies together, in school days. And, he had this knack of going off into peals of laughter, sometimes at the silliest of reasons, which would set me off as well.(Even now,whenever we meet, there's always at least one situation,where we remember some incident and laugh non-stop like we've gone mad.LOL). And, he had this further habit,of repeating the lines which made him laugh, which made the situation sound even funnier. I wish I knew someone like him in Dubai. But, I don't. People are too busy with their DGDG(Din Gin, Dirham Gin) philosophy, most of the time.

Well, anyway, I'm glad I have an outlet on my blog for such moments.And, glad to have all of you around, who laugh with me, who give me some laughs,too!!:)
And,here's the scientific reasons why laughter's good for you:

Joke time:
Nike has come out with a new pair of shoes just for Lesbi*ns. The brand's called "Dyke." It's got a nine-inch tongue and you can get it off with one finger.
Brassi*re: An over-the-shoulder boulder holder
Till the next post, keep laughing/smiling/grinning/LOLling/ROFLling or whatever it is that you do when you visit my blog!!*rolls ----eyes, of course!*


Alka said...

Can you link the last picture so that when we click on it, it can be enlarged? That way it will be readable. I am glad to know that you have such friends. Its a great gift that whenever he wants he can be jovial with you.

D said...

I loved the movie Hungama... I can't keep a track of how many times I've seen it!!!

Keshi said...

** mean, I, come on, you got a T-shirt with blood-stains all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem right now...


yes Im YOUR FRIEND too Amit! hi-5! ;-)

Thank God for blogs or else I'd hv ended up in jail!


Arunima said...

yes, I laugh myself silly and I know we are blogger friends for life.

Yesterday, we watched 'My cousin Vinny' and laughed like mad, me and hubby.

Did you cook up the part about the laundry? quite nice.

Arunima said...

by the way, my last post on the theft in the hostel should have read,"some people started losing their over-the-shoulder boulder holders." ha ha ha

Solitaire said...

Haha! I love your sense of humor. So thank you for the smiles that YOU give us on your blog.

AmitL said...

Hi,Alka-will do that,today..thanks for telling me,coz I thought it's the usual jpeg image.
Hi,Keshi-LOL-do u watch Seinfeld,as an exception to the rule of avoiding TV?:)It's worth it.
Hey,tks-hi5;) indeed:)
Hi,Arunima-that was nicely expressed.:)Grt to see u2 luv laughing..takes the stress off so many situations,na?
And,noo-that was an 'original'dialogue from Seinfeld.He's always hilarious.Obnoxious,but,hilarious.
LOL--yes,that last post on the hostel thief,could well have been retitled.hehe.:)
Hi,Sol-you're welcome..and,thank you for the nice comments you leave on my blog.:)

Keshi said...


ofcourse! I used to. They dun show it here anymore. I love Kramer. But after his recent Racism incident, I dun like him anymore. Isnt it strange how such a think can spoil an entire TV character? :)


Keshi said...

**such a THING

sorry abt the typo!


AmitL said...

Keshi, u can still see Seinfeld,on youtube.:)
Re. Kramer, I didn't know-what was the incident?

austere said...

LOVED the boulder holder one.

Waves of nonstop laughter was once upon a time, we used to call it "ubhro avyo". :)

There is one really slapstick new show on star called panipuri- non stop fun chey.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...LOL,yes,that was a funny one.:)
Waves of non-stop laughter-I never heard the phrase' ubhro avyo'..heh heh!!
Pani puri is good?I'll have a look-see...saw only the first episode.

shooting star said...

i am a person who breaks into laughter at slighest of funny things...and i hate people who always see the serious side of life...cummon yar...laugh a little...that's my funda...

Keshi said...

Kramer was going bellistic on stage with really harsh racist slurs...check here, there's a video of it too!


AmitL said...

Hi,SS.You know,I somehow knew that you've got that flair for breaking into laughter..grt to know that.:)Yep,'cummon yaar,laff a little'is a grt funda.
Hi,Keshi-ohhh..tks-will chk out the video in the afternoon today.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-whew-let me check the video-I hope my respect for Kramer as a good actor doesn't go down..haha.