Friday, August 08, 2008

Of Cluttered Desks

Oh, wow…Today is World Happiness Day . Because of the date being 08.08.08. So, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Happy Day, today and always.
I got an invitation to a ‘Happiness Party’ from a supplier, which, of course, I’m not going to. (As I said earlier , I dislike going to parties where you don’t know most of the people). But, that's no excuse for not ensuring that the day goes happily, today and in the coming days too! Till 09.09.09.

Thought for the day: If you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.
Tsk- the previous post was appearing twice,and,I deleted the one with one comment,and,now it shows only the one comment. And, I have no idea how to bring the deleted one back.Any ideas?
Are we really trying to move towards paperless offices? I certainly wouldn’t think so, looking at my experiences on my desk, in my office, in other people’s offices, et al.

Let’s begin with my desk and the surroundings. Being something of a ‘neatnik’, I find it tough to work peacefully if I see a clutter of papers of all sizes, right from A3 to A4 and even some A0 drawings, folded though they might be, lying on the desk and around it. So, every Thursday(And, if required, an additional hour on Tuesdays, too) one hour is kept aside for the tedious task of filing. (And, before you ask, I prefer to do my own filing- this way, I don’t have a secretary to blame if I can’t find something, and, usually, I do tend to find papers where I filed them. (As can others, if I am on vacation- I hope))

So, tell me, what do you believe in- A place for everything and everything in it’s place.’? And, even if you do believe in it, do you implement it or do you let your desk look like some burglars have just had a merry time throwing papers around, searching for something valuable? Or, like a ‘low intensity bomb’ just exploded on it?

Amongst workdesks I’ve seen, the worst have been in India, in some public sector offices. The ‘Babu’'s assistant sits on his chair, his ancient glasses sliding off his nose, and his face being visible only if you’re sitting directly opposite him. Because, on either side, he has files piled up- maybe a hundred of them. And, good Lord, not ordinary files. They are the files of the type handed down by the British Raj. Red coloured, with a ‘naada’ or a ribbon tied around them. Doesn’t matter if most of the files below the top ones look like they have been there since the day Mr. Babu joined service in the fifties. He still has to keep them on his desk.

Honestly speaking, I find the other extreme to also be silly. In my first company, the main rule, whenever the Big Bosses would be arriving for a visit, would be for everyone’s desk to be empty- no files, no papers…and, I’d ask the local guys’ does it mean that we want to show ‘no work’, also?.

I read an interesting suggestion in an article for papers found on the desk. It says’ Ask yourself’:

- What is it?

- Why do I have it?

- What am I going to do with it?

If you can't come up with a good answer, THROW IT AWAY!!!

I guess that’s the best suggestion I’ve come across- I mean, we know that’s what we ‘should’ do, but, for some reason, there’s a fear that the paper might be required the very next day.
LOL- I just got a list of ‘ titles for future IT horror movies’, so, here’s the joke for the day, with the funniest titles:

- Jaadui Server (Magical Server)
- Shaitaani Script(Devilish Script)
- The Evil Manager- Part IV
- Jaag Utha Developer(The Developer Awakens)
- Manager Ki Cheekh(The Manager’s Scream)
- Manager Ki Kabar(Part II of Manager Ki Cheekh) (The Manager’s Tomb)
- The Manager Returns (Part III of Manager Ki Kabar)
-Appraisal Ki Pyaas (Hunger For Appraisal)
Another joke:

There’s this young v*rgin farm boy who drives to the city, and finds a ‘nice lady’ who promises to teach him ALL! She takes him to her ‘pad’, undresses him, then herself, and lies down on the bed.
He crawls on top of her. "Okay,stick it in honey... all the way in... now pull it out... now put it back in... now pull it out ...
" "For goodness sake," says the boy, "will you make up your mind?"
Happy Day to you!!


Mona said...

hehehe funny joke :)
I don't many papers on my desks most of the times, I am too lazy to print it out so usually all are in files, unless I really need it. Usually, the papers on my desks are messy during the days and I just organize it when I want to go home.
Happy 'happy day' :)

austere said...

where is my comment? Deleted it?KYON??

desk! what' that? Oh my filing system.

Dreams said...

Happy Happy Happy Day !! -- For this once i can safely say i am a totally paperless person -- with the execption of passprot nad tickets and expense receipts -- i hardly have any paper around,

I used to be a stickynote person a few years ago, but have restored to the desktop sticky notes now :):) so yeah.. my desktop is cluttered

as to filing -- if i can organise my e-files/cds and stuff in a non cluttered manner, that would be the best day i could have :):)

Dreams said...

btw -- the horror movie names gives me creeps... eeikkkkkkkkkkkkk

shooting star said...

ell...a sterile desk is boring...i mean one can alays add a personal touch and keep it clean at the same time..but i agree with you useless papers lying about is not good....i clean up my desk of all useless papers once in 15 days....that ways i know which papers i really need and which i dont....and i also do my own filing!!!.....
i liked your second joke very much...!! take care and have a happy day ahead!!!

Keshi said...

Amit u hv no idea Im such a neat freak! :) My desk is always clean n neat...even the items r all well-aligned. lol! Yes Im that scary :)

I throw alot of things...and ppl dun like it haha!

**Thought for the day: If you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.

I agree! but wut if I hv Dimentia? LOL!

hahahaha @IT movies titles! The Manager's Scream was a scream lol!

btw I just updated BUF with my post :) tnxx for the Topic post Amit!


Solitaire said...

As my profile suggests, I am very lazy! No matter how hard I try, my desk is always cluttered!

Sweetstickychewy said...

I loved this post.

I am the same. I can't work if there are a whole lot of papers lying around staring at me unattended. I love putting things into place with labels knowing where they stand & the priority they should be given.

And as for filing..procastinating them just sues ass. so i make sure its done pretty quick.

When it comes to work, i don't know why i can't work if things are all over the place. I seem to need order before i can work my dates.;)

And as for paperless Office. I am not sure..probably in another century? but for now, I doubt. Too much computer screw up to not have a hard copy..haha..

Lovely post! have a good weekend!:D

AmitL said...

Hi,Mona-that's just what I do-but,I keep filing,during the day,too,if I can't concentrate on my work due to too many papers.
Hi,Austy-hey,u know any way to bring comments back??And,yes,your filing system must be good-do enlighten me!!
Hi,Dreams-welll,that's another form of desk clutter-desktop clutter,which i didn't mention..:)Every few days,I create a 'new folder'on my desktop,and move all the files and folders cluttering the desktop,into it,for future reference...LOL..still waiting for that 'future reference' day to come.
Hi,Keshi-you know,I just knew that u're a neat person..frankly,a clean desk looks lovely.:)But,sometimes it's just that I get so many faxes/messages,it's annoying to keep filing.But,still,I think I'm quite successful-haven't lost a paper,yet,in the last six months.
LOL-at your comment on the thought- I guess,if you have dementia,there's a different quote to explain it..hehe.
And,I loved your mini,cute BUF post.
Hi,Sol-wait a year or two-you'll find that you're also a neatnik.:)The way you maintain ur blogs and blog posts,and reply to each commentyou're definitely a blog neatnik--just like Keshi.:)
Hi,SweetSC-now,that's a reply right after my heart..yes,exactly what I feel about papers lying around.Also, which ones need to get priority,also goes into my 'to do'list page.:)|Will put up a typical such page,one of these days.
And,I guess what you say about paperless offices being a century away is very true!Sigh..:)Tks for a great comment.