Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fly,fly away

"I've fled the country. Please go to my flat and take what you want from there."

Well, I imagine that's what this friend of a friend said some months back, to his friends out here and his relatives, when he quietly tiptoed out of the country with only the clothes he and his family were wearing, too scared to face the next day. And they(the people whom he informed) made a beeline for the flat, and took everything- the music system, the TV, the kitchen utensils, the name it- leaving the flat as bare as Mother Hubbard's cupboard. When I asked my friend what had happened, he said ' The guy was just another of those Shaikh-chillis, who want to get rich quicker than they are supposed to. He had a nice-paying job, but,he wanted to make 1/2 a million dirhams within a few months, and so he went into a couple of businesses,which went bust and he went bankrupt, owing money left, right and centre. Perhaps he'll arrange the money from India and then plan to come back someday.'

Going further,he said' the guy and his family wanted to live like kings. The best branded clothes,perfumes,gadgets,you name it.' (This friend of mine 'only' got his hands on a LCD TV, incidentally. LOL).
It made me wonder about some things:
- Is it wrong to be so ambitious? Or, to try and make fate move faster than it is supposed to?
Well, from my personal viewpoint, yes. You should be ambitious, aim for the moon, but, in the bargain, don't try to do something unscrupulous or dirty, which will, more likely than not, boomerang back on you.

- Why do people still speak of such unfortunate people, with a tinge of jealousy?(The mention of branded clothes and perfumes, etc). I mean, look, the guy was doing fairly well, he/ his family liked branded stuff, they felt they could afford it, they bought it. As such, why do materialistic things make so much of a difference to many people, is something I'll never understand. I guess they've never gone and sat in a garden in the wee hours of the morning.

- Would you be able to live happily, ever, after such a situation? Where you know that sooner or later, the credit card people,the banks from whom you've taken a loan(There was a brand new Prado 4WD standing in the parking lot, which also, my friend said, had not been paid for). In today's world, it is not so difficult to trace a person, is it, unless he goes in for plastic surgery and/or a complete makeover? Imagine also, the knowledge that if you ever land up again in this country, there'll be an APB out for you, right from the airport,and you'll land up straightaway in jail.

I wouldn't. Definitely not. No amount of money or materialistic things could ever make up for the joy which peace of mind brings- serenity, a good sleep at night,less tensions-to name a few.

Anyway, that was just something I wanted to share- namely, that such things do happen in real life. I have no idea who the person was, incidentally. But, can well imagine his ambitious nature!
Sol, you pointed out in the previous post that you blog during breaks. How about trying this out on a colleague's PC? Wait till he/she's gone off. Then, move to his/her desk, open Word,and go to Tools-Autocorrect. Add some stuff to the 'Replace' and 'With' boxes. For e.g. if the guy/gal is a secretary, replace' dear' with 'my darling', or' with Yo', replace the colleague's name with 'Mamu', replace 'Yours faithfully' with 'Yours disgustedly'.....endless possibilities. LOL. And, if you're not sure that they use word for emails, first go to outlook, tools-options-mail format-and tick the 'use word' let me know the results,if you do try it out.:)

Of course, all this is if the colleague has a good sense of humour, and is not dumb enough to take such a 'nice' letter to the Boss for their signature.

English tidbit of the week:
Do you know the origin of smart alec?

Alex Hoag was a thief in New York in the 1840s, who was aided by his pro*titute wife Miranda. He would slip into the room where Miranda was 'plying her trade' and steal the victim's possessions. He would then return as an angry husband, threatening the client, often causing the hapless man to jump out of the window. When Hoag was caught bribing police officers to turn a blind eye, his jailors agreed that he had been a 'Smart Alec'.
Joke of the day:
Did you hear about the new blonde paint? It's not very bright, but it's cheap, and spreads easy
Till tomorrow, keep shining!!:)


Keshi said...

Is that story for real? I mean WTF!


**Is it wrong to be so ambitious? Or, to try and make fate move faster than it is supposed to?

Nothing wrong with it but can we really MOVE our FATE faster(/slower) than its SUPPOSED to?


Arunima said...

there is no shortcut to success.ummmmmm!

AmitL said...

Hi,'s really happened..and,it's not the first time..I've heard it in the past,as well-when people try to get rich too quickly..but,this time,it was to a person known to a friend and I got the details firsthand,hence it set me wondering.Crazy,na?
Nah,I don't think you can really move fate faster than it is supposed to.Only,you CAN make your life match what fate has destined it for,by keeping your eyes and ears open,right?
Hi,Arunima- soo true..the only time I wonder at the veracity of this phrase,is when millionaires win some of the raffles held out here.Many times,it's taxi-drivers,sweepers,even who win,and I feel happy for them!

rain girl said...

hmmm why do people put so much emphasis on status, on brands...such show-off!

D said...

Wow can't believe that really happened... the first story ie ... sounds so surreal!

austere said...

amit- "officers" in that smart alec story.

Did a partnership go bust, or someone back out, or he had no intention of doing anything honest at all, ever?

Once someone had cheated me (rather the company) about something,a real con job, and we'd caught him - that's the first and only time I've thrashed someone. Not nice. But you have to do it.

Somewhere karma catches up.

Brands I don't covet- you know how kanjoos I am. :)

Priyanka Sarkar said...

so true...nice post!!

Keshi said...

**Only,you CAN make your life match what fate has destined it for,by keeping your eyes and ears open,right?

well-said :)


AmitL said...

Hi,Rain Girl-you think like me-that's exactly what never ceases to surprise me.Is so much emphasis necessary?To be one up on someone all the time?
Hi,Austy-corrected.Tks :)No,the guy just went into his own business and failed.Hope it never happens to anyone I know.
As for not coveting brands,that's nice-nothing kanjoos about it.If you do buy a branded item,always wonder-was it made in it's country of origin,really?I always wonder!
Coz today,everything is being made in India,China,Malaysia,etc,instead of Europe,US,UK..electronics or clothes or...
Hi,Keshi-tks..yes,I believe in it,definitely.Isn't it very true?

AmitL said...

Hi,d..yes,it really did-I saw the house,as I said.