Monday, September 01, 2008

Come September

Quote for the day: Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life...Relationships work best when they are balanced.
(I loved this quote!)
I thought I’d start gravitating towards different kinds of posts, and, what better way to turn over this new leaf than on the first day of the month of ‘Come September’. *most innocent smile*. So, here goes:
Hi, all!!Tell me they are kidding, please-at least on some of the suggestions...from this article I read in one of our popular mags and which had me grinning away. Or, if they're not kidding, I think India has progressed much more than I give it credit for,where ingenuity is concerned. It goes: 7 new forepl*y moves:

1. Old: Strip poker. New: Erot*ic board games
Like monopoly- when you land on each other’s ‘parlour’ you are requested to do as iustructed. For suggestions, check

2. Old: Your hands on his back. New: Your tongue on his toes.

3. Old: Sexy ling*rie. New: See-through clothes. Stay fully clothed, yet show enough skin to make his eyes pop.

4.Old: A whipped cream fest. New: A champagne bath.

5. Old: Erot*c scents. New: Just different ones.
Like: Cucumber, chocolate, liquorice.

6. Old: Feather touch. New: Olive oil speller.

How? Warm up olive oil. Dip fingers in it and draw shapes and spell out dirty words all over his sensitive Zones. If he guesses the word correctly, you reward him. (It doesn’t say ‘how’. LOL)

7. Old: Plain 69. New: mint-flavoured 60:

Take a few sips of warm mint tea and then perform. Mouths will be warm and when u pull away, the mint will leave a cooling sensation.

It even gives some suggestions of what not to try, for, err health reasons:
Food ‘down south’
Hot stuff…like melting a candle on his chest.

More funny ads seen during morning walk:

Baby Sitting

(Wonder if that’s mentioned so that the 'sitting babies' can communicate better, Malayalam supposedly being Dubai's second language?)
And,here's the end joke(Pun intended)

Till the next post, keep smiling.


Red Soul said...

me first!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Red Soul said...

i luv all the pics in this post. and ive already told u 4-5 comments on this post on chat itself :P

Solitaire said...

Haha!! What great moves!! I wonder what parents in India would think when they read them.

Keshi said...

HAHAHAHA too funny Amit!

**Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life...Relationships work best when they are balanced.

I so love that quote! I hv mdae that mistake many times..I hv given my time and love to ppl who dun give a rat's arse abt I know how to strike a balance in giving my time and love to them.

tnxx for that Amit, cos it made me think alot.



Cynic in Wonderland said...

heheh original

Keshi said...

Come and check my blog, u hv some awards :)


austere said...

Apt quote.

Many thanks.

Alka said...

Due to the youtube video I can't read the quote. Same thing happens with your every topmost post. Is something wrong with my browser?

Harsha said...

Alka, I have the same pron when the blog is viewed in firefox, Explorer seems fine.

I read a funny ad yesterday saying 'bedspacer available'

Alka said...

Thank you Harsha. I will try Explorer. :-)

AmitL said...

Hi,Red...good to see u first..:)And,yes,I remember the chat comments..:)
Hi,Sol...haha..that's what I was thinking..and,it is an article from an Indian mag only..:)Made me wonder how this would match with our traditional 'ways'?
Hi,Keshi-exactly-that's why I loved that quote..tks!!:)
Hi,again,Keshi-just going,now.:)
Hi,Austy..I thought u'd like it,too.
Hi,Alka..I'll move the utube such,time to change it.
Hi,Harsha-yes,it could be a firefox prob.Since I use IE,I didn't know.
And,haha,that's a regular ad in Karama'bedspacer available'..sounds so funny.