Sunday, September 14, 2008

Opinion Polls

Thought:Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.

I read one of the funniest polls I’ve seen in recent times:
Q:How many times do you brush your teeth in a day?

-After every meal
-Don’t have teeth
When I clicked the second option(Better clarify that, so that people know that I’m not in category 4-yet…ROFL), it showed the ‘results’…@ 44 % each for options 1 and 2,and the balance, divided between 3(8.5%) and 4( @ 4%). I wonder how it helped the newspaper, though-did it tell them that the majority of their readers are conscious of dental care?Or, that the percentage of oldies reading the paper are few?

In fact, I often wonder how these polls help the mags/papers that carry them? Anyone have any ideas/knowledge about it?I'd love to know.
That reminds me of 'Dus Ka Dum', Salman Khan anchored program on Sony TV. It has people so excited about guessing statistics like 'How many men think it’s important to have a glass of milk on their first wedding night or ‘Suhaag raat’ as it is called in India?' And, the 'contestants' seriously ponder over the answer, as if it's a great GK Quiz going on, and excitedly yell 'up', 'down', as the bar moves mysteriously over the percentage figures. Whew- and, here I was, thinking that 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Kaksha Se Tez Hain?'(Are you smarter than a 5th grader?) was the do-all-and-end-all of adults competing with kids. But,then, it's the star value of the shows which sells, so, who really cares about the content? (And, I think the paanchvi kaksha one is a Basu show only)
Ironically, it reminds me of Siddharth Basu's quiz show, Mastermind.The questions used to really send us in a tizzy,and we would be thrilled if we could answer even half of them. What a contrast!Kahaan gaye woh din?(Where have those days gone?). Even the Bournvita Quiz Contest was a thriller.
Height of Sophistication: Sucking nip*les with a straw.
Info of the week:(For those who don't know)

The pic above is of an 'abra'.The boat is used to take people from one side of Dubai(Bur Dubai) to the other.(Deira). Quite an experience it is. In the creek, I've sometimes observed flying fish!Couldn't photograph them yet. Around 12 people can fit in one boat. The driver sits in the centre, in a hollow space created for him,from where he operates the boat. Even today, it is one of the most economical ways to travel to that side. And, something I definitely recommend to visitors. Now, of course, the RTA has begun airconditioned abras, too. So, for those who want to travel in comfort, a choice exists. Albeit, a bit costlier.
Till next time, keep smiling.


Spot said...

Hey thx 4 the infos abt the boat!

Question: Did YOU have that glass of milk too? Lol!!!

Keshi said...

That boat looks a bit dodgy tho..I mean it looks so open and unsafe. but maybe for quick trips its ok :)

**In fact, I often wonder how these polls help the mags/papers that carry them? Anyone have any ideas/knowledge about it?

I dun think they help the Mags...they help to gain info, arrive at stats and form generalised opinions abt lifetstyles based on the results. Just for kicks ya know.



Solitaire said...

Hey thanks for the information on ABRA. Had no idea that such a thing existed!

austere said...

That Abra looks nice- any pics?

Re the shows, part of the general dumbing down, right?

AmitL said...

Hi,Spot-hey,welcome here,pal.:)And,glad u liked the info about the boat.
Re. the glass of milk-LOL-keep guessing.
Hi,Keshi-believe me,you have to ride on that boat to like it- I was scared,the first time.:)
haha-u might be right about the polls.Wonder what the others think?
Hi,Austy-yes,it IS nice.:)More pics?Let me find some.
LOL at the 'dumbing down' comment.:)