Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ek cup chai

Yesterday was the last day of the Holy month of Ramadan,out here.So,today, I expected to see a rush of people at restaurants. But,nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I went down for my morning walk at 7 AM(We have 4 days off, so, the walk timing's postponed to 7,so that I can get up at the 'late hour' of 630)

White paper cups..in everyone's hands-as far as the eyes could see.People standing in their night dresses-pyjamas,shorts,lungis,baniyans..you name it.. It was like some kind of symbol of unity for the day. And, the look on many people's faces,had to be seen to be believed-thrilled,delighted,happy..to say the least. Because,they were able to get their favourite beverage(tea) at the cafeterias and restaurants, again..in the daytime,that is!Because they were able to stand on the road and slurp their favourite tea once again!Because they felt on top of the world, once again!After a month of not being able to do so.(And, here I was,thinking I'm the only tea fanatic around)

So, I decided-let me join them.Went to the restaurant which is bang opposite,and nearly rushed out again,seeing the crowd of people there-nearly 10 people,standing in 1/2 a square foot of space each. One saying'Ek Lipton dena', another saying'Ek saada chai dena'('Give me a Lipton' or'Give me plain tea')or,another saying'Ek Suleimani dena'(Give me a Suleimani)

As I explained in an earlier post, here,three types of tea are most popular. Lipton means tea with a teabag dipped in,Saada is tea made the traditional way(which is what I prefer),Suleimani is tea without milk. No-one was asking for tea without sugar- I guess everyone's diabetic levels went down this month,so they didn't really mind!!Anyway,so I got my 'saada tea cuppa',and deciding to ape some of the others,stood with one hand triangulared to the abdomen,and the other,holding the tea cup,and giving a most contented look. I saw a few more people,probably waiting for their buses,giving in to temptation and going into the restaurant to get a cup for themselves.

I'm sure,if I was a seller of these white paper cups,or,or lipton tea bags,I'd have made a killing today,with them selling like hot cakes.

Wait,it's not over yet. In the evening,I again went for my walk,and,the phenomenon was still continuing. Plus, I took a surreptitious glance at the bins outside these restaurants-and,guess what-yes,they were all overflowing with paper cups.

All this talk of tea- I think,after posting this,I'll make one for meself!

Next post coming up tomorrow.But,after I post on BUF

Joke for the day:
# Height of Technology: A Cond*m with zip.

Thought for the day:From 'That '70s show'..this guy has an 18th birthday. And,his Dad tells him:
Lesson one of being an adult:You'll spend the rest of your life doing crap you don't want to do!!
(My quip:How true!!No wonder I miss school days!!)


austere said...


Ek cup cutting ho jaye.

When I tried the fast, it was paani I craved. By evening your head gets heavy.

But all of them waitin for chai?
What a sight.

ishita said...

arre wah...i was sipping my jumbo cup of chai (mine's dhabba style...everything boiled together!) while reading this!

it wld've been interesting if u caught this on camera but I did visualize the scene in my head!

wl check BUF soon. Left a comment on the previous post u put up there...

Keshi said...

I cant hv tea or coffee w.o. suga! WTF.

so become a tea-bag seller Amit? lol!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Condom with a zipper.

but why wud u need a zipper in a condom? *shakes head in confusion*


Curious said...

Amitji..Remember our chai in the crowded streets of Hor Al Anz? :D :D

Dreams said...

hey.. dont u mock the chai drinkers mister !! you dont know how great it is to be able to drink chai, eat food in sunlight :) when u are actually alive and able to see what u are eating hehe..

to be honest, am still not used to lunches.. so maybe u shud take me out for one -- -come around the creek for the walk -- and lets have a nice cuppa chai :)

Shreya said...

aha.. What a nice lively description! That was easily your cup of tea (pun intended) :D

Hey, post some pics of the crowd sipping tea after Ramadan na!

Alka said...

Superb description! You should take writing as a full time career!!!!

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-ek cup cutting indeed.:)The fast-ah,yes-paani is all I'd also need,if i decided to fast.:)
Hi,Ishi-oh,wow-jumbo cup of chai and dhaba style?Puhlease keep that on the list for when we meet.:)
Yes-I wish I'd taken my cam down,when I read ur comment.Anyway,maybe next time,if I've not returned to India by then.:)
Waiting for ur 'first' post on BUF,after ages.
Hi,Curious-good lord,don't remind me of that crowd.But,the tea was definitely great!Should we visit again,at a less crowded time?
Dreams-o,I was not mocking the chai drinkers-haha-I was one of them,after all.:)
Lukch get-together or chai get-together-yep,sure..now weather's better,too!
Hi,Shreya- haha-nice pun..And,the pic-well,I'll take a pic of any
'normal' day,since I didnt think of taking it that day,but,you can still see the happy people with their cuppa!:)
Hi,Alka-thanks for the comment!:)I'd love to take up writing full-time...maybe when I return to India.:)