Friday, July 25, 2008


Nicknames- just the thought of them brings a smile to the face. I am sure you also have nicknames for your most favourite, most hated, best friends,relatives,et al. Can you remember some of the funniest ones? Let me recount some of the best ones I've coined/ heard/used:

At work:

- Taklu(for someone who has an abject lack of hair a la Mr. Weatherbee, or, has a totally bald pate), taklu aa gaya. (The taklu has come)...especially when the person does not know Hindi, it's all the more fun, since you can use the nick without fear.LOL.
- Bud-dha:(The dash is to distinguish from the serenity which the word Buddha brings to my mind): For someone who's old. If he/she is a bit cranky, they're called 'Buddha Ghoonsat' or, 'Buddhi'.

- The Mad Brother: The guy at work in one of my jobs, who was so irritating that we twisted his name from Eemad B to 'The Mad Brother'.

- Joker: This was/is my term for anyone who's stubborn and refuses to understand anyone else's point of view over his own.

- Gadha: (Donkey): For someone who's worse than a joker.

- Mr. Khallas: This guy would end every sentence at work with 'Khallas'. (Finished)...incidentally, this is a favourite word with many people.

- RD Burman: This was my nickname for a former non-Indian office boss, who had the same initials as the great musician. Just like RDB, he'd wave his hands about(Like conducting an orchestra) to convey his point.

- Ringmaster: Another Boss- this was the time when I got so tired and frustrated at the continuous overload of work that I began to look at life in the office as a circus, and began classifying people as jokers, jugglers, lions...and, The Boss as the ringmaster who,courtesy his magnetic and forceful personality, was just like the ringmaster who controls the circus. A few weeks after this classification, I felt much better, since I'd grin everytime a 'joker' came up to me and asked a silly question, or, the juggler ran around looking really busy, even as he balanced some non-existent balls in his hands to impress the ringmaster.

At college:
- Peekay Sir: There was this teacher called 'PK Patel', who'd usually be late in arriving. We used to guess that 'Pee kay Patel so gaya hoga ' (Patel drunk himself to sleep, so he's not arrived)

- Em Sir: This was the funniest- this Prof would get excited after just 10 minutes of beginning his class. And, the more excited he got, the more he would say' Em'. (Em,in Gujarati, is like saying 'Like that'). So, he'd go" And,the machine performs like this, Em!) One day, one of my friends got so bugged, that when the Sir asked him a question, he answered' Yes, sir. What happens is Em, the machine begins, em, and then it moves to the other end, em........'...and, em, the sir never realized he was being made fun of.

-Actually Sir : This guy was always saying 'Actually' after every sentence, just like others say 'basically'.

What else? Ok, now, you tell me which nicknames you can remember from your study/work life. And, let me try and remember our school day nicknames. They used to be still funnier, but, I can't remember any at the present moment. And, how about sharing your own childhood nickname, too? And, while we are at it, any guesses what my childhood nickname was??

Have a great day,everyone!!


Shreya said...

tell me your nickname was not 'lalo' or 'jigo' or any of those very common gujju names which are given to babies out of love and used well after the child is in his mid 50s.hehe...

so, I had no nicknames (phew!), but let me go back and remember some funny ones. Good post btw! :)

Solitaire said...

Was it AMITYA? Oh wait..Was it Pappu?

I never had any nicknames..thank god!

But now my best friend's husband calls me "MANI" (short for maniben). :)

Sweetstickychewy said...

oh my goodness! I have uncountable nicknames!:P

And i am sooooo not gonna share:p


Dreams said...

he he.. i know someone who was called kaka (the gujju one) when he was just 3 years old :) as to me -- i was called gudiya, gudiya rani by my dad and aunt.. now i do at work place, colleagues call me ms know it all and i dont even want to begin thinking what my subordinates call me :)

were u called amitya ? or amla ? eheh.. those are typical gujju names eh??

Keshi said...

I think ur nic was ducks? cos of duck-for-cover lol!

I dun think I had any childhood nics, as far as I can rem :)


AVIANA said...

i don't have nicknames...thank you!...some people just shorten my name

Arunima said...

was it golu?

AmitL said...

Hi,Shreya...ROFL..Lalo,Jigo...sooo typically Gujju.I've heard them often enough.But,you know,I'm not Gujju.:)
Tell me about the funny ones..:)And,how can it be?I'm sure you must have had some nicks.If not,let's create one..never too late.
Hi,Maniben,err,Sol..well,nooo it wasn't Amitya.:)ROFL at Pappu.
Hi,SweetSC,nee,Amy..nooo..don't be so mean..I'll share my nick,only if you share your nicknames..:)come onnn..
Hi,Dreams..well,I do know your nicknames-the Gudiya ones,especially,since people still call you that,as you once told me.:)
Re. my nick...keep guessing.
Hi,,I don't remember being called 'ducks'.Keep guessing.
Hi,Avi..:)Did I guess the nick right?
Hi,Arunima..ROFL...golu?:) wasn't that.