Sunday, September 28, 2008

Comedy movies,comedy scenes

(Quip for the above post: So, do you feel like this today?Or, do you have Monday morning blues?Note:This is only a snippet of the song,to avoid your getting too distracted if at work!LOL)

(Thanks, Keshi!)
Hi,all-so, how was the Sunday? I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and, lots of interesting posts from my favourite bloggers, after the 'day of rest' in blogville.(Still a mystery to me- I always thought that people 'work' on their hobbies,more on holidays,but,here,a Sunday holiday is a holiday in blogville,too!!*grins*)
Saw some interesting movies recently-ones which I either missed or I saw only in parts, in the past-all quite 'different' from the normal run of the mill movies, all with a touch of humour.

The first one was Joggers' Park- (See the link-nice song,and it summarizes the movie,too!)a movie about a retired judge going jogging in JP, and, a young lass who's also his fan, becoming his friend. They finally fall for each other, but, finally, good sense prevails(??) and they go their separate ways.(Here,it was the simplicity of the story which made me smile)

The next one: The evergreen Chupke Chupke, where Amitabh's dialogue of explaining a plant's carolla as a 'Karela' to Jaya B, is one of the evergreen scenes of Bollywood movies. And then,of course, the rest of the movie-needs no review- Dharmendra's pure Hindi dialogues are equally memorable.

The next one: Khubsoorat- no, not the Sanjay Dutt one,but, the original one, starring Rekha, who plays a chirpy teenish role, converting a conventional, strict household into a more humane one!
If you haven't seen these movies, do! At least, Chupke C.You won't regret it.And, still on comedy scenes, here's one of my favourite scenes-from Golmaal. Do you like it?(I'm sure it's one of your favourites, Austy)
There was this scene in Seinfeld, yesterday, wherein one of the four, George, reveals a secret of his-each time he goes to the bathroom, he always takes off his shirt' totally'(as he says), since he likes to have 'full freedom'. And, one day, at a hoity toity party, he comes out from the bathroom without his shirt on. In fact, he pulls a few other bloopers besides this, one of them being to pick up a muffin from the garbage bin at his girlfriend's house, and, taking a bite from it when he gets spotted by his horrified to-be ma-in-law.

The episode made me wonder-why do such scenes make me LOL so much ?Is it because of the sheer humour in the scene?Or,is it the fact that they make me realize that such scenes can happen in real life,too,and, should be looked at in a lighter vein? Only too often, if such scenes happen with us, we feel so embarassed that we wish the earth would swallow us up or something.

Still on humour, how about this Virgin Mobile ad, which is on youtube?
Doesn't it make you grin at the boyish mischief?
Jokes time
Rhyming pickup lines(Ever heard anything cornier?)
Hey,you're cool as a cucumber, can I get your number?
Hey zuchchini, that's a nice bikini.
Quote of the day: From Ashutosh in Bigg Boss2
Ghoda khaye ghaas, gadhe ko mile chawanprash!
(The horse gets only grass, the donkey gets a lavish meal)

(He uses it to refer to how the hard workers get very less reward,while those who are lazing around, are getting the best deal)
Till tomorrow, keep smiling!!(I said 'tomorrow' coz the matter for the next post is nearly ready)


Keshi said...

I love comedies...thats the only kind of movie I can watch w.o. ants in my pants asking me to get up and leave. lol!

I hvnt seen those movies u mentioned. will get em some time.

btw, hv u seen the Chevy Chase holiday series? my fav lol!


austere said...

Is this the Inspector Dhurandhar scene? Will watch it later.

I guess because comedy is high on involvement, yet a no-brainer, sochna nahi padta?

Chupke chupke- I have not seen yet. Recent movies ki lambi list as well.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

er...donkeys also work hard no? vague people

Arunima said...

abhi hum youtube or extra links nahi khol sakte. Quick visit to your blog as I am waiting for a client call.

But I like the movies that you have mentioned. Khubsoorat is the movie where Rekha was quite young and chubby right?

ceedy said...

Very nice complilation of funny :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-yep,great minds think alike..I knew u like comedies.:)
The Chevy Chase ones-yes,I've seen the first one.National Lampoon,right?:)
Hi,Austy-yes,the same!!LOL.Yes,high on involvement-comedy.but,not a no-brainer.:)
And,you haven't seen Chupke Chupke?Pls go to the video library today and get it!:)
Hi,Cyn-of course they do!And,that's why they get the chawanprash,na?:)
Hi,Arunima-hope u opened the links,finally,and liked them.:)
Yep,Khubsoorat is the chubby Rekha movie.
Hi,Ceedy-tks for the be back.