Thursday, August 14, 2008

Of Ghosties and Beasties

Hi,all...for a change,let's talk of ghosties and beasties that roam through the night. I mean, stories we've heard of these creatures, any experiences we have had with them, et al.

Let me go back to school days. I can recall three stories which were quite,well, popular, if I may say so.

The first one was about travelling through the night on a road in Baroda, called Jail Road.(It's still called that, since Baroda Central Jail is located in that area)...the story goes that if you go on that road around the midnight hour or around 1 AM, there could be a beautiful lady in a white saree who would stop you for a lift. If you stopped and gave her a lift, she would thank you,get in, and sit quietly. And, when Jail Road ended, she would have vanished. (Never heard of her doing any harm to anyone, though)

The other story was about this scooterist. He was travelling along a road, and a truck laden with long building material related iron rods,was in front of him. Suddenly, the truck slowed down a bit, and, the guy, perhaps he was dozing off on his scooter,going at a steady pace,didn't,and, his head got knocked off. And,due to his steady speed, the scooter with the headless body just kept going on for a kilometer or so. And,they say,even now, people see the headless body riding on the scooter, sometimes,when they are passing on that road.

Another story was told by a good friend in school, in his inimitable style. It was of an Uncle of his who had a goa(s)tly experience. This Uncle was in a deserted area, where there was no-one to be seen for miles.(You know, the kind of area our highways run through)...So, he was quite happy to see the backside of some one walking in front of him. He called out to the person, who slowed down, and,when this Uncle reached the 'person' and moved forward to look at his head-he got a shock-coz it was a guy with a goat's head. So,anyway, this Uncle rushed forward, not wanting any untoward incidents. Just a few steps further,he found an autorickshaw and the driver let him get in and drove off.After some time,they reached civilization and the Uncle got off and asked the driver what the fare was. So,the driver turned round and put his right arm forward- and,Uncle fainted,on seeing that the guy's arm was a goat's foot.

There was also this cousin who liked to tell everyone that she could call spirits from the netherworld-and,so,we'd sit in a circle, eyes closed,while there would be a coin on the table,and, the coin would start moving...meaning the spirit had appeared- and,she'd ask it questions-which it'd answer by moving the coin. Later,however, another cousin admitted that he was the one juggling the table so that the coin movied...but,in reality,we never found out whether that was a genuine spirit encounter or whether this other cousin was the culprit.

Regular readers here,would remember how I'd described our ancestral home in Baroda,which was called Bhoot Bangla,when Granddad had bought it back in the 1940's.The lights would flicker on and off at will. Of course,scientifically inclined Granddad got the place at a bargain and then,found the cause-it was birds sitting on the power supply points,which would cause the lights to flicker.hehe!

Amongst such 'spirit'ed stories,we had this friendly ghost,whom everyone loved- namely,Casper,in Richie Rich comics. I was quite a fan of Richie Rich comics,back in those days.And,Casper was quite an enigma.
And,what about movies?I still get affected if I see a full ghost-ly movie. Back then, let me think-one of them was The Entity- of course,back then,it was probably the voyeuristic schoolkid streak,which gave us the courage to see that movie- all about this ghost who gets fascinated by a housewife and keeps,well,harassing her. So,obviously,there was were plenty of' 'boo'b'y'(Good lord,a triple pun!!LOL) traps to entice one to that movie. And,strangely,the then strict censor board,was caught napping!
There was Ghostbusters,which,frankly,was a cute ghost movie.
I also saw a bit of Exorcist,a bit of Omen I,Omen II,Friday the 13th...The last horror movie I saw was SAW3, I think.And,I still found it too gross for my liking,just as I found most of the earlier movies gross!!Give me a comedy movie anyday.Or,a JB movie.
Anyway,so,that's enough of a 'different' about you all? Do share your ghost stories and/or experiences..I'm sure it'll be fun.:)Cheerio,till next time!!...ohh,wait,how can I end without a ghost joke or two::
Q. Why can’t the boy ghost have babies?
A. Because he has a Hallo-weenie.
Q: What do you call a ghost's mother and father ?
A: Transparents !
And,now it's really cheerio!!Want to answer the comments from my favourite bloggers,on the last 2 posts!!Now,that's something to look forward to!!


Anonymous said...

Hi,there..nice post..I have a few ghost stories to tell,myself.

Roo-Ba-Roo said...

hey its ur imaginations or true..its scary also...

Roo-Ba-Roo said...
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Dreams said...

this post definately scares me.. so no comments -- jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapish tihu lok ujagar !!!!

Keshi said...

oooooooo Im so scared Amit lol!

but I hv seen a ghostess myself! I even blogged abt it long time ago hehe.

HAHA @Transparents! Good one! :)


austere said...

I liked the white lady one the most.. I remember not being able to sleep after I'd watched Neelkamal.

No ghostly tales to share, alas.

Poo said...

I love ghost stories, everytime I am in Calcutta late at night my whole family sits down and talks about the many ghost stories from our hometown...most fun!!!! I also love horror films tho the ones made these days are way toooo gross and not that scary!! Hehe Hallo-weenie:))) funny!

AmitL said...

Hi,Anon-do tell-and,leave ur url.:)
Hi,Roo-ba-roo-thanks...and,well,they people who told me,said they were true.:)
Hi,Dreams-now,that's a unique comment,for sure!
Hi,Austy-hey...what do you mean'you liked'.??Did you hear about this,too??
Hi,Poo-hey,how is it you never shared any ghost stories??
And,heh're the only one who got the 'hallo-weenie'joke,I think.:)