Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What do you think is the most boring job? Some of the examples I saw in the last few days:
- The waiter at a restaurant, making lunch parcels. The poor guy was half asleep. What was he doing? Picking up a half Pappad, putting it into a plastic bag, picking up another 1/2 pappad, putting it into a plastic bag, picking up....
- The Municipality people who do roadworks. The shovel handler,in particular- such a rhythmic action from him- push shovel into dirt, raise, dump dirt on other side, push shovel into dirt, raise, dump dirt on other side....
- The waiter(s) at restaurants-well,no, at least they're doing something different- observing different varieties of Bhukkhads(Starved people), getting different items made in the kitchen, bringing them out with a flourish...Much more variety than the first two people.
-All the customer service desk ladies, who go 'Thank you for calling.....This is.....How may I help you? (I almost heard one of the bank ladies yawning while saying this, some days back)

And, what about the two jobs below? Think-isn't your job a lovely one, by comparison?

So, tell me, what do you do daily to make your job 'different', to avoid the ennui setting in?

And then, on the other hand, there are people who make the most routine job a delight- like the guy at the counter of this small restaurant across the street. Every day(Except during this month, when they're closed till Iftar time), he arrives at 6 AM, and leaves,maybe around 11 PM or later.And,still, whether I go for a cuppa tea at 6 AM, or, at 11 PM, there will always be a smile on his face. Amazing, it is! And, he actually remembers each customer-like, he was talking to some guy last week, and asking him how is son is faring in Vth standard, and how their vacation to India had been, etc.


I always used to wonder why the timing of Iftar( the breaking of the fast) reduces by one minute, everyday. And,I came to know today- it's so simple- because the day(rather, dusk falls) becomes shorter everyday.


Keshi's given me three nice blog awards recently. Austy also gave one. And, I was going to pass them further on, but then, I saw the awards posts on so many blogs, that I think I'll keep them for a rainy day.

( also gives me time to decide who deserves what!!)


And now, the answers to the googly(as in cricket, not as in google-y) questions in one of my previous posts, which only Keshi was brave enough to attempt.(Good going, Keshi!!)

Which is heavier - a horse's liver or its gall bladder?

A:A horse does not have a gall bladder.

- What is the first line of dialogue Amitabh spoke in Reshma Aur Shera?

A: Amitabh played a mute person in Reshma Aur Shera

- What is the filament of a neon light made of?

A: A neon light does not have a filament

- How did Ashwatthama die in the Mahabharat?

A: Ashwatthama(alongwith Balarama and Hanuman) is one of the immortals of Hindu Mythology

- Who played the title role in Hitchcock's Rebecca?

A: We only hear of Rebecca, we never see her on screen.

Till next time, keep saying LG,LG,LG,LG.(any guesses what that means?)


austere said...


A company driver's job is the worst I think.Bad roads, long periods of inactivity doing time pass, awful traffic when there is work.

Me? I read the papers.

Keshi said...

damnn I failed that test big time didnt I LOL!

ewwwwwww @first pic! who in the right mind cud do that even for money? hahahahaha!

Congratts on ur awards! :)

Waiter/Waitress isnt such a bad job...cos they get really well over here. And they get tips too hehe.

I think the worst job on Earth is being an EXECUTIONER. I cant imagine how such ppl go to sleep!


Solitaire said...

To keep awake at work, I blog during breaks!

Arunima said...

so, you know why I did not pass the award to anyone? :-)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-LOL-yes,that's another bad job-driving in traffic-laden streets,the whole day long..I forgot to mention that one.It's true,even in Dubai.
Hi,Keshi. LOL-well,some people do do that,I'm sure.:)
Tks for the congrats.
And,ooph-an executioner-I never thought of that-with their breed being less in demand,I wonder whether there are any pros left in the world?
Hi,Sol-LOL-that's a good one.
Hi,Arunima-noo,I don't know.Why?*most innocent look*

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