Friday, August 22, 2008

Return of Bigg Boss

Hi,all..I was a bit surprised-no-one mentioned the link to Bigg Boss2,on the left panel of my blog. And,I just read that the first episode invited viewership from 43.2 lakh viewers in India(Though,how the TRP ratings game goes,I never understand)

Anyway,for those not aware,Bigg Boss is the Indian version of U.K.s reality show Big Brother-the same show which Shilpa Shetty won last time. And, astonishingly, in Bigg Boss 2,they've roped in Shilpa as the compere(Last time it was Arshad Warsi).
And,see the lineup- from politicians Rahul Mahajan and Sanjay Nirupam, to TV actors Ketki Dave and Rakhi Vijayan to item girl Sambhavna Seth,actors(?)Payal Rohatgi and Monica Bedi,to Debojit of music show winner fame to comic Ehsaan Qureshi and so on. The most surprising rope in was Jade Goody,who was criticized by the media as having made racist comments against Shilpa.

(Quip-would you mind being 'cooped up' in a house like that for three months?)

I watched the first episode on the net,since we don't get Colors channel here(yet), and thought:

- This time, the lineup is more 'common man' oriented.i.e. last time, it was mainly stars from their fields-from Rahul Roy to Rakhi Sawant to Carol Gracias and so on. Of course,the glamour was visible all too easily and was one of the attractions of the show,too. This time, it's more down to earth. For example, in the first episode itself,

- Jade got nicknamed 'Guddi'(doll) by the rest.

- When the first instruction from Bigg Boss came, Ketki,who seems to be the most excited of all, said' Arre, bathroom waalon ko to bulaao'(Oh,call the ones who are in the bathroom too)

- Then,when the first task of handcuffing pairs for 3 days was announced,the first question was 'what about the toilet visits?'.

(That's their kitchen)

So,all in all, it promises to be a nice round of watching people cooped(??) up in a house,for 3 months, once again. And,watching how a big team gangs up first against 1-1 person initially,then,the big team splits into smaller teams,and,the smaller teams keep trying to nominate the other team's members for eviction,and,finally,when the last few are left,it's 'survival of the fittest'..Indeed, it's one serial which is different from the rest,and, I love watching it just to see the best and the worst human emotions coming to the fore.

But,I just read that Jade's on her way back- because she's been diagnosed as having cancer. Here's hoping she recovers soon-her clarification on why she harassed Shilpa,sounded genuine-that she'd come from a very poor background and had made a name for herself,and,she felt envious of Shilpa,who,she felt,always had had servants,et al at her beck and call. Another human emotion to the fore!

For those who want to see the episodes,but,cannot get the channel at home,here's the link.
Amongst other news tidbits,there was this news tidbit in a local mag,which says that some of Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan's shots of their Unforgettable World Tour,show them in trousers just above their ankles,and,it isn't a new fashion trend- it's only that their luggage got lost on the airline and they had to borrow clothes.

PS: I tried googling the above,to see if there're any ankle high trouser pics on the web yet,but,there aren't any!!
And,how about this quip from Paresh Rawal-which says that Mallika Sherawat's hot screen presence(Revealing costumes and her carriage) are the root cause of global warming.Knowing Paresh's dialogues,that was surely a pun-a deep-rooted one,I bet.
And,what about this new horror movie Phoonk- an article says that the producers are offering Rs. 5,00,000/ to anyone who can watch it in the hall all alone. Is that true,readers in India?And,anyone going to give it a try,if so?
Well,I have a special post in mind for tomorrow,so,I'll move off now.Till then,cheerio and keep smiling!


austere said...

That's what they have been announcing in the promo on Red FM as well, re Phoonk.

I can't bear to see Big Boss.

Three months cooped up? Probably wouldn't survive it.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-so,it's true..:)Well,what's your plan?giving it a try,if just for the thrill?

Re. Bigg Boss-give it a try for 2-3 episodes.Forget that the people have their personalities(Filmstars,politicians,etc)attached.Just look at them as individuals,and,you'll feel facinated by the mix of human emotions and their relation to daily life.Believe me,I didn't like it,in the first run,when I saw 2-3 episodes the first time.

D said...

Hmmm yeah am curious abt this Big Boss now ... I'll check the link you put up.

And yeah, I read the news abt the Phoonk thing... it's pretty much true!!! I wonder if anyone will get it ...

Keshi said...

sounds like another crazy Reality show lol!