Monday, September 22, 2008

OMG: Crowds

(Quip: Unbelievable guy, huh?

I hate crowds. You know what I hate? Crowds. With a capital C. Anywhere. If I can avoid them, I will. For example: Smelly armpits if standing in a bus. Could anything be worse?

I went to the Supermarket the other day, and saw serpentine queues of 10-11 people, at each counter, each with a trolley full of purchases. And, I just put my shopping basket down somewhere and walked out. If I go to a restaurant solo, and there’s a crowd, I’ll prefer to get something packed, or make a nice sandwich at home. The last time I went to a crowded one, with some family friends, we were given a token number and asked to wait near the counter. Every two-three minutes, someone would come and jostle one of us, to ask the waiter- has our number come??Ewww!! By the time our number came, I'd lost my appetite.

Why, just today, I’d gone to Bombay Chowpatty and was second in line, with another 4-5 people behind me. And, this family of three in front of me- good Lord, why can’t people what they want to eat, before reaching the counter? The lady goes: Give us three frankies, two sev-batata-puris, one dahi-batata-puri…*In between, their lil daughter starts jumping- I want that star, I want that star*(The star was just an ad on a flyer, put up at the glass window), and Mommy dear says, Ok beta. Then, Mommy dear changes her mind- oh, no, make it two dahi-batata-puris, and, add one masala tea, one mineral water. Again, she’s about to change her mind, but, something clicks and she says’ Ok, if we want anything more, we’ll come back’. Hubby dear, probably used to all this chaos, was standing calmly, and, even let wifey pay, rather than paying himself. (I wonder-was he hubby or BF? LOL)…and, he grinned away at me, seeing my annoyed look. Just as I was about to move out and go to Bikanerwala, which is right behind BC, the lady paid and took off. *Sorry*, she tells me and smiles. ARGHHH! That face is etched on my mind- the next time she’s there ahead of me in a queue, I don’t wait. I wonder what such people do when there are decisions more ‘earth-shaking’ than these to be made?

Of course, where crowds are concerned, Mumbai locals take the cake, the pastry and the whole bakery. For those not aware, tell me, can you imagine travelling like in the above pic? These people, travel by them daily, are the strongest of all, I’d say. I haven’t travelled in one since more than seven years now, but, just standing at the railway crossing at Andheri when I'm there, and seeing people hanging out, makes me go shaky at the knees. I remember jumping out at Malad, when I’d boarded a local from Borivali to go to Andheri- banged quite a few people on the head in my panic to get out of the crowded compartment.Enochlophobia at it's best.

Just read this cute tidbit of info: About a five year old in Serbia. The tiny tot found a fortune in his Dad’s safe, and went on a USD 133,000 buying spree, taking his friends to a shopping mall, and buying them clothes, toys, bicycles, lollies, computers and games. The father realized what had happened only when his son and his friends returned home.

Wonder if Daddy Dear managed to get his money back?

Jokes for the day :

One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife, "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. "What the Hell is this" he said to himself as a little dust cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She replied, "It's not talcum powder. It's Miracle Grow."
Height of Noise: Two skeletons screwing on a tin roof.

Thought for the day:Life is an echo. Whatever you give, you get back.

Another thought:" Age does not protect us from love but love, to some extent, protects us from age."
Till next time, keep those smiles coming!!:)


Keshi said...

ur like me. I simply hate crowds. Usually I go to a place as isolated as ever, to relax or to take a break. Even cafes and restaurants, when crowded, I dun like!

**By the time our number came, I'd lost my appetite.

lol same story here, when we go to Asian restaurants.

OMG indeedz @Mumbai trains!

That kid really spent all his dad'd money? WOW!

haha @skeleton joke!

**Thought for the day:Life is an echo. Whatever you give, you get back.

I love that one! its true and thats what we call KARMA.



Keshi said...

sorry abt 2 KESHIs in that last comment. lol!


austere said...

Nice thought for the day- thanks.

Yes, Mumbai is all about crowds. The day you can manage to keep pace with the Churchgate crowds, you become a part of the city.

Can you imagine my shock the first few months after apna sheher?

Oh ho, you get chaat in your city, eh. One panipuri, teekha pls.

ishita said...

thanks for dropping by my blog Amit :) ... and I hope to get back to BUF soon too (one step at a time!)... thank u for keeping it alive and interesting!

