Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spam email headline et al

I received this nice pic and the following quote from one of the groups I’m a member of.

“No one is born happy. But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness. So, today make others happy. Good morning and have a day full of smiles.”
As I said some time back, these spam email titles deserve to be compiled into a joke book. So, just to begin a ROFL post, here goes: (Mind you, I do not click on any of these messages-no telling how many hundreds of other spammers might get’ encouraged’ to send their proposals. Ready? Here goes:

- Alone at India gate? Or with India date?
- Be Godly in bed
- Fast and safe male enhancement
- Make your intimate nights longer
- You want to make luv everywhere? Ask us how
- She will give her heart to you for incredible night
- Top tips on getting laid
- Amaze your lady into submission
- Three ways to start a new intimate life full of pleasure and delight

Now, those are the 'less lustful' headlines. The rest might lead to my blog getting banned out here, if I reproduce them here. So, no chances taken. *clicks ‘delete all’ button on gmail spam mail*.
On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.-- George Orwell

I feel quite astonished, these days, when I go for my evening walk. I usually begin it with a ‘ masala tea in a matki’ (Earthen bowl) at Bombay Chowpatty(probably coz it gives the energy required to walk an hour or more. LOL ) Of course, this month,during the day, all these places are either closed, or, they give ‘parcel/packing service’, nicely sealed so that you don’t get tempted to eat/drink while on the road(And, risk imprisonment if caught). In the evening, suddenly, there’s a rush of foodies(And, no, most of them do not seem to be the ones who’re fasting during the day). At BC itself, I see people sitting expectantly at the tables, gazing at their watches, and waiting for The Moment when the gorging on food can begin.

Anyway, I finish the tea quickly, and, go off on my walk, headphones and all. On the way, I guess I pass around 20-25 restaurants, most of them Indian. And, each one of them has at least 15-20 people sitting, at such an early time.

- It makes me wonder-either people have started taking care of their health, and, have dinner early, so that it gets digested. Or
- Many are bachelors, who reach home by 230-300 PM this month, go to sleep since there’s nothing to do, with alarm set for 630 PM. And, feeling ravenous at that time, they rush to the restaurants. Or, even if they are sitting watching TV, they feel hungry, not having the pressure of work which they usually do. or/and
- Others might be family guys, but, with wives who are as equally enthusiastic about tasting the evening delicacies as they are about fasting from cooking at home throughout the month.
- In front of one of these restaurants, I actually saw 5-6 people standing in a queue patiently, waiting for it to open.
Should we call that the height of hungriness? Because, till last week, the weather was so sultry and humid that standing like that would just kill the appetite rather than whetting it.
Don't think you are going to conceal thoughts by concealing evidence that they ever existed.-- Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Get this," the husband chuckled. "That ridiculous janitor of ours claims he's made love to every woman in the building except one." "Hmmmm," said his wife, assuming a thoughtful, faraway expression, "must be that stuck-up Mrs. Frobisher on the fourth floor"

Height of Bravery: A nak*d man bending over to pick up a quarter on an island of gays.
Ohh, I never knew the area where I stay in Dubai is famous. Just chanced upon this article in Wikipedia. Of course, Wiki is a goldmine of info about any and everything, so perhaps I’ll check out Baroda, next.
Till next time, keep smiling.


austere said...


Maybe they were just bored and wanted to see the world go by, adda style.

What did you get re Baroda?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

I think for many eating is a social pass time?

Soham Shah said...

Height of Bravery is certainly a height of laughs ..

It was awesome ..

Sanjana said...

Hey amit very good blog and good technical knowledge by u .

I am really very much amazed with your technology understanding

I have also implemented my project as a social networking website
in java jsp
Keep it up with ur projects
we young indians will make every indians proud

Keshi said...

Im eating alot these days :)mebbe Im stressed.

**Fast and safe male enhancement

lol lol lol!

Spam emails make me ROFL most of the time. I get many Penis enlargement emails HAHAHA!


Harsha said...

when did u move to karama. I thought u lived in deira?

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-LOL-yep,perhaps they were indeed bored.:)
Baroda-didn't chk yet..will do so this weekend,coz I want to have a nice read.
Hehe-Cyn,you're probably right-a social timepass..haha
Hi,Soham-glad u liked the 'height'.
Hi,Sanjana-I already signed up for've done a great job.Will write about it in a future post
Hi,Keshi-yep,stressed out=food binge,for me,too,many times.
LOL at the spam mails you get.Perhaps they think Kajole is a male name??ROFL.:)