Friday, August 29, 2008

Toothaches and eclipses,et al

Quote for the day: Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door..Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Well,it's much better now, finally. After 10 days. I was telling this friend about how my toothache was more or less gone, today. I'd gone immediately to the dentist, when I felt the first signs. For the first time, I came out of his office, hearing his words' all fillings are perfect. You're taking good care'...LOL..and, he simply said, this pain is nothing- take a PC(painkiller)and it'll go in 2-3 days. So, this friend says' It's because of the eclipse. Everyone's been having some troubles or the other since it occurred. It(eclipse) leaves a lot of negative energy after it's occurence, you see'. Well, what do you make of it?Is it right to blame a poor ole eclipse for a tooth ache?
Dentist reminds me-the last time I'd been to his place, he'd explained a cavity in the lower teeth saying' Well, you see, the lower teeth are the ones who do all the hard work. The upper ones only crush the food down on them, so, they take the brunt of all the hard work.
That set me thinking-how close real life is to these set of 32 teeth. The upper ones represent the managers, the politicians, the wily ones, who don't really do much work, but, lord it over the rest, while, at the same time, earning much more than the poor lower ones and taking credit for most of the 'job'.

The lower ones(teeth) bear all the 'load', get chewed/trod upon, some get knocked out of the race, some get a cavity or two or three(ill health), and have to get it 'filled up' in order to endure the pain. Of course, they also enjoy life much more- they are able to enjoy the sweets, the namkeens, et al, much more than the upper ones.But, then,all said and done, the 'family' survives till retirement time-the fittest survivors, of course!!

Was reading this interesting article on neurobics, which is important if you feel like you're losing your marbles and want to get those grey cells functioning again. It's mental aerobics, that jog the brain cells in pretty much the same manner as cardiovascular exercise boosts heart health. It involves doing routine tasks in a 'different' manner (Like my good blogger/ friend Red always does) than usual, so that the senses get recruited. For example:

Shake things up: (My quip-no dirty thoughts there) Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth. Shuffle things on your desk so that you use your non-dominant hand to reach for the mouse, the phone,etc. IT challenges the circuits in the dormant half of the brain to work.

Take a shower with your eyes shut(They forgot to say' but, don't slip and hit your head)..locate the tap, the mug,detect the fragrance of soap, touch water, (Let me add-or whatever else you do carry into the shower(*most innocent eyes*)) with your eyes closed. This stimulates your brain to recruit the other senses(touch, smell) to do the activity.

Other activities include identifying covered dishes at the dining table, by their aroma, recognizing the scent of flowers when you go to the garden, tossing a salad blindfolded, including guessing the salt and pepper quantity, etc.

What happens is, the neural connections in 'noisy' brains,which slow down and weaken, making memory fuzzy, tend to improve by the brain being tasked by activities which are different than the usual 'yawn' routine.

Well, I'm definitely going to try this out shortly. Will let you know after some days, how it worked out. Always good to do something different,na?

Joke for the day:
Teacher asks kindergarten students what kind of medicines they know and what they are used for.

First pupil: 'Tylenol?'
Teacher: 'Very good! And what is it used for?'
Pupil: 'It is used for headaches'
Second pupil: 'Nytol
Teacher'Teacher: 'Excellent.
And what it is used for?'
Pupil: 'To help you sleep'
Now it is little Johnny's turn and he says: 'Viagra'
Teacher, slightly shocked: 'Johnny, What do you think is it used for?'
Johnny: 'It can be used for diarrhea'
Teacher: 'Who told you this?'
Johnny: 'Nobody, but every evening my mother tells my father 'Take a Viagra, maybe that little shit will get harder'.
And, there was this elephant who was bathing in the same pond as a nak*d man,and, was most fascinated wondering how the man could breathe through that 'little thing'.
Till next time, keep smiling and exercising those neural connections!:)
Since I plan to post more regularly now, here's a 'taste of things to come' in the next post:
Hi, all!!Tell me they are kidding, please...this article goes: 7 new foreplay moves:
1. Old: Strip poker. New: Erotic board games
....more on that in the next post.


Keshi said...

I hate dentists cos they freak me out :( Last time I was there, cleaning my teeth, I felt like dying...yes I hate the sound of the gadgets they use!

hahaha @check my blog site joke! good one :)

Mental aerobics? wow never knew abt that. I used to go to aerobics (body) classes few years ago..was an addict hehe.

Now if I start doing all those mental aerobics u mentioned in this post, I'll lose the marbles anyways..the ones that r left I mean. LOL!


austere said...

I did so badly on word twist today. ZERO on one game. Tch. Mortified.

Good to hear you're posting more regularly now on. And have you heard about epilepsy being blamed on the moon?

We sure are inventive.

Harsha said...

Eeks! I'd go ballistic if things were not where they're supposed to moving things on desk around..nahhh

Spot said...

Man you are so right about this! About the lower and upper teeth and their functions. The comparison you made with managers and so on is simply astounding! You've got some cells mister! Wow! 'Bowing down'. Cheers for that!

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