Monday, July 07, 2008

Baroda Memories continued..and then some more

Thought for the day: The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them.

Still continuing the Baroda journey, let me recount some of the quaint places of Baroda, which I always ensure I visit. Start with the foodie places.

There’s Canara Coffee House. It’s located in an area in the heart of the city, called Dandiya Bazaar. Their most famous item being the Poona Misal(Which is moong with curd and sev). However, what is astonishing is their prices, even today. An idli-sambhar, for example, still costs just 8 Rs, for example. It’s a quaint shop, right next to the fire brigade and, has been around for donkey’s years, and has been a popular place for collegians, especially.

There’s Samrat Icecream Parlour: I was able to visit this only twice. The first time, they had run out of icecream cold drinks, and I had to be satisfied with just a cup of vanilla softy icecream(Ek full vanilla, as they call it). So, I naturally had to make time and visit it again, to enjoy the cold drink- icecream(Ek full vanilla cold-drink, shouts the waiter to his assistant, and, magically, a glass of it materializes.

Of course, I did some extended walking after enjoying the scrumptious icecream. Note: This cold drink is flavoured milk with icecream scoops in it. Till now, I hear no-one has been able to replicate their recipe of home made icecream. It would surely sell like hot cakes if they disclosed the recipe.

Then, of course, there’s no fun without having a South Indian snack at the larri which stands opposite Sayaji Park. Doesn’t matter if a bit of pollution and dust enter the dosa and, you have to listen to the sounds of the vehicles passing by- that taste is not available at the best restaurants sometimes. Hehe.

Speaking of South Indian(You must’ve guessed, my fav. Food is S. Indian, coz it’s light,specially the idlis), there’s also Hotel Gurudev near Canara Coffee House. I’ve been seeing the proprietors and the waiters there since I was a kid. Can’t find such job dedication easily, today. And, still they believe in service with a smile.

Besides this, the normal places include the modern food court at Vadodara Central(Where you buy a card first, charge it, and then, pay for your choice of food at another counter, which brings us to modern times and the supposedly hep way of living), New Alka Restaurant, Bumiya’s where you can buy some nice rasogollas, rasanand…..

Now that I’ve made everyone reading this hungry, let me proceed further.
Going back to the EME Temple, here’s another pic I found of their latest addition, 2-3 years back.

PIC: A statue of Lord Buddha sitting under an open stupa (pagoda) has been installed in the garden facing the Dakshinamurthy ‘Shivalaya’, providing the right ambience for meditation, recreation and self realization. The statue of Lord Buddha depicts one hand in a ie, ‘ Varad Mudra’ ie a blessing posture whereas the other is in ‘Abhay Mudra’ i.e, one which alleviates all fears.
Saw this sign in Big Bazaar, at the 7 Seas Mall, which had me mystified for a moment. It said’ Men’s shots’. Any idea what it was for? (I think I mentioned a similar sign I saw in Dubai, some time back, in an earlier post)
There was this article I read in the local papers there- it was all about the teacher who was known as the ‘kiss me’ teacher, courtesy his asking all his girl students to give him a good bye kiss when they left his classes. He was caught fondling one of his students one day, was exposed and kicked out of the coaching classes he used to take. Makes me wonder what makes people resort to such pervertedness? Frustration?
Fun time now::

- A new study shows that high school girls are more likely to exercise vigorously while they're in girls-only physical-education classes. Not surprisingly, the study also found that when boys are separated from girls in school, they tend to exercise more vigorously as well, but later in the day when they're home alone.

Remark: Fishing is a lot like dating - some you throw back, some you keep, some you mount and some you eat.

Who am I? You grope for me in the dark. You put your hand in your pocket and fiddle with me. I will only work in the right hole. What am I?
Answer next time.

(Tsk-ye of dirty minds, don’t let your fertile imaginations go to work)

Who am I again?I have the right tool for your crevice. You're dirty when you grab my hose. I'm a dirt bag that sucks. What am I?
Answer next time
Till next time, Cheers!!Keep smiling.


austere said...

Will check out Canara Coffee House the next time I'm there. You didn't try Rhim-Jhim panipuri? What about Jagdish Bhakharvadi? Nothing from payal?
I guess my stuff is mostly Race Course- Alkapuri centric.

gharey jaun chey. then I remind myself Mumbai is gharey. uff.

AmitL said...

Hi,,do try it.

Is it Rum Zum or Rim Jhim?We used to go regularly,when I was in BSL,since it was close to office-that basement level shop.
Bhakarvadi,these days,does not agree with me.hehe.
Ah-to RaceC-Alkapuri centric.:)
Well,you can always visit Baroda without a reason,na??:)

D said...

1. A key!!!
2. A vacuum cleaner
Am I right???

And yes, you made me hungry with all that food talk!!!

AmitL said...

Hi,d...bang're right.:)

LOL at you getting hungry with all the food talk..that was the purpose.

Arunima said...

I was thinking the first one was a small torchlight in the pocket and you were talking about how to switch it on. Don't ask me how? :-)

AmitL said...

Haha..Arunima,nice guess...but,the answer is 'a key'.:)

Keshi said...

**Who am I? You grope for me in the dark. You put your hand in your pocket and fiddle with me. I will only work in the right hole. What am I?



AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi..great guess..right answer..:)How about the other one??

Anonymous said...

ok, I knew the second one was a vacuum cleaner before I saw the answers here hehe...

the food part was quite appetizing. did u also have pani poori and baraf no golo on the streets? those used to be my favorite things! :) *Cheers*