Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebration Time

An award,an award!! I always feel thrilled when I see my,should I call them 'efforts' rewarded.So,imagine my delight when I won the first 'Jeopardy' award, for a Q-A competition held on co-blogger Solitaire's blog. Ahem,ahem,ahem!! So, let me display the award now!!
What was it for? For the best answer for the following Jeopardy question(Still wondering why it's called "Jeopardy",Sol!! Is it to signify- 'answer at your risk,and,laugh unto death on reading answers,also at your own risk?':)
The Answer: The morning-after pill.
The challenge: Create a witty question for the above answer.
My Question:
What does she do if you were silly and didn't protect your willy?
(Take the morning after pill-y,of course!!)
And,now,let me take this opportunity to thank all my friends,my well-wishers,co-bloggers,and,all those who voted in my favour for this award. hehheh!!
And,thanks,Vrij,for designing the cute award!
Speaking of questions,this time I had a nice LOL at the winning answer given by someone else for the Caption Contest in Xpress paper,out here. Check it out. They did modify the winning caption to 'How often do you get your moo(d) swings?
I always feel that a winning caption is one that makes one LOL instantly.And,this one was definitely one of them..(Though,mine wasn't too bad,either.What do you think?)
Till next time,cheers!!


Solitaire said...

Saras! Ekdum fine! Shu vaat chhe!

Arunima said...


I visited her page and quite enjoyed reading the answers.

austere said...


Nothing quite like an award, is there?


SMM said...

Congratulations dude....btw you forgot to thank you r dog and your next door neighbour :P

Keshi said...

Congrattz Amit! :)


AmitL said...

Hi,Sol..thank you,thank you!!:0
Hi,SMM..LOL. Now,how did I ever miss them out?