Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A few more good men,nee,bloggers!

Hi, all!! Believe me, I’m thrilled. To see that so many good friend-ly bloggers dropped in and left their comments on my last post.

As I mentioned, I was sure I was still missing out some great people, and, I remembered two of them even as they left comments on the post.

One of them- Shooting Star. I first came to know this lil lady from BUF. Then, I visited her blog, and began visiting regularly…another person who writes from the heart- and, puts up pics likewise!! (Actually, all the BUF members are part of my inspiration!:))
And, another: Shreya- the Boston lady- always mystifies me- one time, the post will be so simple, it makes me smile. Another time, it’ll be so deep, it’ll set me off thinking for half an hour. Like this extract from her recent post, which went “The Audichya Brahmins have a number of ‘Gotras’. The ‘Gotras’ are Vatsa, Bhargava, Dalabhya, Dron, Maunas, Gangayan, Sankratrutya, Sankruit, Panlastya…”. Or, how about this one, which left me amazed at the truth in these few lines:
“People change. All the time. So do I. I know that is how it is supposed to be, and yet I want to restrict changes, hold on tightly to the past and go back to what I was like four-five years back. The ironies of life are confounding.: So simple, yet so thought-provoking.

PS: I'm sure I'm still missing out some more wonderful people!!
Just read this article. It says ‘If you want to know if someone is telling the truth, keep an eye on their eyes’. Liars blink in different ways during and after a falsehood, researchers claim. They blink less than normal during the lie, and then have a flurry up to eight times faster than usual afterwards.
I must try that out from tomorrow- would be good to have a further ‘guide’ to when suppliers are just giving it the ole heave-ho. So, while we feel smug that we made them give a price which gave them minimum profit, they’re smirking after leaving our office at having made a tidy bit of money, making them laugh all the way to the bank.:)
Can’t help laughing at the ads for ‘ Main kab saab banungi’, on one of the TV channels. There’s this ‘senior’ saas, who’s telling(teaching?) her Bahu not say ‘bahu’ with a short ‘u’. Instead, she says, accentuate the ‘oooo’ sound..and, demonstrates’ Bahhh-ooooooooooooooooooo’….to me, it sounded a bit like a dog howling at the moon. And, there’s the ‘junior’ bahu, rubbing her hands with glee, at the thought of showing her powers on her bahu.

Also makes me wonder, what’s with these titles? Heard about another serial titled ‘Saas Bahu aur Sensex’.(Is that last word one word or two?LOL)

This friend called me six times today, after 3 PM. And, I couldn’t answer, since I was moving around the office. Naturally, my mobile was on silent, as always. In fact, I wonder whether any ringtones will still play, if I move it to ‘normal’? Perhaps they've all died out, from non-use! High time I tried that out. Guess I’m becoming too hyper at work, about work, hence, i forget about the simpler pleasures of life, which make the daily routine less stressful!! Will let you know tomorrow how the ‘ringtone on’ silsila went.

So, tell me, people, what's the current ringtone on your cellphone?
Right then! Till the next post, perhaps tomorrow, it’s adieu!! Take care and do be back!!
PS : Less than a week to go before we work two hours less, for a month!!Time to get ready for a month of walking, treadmilling, salading,since all temptations(read- restaurants) would be closed till sunset!!:)


Shreya said...

aww Amit, I did not know that my random thoughts would amuse you so much. Looks like my musings are contagious :) and now that you have praised my blog on your already popular blog, I'm sure my TRPs, err, page hits are going to go through the roof ha ha.. Btw, on the same note, I completely enjoy reading your blog too! I cannot remember a time when I returned from your page without smiling. Hence the appreciation for each other's blogs is mutual. :)

Keshi said...

Sushmita is a very dear friend and a great blogger, yes!

Im yet to find out abt Shreya :)

LOL @Sensex! WTH!!


austere said...

Will tell Jottingz the next time I write to her.:)

Yes, maybe slow down a little?

I liked the bahooooooooo ad. Also liked all the Idea ads- if you've seen them?

But the city does deck up after sunset, so one has heard.

Sweetstickychewy said...

Lol about the buzzing panties! How interesting. And oh my goodness what makes the woman think her legs won't go weak having a vibrating panties going zoink all over.. lol!

And hey Boston Lady sounds like a real catch to read. Interesting..:D

***So, tell me, people, what's the current ringtone on your cellphone?

My current ringtone depends on who is calling range from sexy back, to pussy cat dolls to various other artiste. lol. But yet i am always putting it on silent mode. Just a habit i am loving but others not really appreciating..lol..

Fun post Amit!:D Cheerios!

Solitaire said...

Gosh please don't mention those saas bahu serials. I get so embarrassed.

AVIANA said...

i like the cartoon...so true....it's amazing how comfortable we get to being uncomfortable..i guess that means laziness..huh?

how are you?

Harsha said...

Areyyy Saas Bahu aur Sensex is a movviiee!!

Current Ringtone : Milo na milo ka woh.. robotic/Arabic music and Nazrein milana (Jane tu)

Arunima said...

about the eye movement: I attended a training recently on Neuro Linguistic Program and we learnt a lot about the subconscious mind and how to read the eyes. It was really powerful. We could guess more than 60 percent whether the person was lying or not, which is quite good as we were not learning.

About the ring tones, there is a ring tone called 'condom condom' doing the rounds in India. It is funded by the Bill and Melinda foundation along with some organization in India is what I read. I heard the ring tone today in a radio ad on the way to the office.

Arunima said...

galti se mistake hogaya in the above comment. I meant to say, we were just learning.

AmitL said...

Hi,Shreya..I was just at ur blog,and,haha..yes,two of my fav. bloggers have visited ur blog,deservedly so.:)So,keep up the good work.And,tks for the appreciation.*blush*
Hi,Keshi..yes,SS is a nice blogger and person..I think so too.(SS,u listening??)...and,yes,these serial/movie titles get funnier than ever.
Hi,Austy..yes,do tell Jottingz..have u met her?I'll check for her email,too.:)
LOL-yes,the Bahu ads are memorable..LOL..same for the Idea ads.
Yes,the city does deck up after sunset..if it's like last yr,then,there're lights with images of lanterns on all of them-..the lantern of hope,they call it..let's see.
Hi,Amy..LOL-yes,I found the article really funny.
I see u did visit the Boston Lady.:)
Wow-at ur ringtones..I can't resist asking-if u had my no.on ur cellphone,what would it be?Cheers!
Hi,Sol-LOL...why do u get embarassed by saas bahu serials?I know ur answer will be amusing.:)
Hi,Aviana-I couldn't have put it better..yes,we get comfy,to be uncomfy.
Heyyy,Harsha,tks for the comment.:)And,nice ringtones-wouldn't mind hearing the Arabic one,someday.:)And,tks for the correction..I really thought it's a serial.
Hi,Arunima-heyyy,do write a bit more about this in ur blog..I'd love to learn more@ eye-reading.LOL at the ringtone ads.:)