Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not Working?Out with it

‘ This stupid DVD player. I bought it two years back and it just doesn’t stop working’. I couldn’t help laughing, when I heard a friend say this, some days back. Apparently, in spite of his best efforts- playing bad/damaged DVDs, pirated DVDs, etc, his player just does not conk off. And, he’s longing for it to stop, so that he can buy a new one. But,him being Indian, 'Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin'(The Heart Doesn't Agree), till it really stops and he can proudly proclaim that he threw it out and bought a new one.
It made me wonder- we are used to extracting the last drop from any appliance, getting it repaired once, twice, thrice, and so on, and sometimes even get so emotionally attached to such things that we keep them even after they die. Out here, people change mobile phones,television sets,cars, everything at their whim. Probably to be' one up on the Joneses', proverbially speaking.

Frankly, I feel our way is the right way. Instead of discarding something as soon as it stops working(Or, even if it doesn’t, as in this case), is just adding to the mounds of garbage collecting around the world. In fact, when I go for my morning walk, I feel astonished- right next to those garbage bins(The big ones, which get picked up by trucks), I see discarded sofa sets(in seemingly good condition, maybe needing a change of seats/seatcover, etc), metal beds, mattresses, baby prams, suitcases, you name it. I can imagine the friendly neighbourhood bhangaarwaala/ pastiwaaala , drooling over such stuff, if it were ready for discarding in Baroda, and, he’d part with a pretty penny for it, to boot.
This week was quite satisfying, where letters and prizes are concerned. One letter in Weekend,in a local paper, a prize in the October 01 (latest)issue of Filmfare- caption contest, I believe the new(October) Cine Blitz will have my letter-will tell you why I feel so, next time- (Is the issue out in India?Anyone seen it?), a 100 dirham gift(@ Rs 1200) voucher for books from Jashanmal, in Friday magazine(Again, a local mag).
I haven't seen a review of RGV's Phoonk on any blog, so far. Why's this, I wonder?Didn't anyone take up the producers' challenge to watch the movie alone in a hall and get paid a hefty prize? I believe Mukesh Bhatt's 1920 is also a similar movie?But, I'm not sure.
Joke for the day: A Mallika one, for a change:
Mallika asks a Baba: Baba, what should I apply during bathing, so that I can maintain my youth?
Baba: The doorstopper.
There's this accident where the parrot is hit by a car and faints. The driver takes the parrot hime, gives it first aid and then puts it in a cage with some food. The parrot wakes up, and, shocked, says' OMG-I'm in jail. Did the driver get killed?'
Till next time, keep smiling!!


austere said...

The kanjoos that I am, completely agree. We're so good at putting things together well past their use-by date.

Solitaire said...

I saw Phoonk and realized that it was a lousy inspiration of the Exorcist. I don't understand why the name was Phoonk!!

D said...

Totally agree about sucking the last breath out of things ... my dad proudly proclaims to anyone who will listen that he still wears some shoes that are 10 yrs old and in prime condition etc etc... hehe...

Keshi said...

I know, even Sri Lankans r like that...they'll fix things until there r no ORIGINAL parts in the appliance at all. LOL!

If something breaks in my house and if it's within warranty, I ring em up. If not, I chuck it and buy a new one...I hate dodgy electrical items..scares the hell outta me!

Whereas one of my uncles keeps fixing his items ard the house until they r so out-dated in models too lolz!


shooting star said...

i believe,..until a thing or appliance is completely useless should be used...and u are right......its sheer wastage to discard things like that.....our way is definitely better way!!
and on a lighter my in-laws home in haridwar..the sofa is 20 years old, the study table(on which my hubby used to study during school days)is 28 years old, the dining table is 15 years old and mastre bed is 20 years old!!!....and they are all in spic and span condition!!!
old is gold!!!!

Curious said...

There can be no grater example than my family... Who are looking to create some kinda family history museum with unwanted junk that they ahve collected throughout the years!

Man from my great grandfather Era's furnitures ( The new ae carpenters won't even bothjer to look at these peices to give them a touch up or reapply the varnish - not even for 1000 bucks) to my grand father's electronic appliances ( 1st TV, 1st Mixie, 1st Wet grinder Etc...etc.. etc.. ) to clothes that even moth's don't bother chewing on... ( I don't really think anyone would be interested to see my Tweety print chaddi from previous years!)

Sighhhh! Am sure one da some's gona sue us for having too much junk in our attics!

But there is one that thing that I do cherish.. Photogrpahs ( we must have like thousands of them...) and Golu bommai's ( Golu is celebrate as navrathri in the south - please wiki) :D

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-I think the word is'practical',rather than kanjoos.:)
Hi,Sol-haha..I'll see the movie and then tell u why it's called 'phoonk'
Hi,Keshi-hey,u haven't heard the phrase'old is gold'?Frankly,the way most stuff is made nowadays,it's like it is made for a short term basis only.:)And,you're right about the electrical items part-no point taking chances with them.And,one benefit is-you can sell them as antiques later,na?
Hi,SS..yes,I agree-unless it's an electric appliance,as Keshi says-that's a risky preposition.
I guess it's two extremes-India and,say,Dubai.Haha to the 'old is gold'-see my remark to Keshi.:)
A big haha to the things at your inlaw's place..we had the same in our ancestral home-even the fan was an antique.:)And,you could sell it as an antique,if you wanted.
Hi,Curious-ROFL at the Tweety print chaddi-perhaps they plan to show it to your kids someday??:)
And,yes-photographs-wow..yes,that's something to be cherished,,even they can be made digital.:)