Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friends n all that jazz

When you're a bachelor, forced or natural,out here in Dubai, the most communicative people are,not friends,not colleagues,but,the ever-smiling waiters(Or,should I say 'waiter de'), who go 'ohhh, itne din baad-kaise hain aap?'(oooh...after so many are you?), and,they'll end up inquiring about where you took your vacation, how it went, how the family is,et al. I mean,I'm sure they'll forget it all after 10 minutes,but,at that moment,in a concrete jungle,it's nice to see that someone has the time for such pleasantries,na??
Speaking of people(Pun intended), I wonder how people can talk nineteen to the dozen, while speaking, unmindful of that gravy dripping out from the gap in their mouths when they speak,unmindful of that noodle hanging out- why do they love talking so much, I wonder?Give me a silent eater anyday(Just like me!Ahem!), who makes polite conversation,but,only after finishing the morself of foods in their mouths.Anyway,to each his or her own,I guess.
That reminds me,I must update my inspirations blog....and,my jokes blog...and write on the ever-inviting BUF topics...quite a handful,err,keyboardfull of writing to be nice-something to look forward to.
Quiz of the day:

A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The best man always has me first. What Am I?

Q-A of the day:

Q: Why do Scottish men wear kilts?
A: The sound of the zipper scares the sheep
Till next time,have a cheerful,great day!!


austere said...

Am the silent eater types too.
Have you noticed how ppl manage conversations (aka gossip) at reception buffets, balancing plate and cell in one hand and eating and talking?


Dreams said...


Yeah.. silent eater, but youa re the kind who would eat first and then sit down and talk -- nah..u have always been the silent observer :) we gotta do one of our hogger -- errr i mean blogger meet again, will miss pixie though eh ?

Ritu said...

Ring is right...!!!! :-)

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

ewww @talking while eating! Thats so gross. I dun speak with food in my mouth.

LOL @kilt joke!


Keshi said...

**Who am I again?I have the right tool for your crevice. You're dirty when you grab my hose. I'm a dirt bag that sucks. What am I?


lol I cud be wrong.


Mona said...

Hi Amit, how are you? gosh, when was the last time I did blogging? It has been a long time. Work and other things made me stop blogging for a while. How are you? :) Like to chat with you ... do you use any YM or msn?

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..I guessed that you're a silent eater..don't ask how.:)As for people doing the balancing act..of course.:)And,have you seen them at weddings?One plate,5 katoris,piles of rice,dal,sweets,etc.:)
Hi,Dreams...ring is right. As for me really think I'd eat first and talk later?ROFL..when did you hear me talk after eating?(Makes note to be more careful)
Hi,Keshi..I'm sure you don't.:)The who am I joke-nice guess..answer in the next post.
Hi,Mona...yes,I am on yahoo and msn both..alayeaye and ayeayeal respectively.Hope we can chat're things at work and the home front?:)