Monday, August 18, 2008


(Quip for pic:The latest in making eye-check-ups a more pleasant experience)

Tell me, do you come across or know such people,or are they just a figment of my imagination,i.e.I think they're like that,but they only have my well-being at heart- they are a typical type who are more interested in knowing what you shopped for,what it cost,they want to try it first if they can(For example, a pair of headphones or a new movie DVD) ,and then make mince-meat of your shopping mood by telling you all about how they could have got it for you cheaper,or,how they know that such-and-such shop keeps such-and-such brand/model,which is better than the one you bought. And,that puts a dampener on the whole good mood which my occasional shopping and the shopping mood bring.

And, woe betide if you make the mistake of taking them shopping with you- they will spend hours 'not shopping',but boring the usually polite shopkeeper to irritation,by their questions and bargaining. And,at the same time, anything you like, will be passed off by them as 'oh,forget this-there's something better available'.Arghh!!!!And,me being me,I'm too polite to tell them'look,you shop your way,I shop my way'. But,perhaps,one of these days it'll be time to say just that,when my patience wears thin.

I mean, tell me,if you feel perenially depressed about something, why do you want that depression to percolate down to everyone around you? I'm sure, if you (The type of person above) think seriously,you'll find that you are much luckier than many other people.But,in reality,those 'other people' even if they earn less than you,know how to enjoy life- even if they buy a pack of popcorn from the roadside,they'll enjoy it with shining eyes.So,yea of the perenially depressed type,please- try to enjoy life,is all I can say.


Another gem of an advertisement I came across during my morning walk:


- Baby Sitting

New Borns Are Also Invited


I grinning for the rest of my walk, thinking of a Baby Sitting in a room, while a dozen new borns coochie-cooed all around him/her. And,the Sitting Baby doing Babysitting.ROFL.

And,how about these other gem,plastered over every pepsi/coke dispenser,every free wall which these poster-stickers could find:

- Female bed space available.
- Luxurious female bed space available.
-Friends, this is one bedspace you will not believe,once you see it.A home away from home.
I almost dialled the number given, just to see what exactly the last one was advertising. After all,how much can one decorate a bed space,to make it just like home? Use a Henry V or some such four poster bed,with silk curtains all round and fluffy pillows and all?

And,then,another one actually put up a picture of the room where he was offering bedspace.Quite ingenious!

On to the end-jokes
One of the little known facts of history is that at Waterloo, Napoleon missed Josephine so much that he relieved himself by engaging in what the Victorians called the "solitary vice." Historians refer to it as
the time he beat his Bonaparte.

One day, shortly after having her 9th baby, the good Irish lady ran into her parish priest. He congratulated her on the new offspring then said, "Isn't having nine babies a little much?" "Well," she said, "I don't know why I get pregnant so often, it must be something in the air." "Yes," said the priest, "your legs!"
Righto then-till next time,cheerio and keep smiling!!


Keshi said...

haha Amit who did u take Shopping this time? Sounds like a trainwreck LOL!


Solitaire said...

Haha!! How do you come up with these things?

austere said...

How awful and how lucky that I don't know any people like these.

The Eyecare one has a male equiv too, hopefully? :)

AVIANA said...

last one was funny...hows you? have a nice week..

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi- just an ole(pun intended)colleague from my prev. co)..can't imagine you shopping with such a person.:)
Hi,Sol- it's natural!:)
Hi,Austy-haha-lucky you.And,a male equiv of the eyecare one?Let's see.
Hi,Aviana..tks..good to see u here.:)