I blogged about my first trip to mumbai and the crowds ... sumthing i can never quite get over!

the helmet story was funny but seriously, Mr Shah doesn't set a good example! Traffic in India is erratic..better safe than sorry!

the 5 yr old scary! I've got Vedant saving up money in his piggy bank for a trip we're making next year (welll nooooo he doesn't pay for his yeah the money he saves will be his pocket money to spend during the trip)...I'm hoping he will manage to do so :)

the thought of the day ... i totally agree with. always believed that love is what keeps the heart young :)

Arunima said...

"Of course, where crowds are concerned, Mumbai locals take the cake, the pastry and the whole bakery." :-) Gonna use this phrase again.

Poo said...

Right you are crowds suck!! You should see the malls in Blore on weekends...its like the whole city has decided to make the malls thier home! And what is more annoying is the junta that is doing mere time pass and don't intend on buying anything..the worst are the people that try on clothes for fun but don't buy them!!! WTF!!! Seriously annoying!

lol the Bombay locals are seriously a work of chaotic art! I have seen some of those crowded trains first hand and even traveled by them...though ladies first class isn't as bad as the pic..but it can get pretty near death like situation!!! I once traveled for close to an hour standing on one foot!!! Horrid!!!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

you are in bombay and you hate crowds? aiyo. wish you all the very best.

rain girl said...

i detest crowds like you do. :P i go out of my way to avoid crowds - meaning no parties / wedding which means a lot of unhappy friends,....but then, those who truly know me, will understand.

neways very cuttee post n oh that lady grrrr .. i know pl can be so annoying :(

Ritu said...

Oh God...that mommy could've been me!!!! Sheesh...reading it was worse than an eye opener!!! *going red*

Solitaire said...

I was about to say I love crowds but then I read about the smelly armpits, screaming child, and saw the train picture, and realized things in India are different. :(

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-yes,I knew it-that you also hate crowds-esp at restaurants-I mean,you go there,to sit peacefully,enjoy your meal/tea,and,if there's a big crowd,it's UGH!!
Yea,the kid really spent all his Dad's money-that's what the article said.:)
Thought for the day- yes,I think it was one of the most simple,yet realistic ones I've come across in recent times.
Hi,Austy-I guess I'd never be a part of the city,then-mingle with Churchgate crowds?OOOOPHH*faints,thinking of the crowds*. Can imagine your shock,after good ole peaceful Baroda.
Arre,Chaat?You name it,we get it all in Dubai...right down to Hawabaan Harde.hehe.
Hi,Ishita-great to see your comment.About BUF-yes,I do hope you get around to it asap-your presence is a must,there.As for keeping it alive and interesting-well,the others who have been around- Keshi,Loon Gal,Mich,Vishesh...all contributed,even if everyone has/had their busy days now and then.:)
I agree about traffic-it's erratic,so,better safe than sorry.The Mr. Shah one was funny,though.
Oh,wow-nice to see Vedant's learning the basics of saving and the value of money.Good for him!Has he got something particular in mind to buy?And,where're u planning a trip next year?(Curious)
Thought of the day-ohhh,yes,indeedy-love is what keeps the heart young.*smiles*
Hi,Arunima,you're welcome.:)Take the bakery.hehe
Hi,Poo-yes,I observed this in Baroda's mushrooming malls,too-most people were just doing time-pass,especially those trying on clothes-no wonder the sales guys/gals seemed bugged.
LOL at your Mumbai locals experience-standing on 1 ft for an hr?Wow-that's a record,I'm sure.
Hi,Cyn-aiyo(your style) got the last three letters right,i.e. the 'bai'part..I'm in Dubai,not Mumbai..too scared to even think of settling down in Mumbai.
Hi,Rain Gal-I guessed as much,from what I read on your blog-we think alike,where avoiding parties,et al is concerned.:)And,I'm sure,those who know you,understand.I'd prefer to curl up with a nice book/mag,anyday.Or,of course,blog for 3 hrs,rather than stand chit-chatting at a party.:)
Ritu-ROFL...was that you,really??:)And,do you really get that confused at a restaurant?I can't believe it.(Seeing is believing,so,someday,I'll observe,whenever we meet)
Hi,Sol-well,that WAS the crowded part of India-but,there's also,for example,lovely gardens in places like Baroda,which make you forget the maze of people all round.:)I do wonder,though,how you could love crowds,except,of course,us fans at your blog!!:)Cheers!!