Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Times

(Quip: Can you guess what this pic depicts??)

Hi,all!Whew...when a lot is planned and done,a lot is still left to be planned and done!:) At least,that's what I feel, at present. It's been nearly 2 weeks since we landed in Baroda. And, it's been a lively period,to say the least.

Some observations:

Today, while sailing along at 40 kmph on my Kinetic(two-wheeler, for those not in the know, one of the most reliable vehicles to travel fast on Baroda's roads)I was astonished to see a sign board,outside at least half a dozen bungalows and buildings, proclaiming: Entry inside is strictly restricted to the owners...and, below it, it boldly said' Red Rose'...thinking that this was a new and upcoming builder, I went closer to one of the signs to read the small print and, couldn't help bursting out laughing when I read the full description after Red Rose. So, it goes: Entry inside is strictly restricted to the owners. Trespassers will be prosecuted- ' RED ROSE bras,panties and slips'. I wonder- has advertising reached such wondrous levels that even such signboards are sponsored? And, were the Red Rose people making a pun about the exclusivity of their underthings???
Another observation: Everyone in Baroda has a mobile..and,not just the ornery's usually the camera phone with color display,as a bare minimum. Be it the dhobi,or,the roadside sweeper, or, the worker who is fixing tiles in our house(We're doing the full flooring...will put up pics,perhaps one of these days) or the worker's assistant...and,what ringtones- right from the title tune of No Entry,to the latest Rap songs to any tune you can think of, it's there. I won't be surprised to see a pet dog or two, or even one of the conferencing cows on the streets,with a mobile hanging on their necks,instead of a bell or a pet collar.

A dialogue I keep hearing ' Mere Ko Mobile Karna Ne'.....(Do me a Mobile)...when they mean to say 'Give me a call on my mobile'.:)

Personally, I'm totally confused by the number of companies offering cell phone services,and the wide options each one has. I tried checking out Idea,Vodaphone,BSNL, for a start,and very frankly,I feel that if you want to get the best deal, you need to have all three chips,minimum,and at least 2 of their choices- one for lifetime free incoming,one for 1 Re charge (outgoing) anywhere in India outgoing,another for ....LOL..I won't go on...thank heavens there are only two choices in Dubai- Etisalat and Du!

Those who're using Idea,et al- tell me, isn't it all an eyewash ,finally?I am sure that all said and done,you spend the same amount, either by way of higher initial cost,and lower call rates, or some such combo.
Quite a few Letters in mags this week- one was in Khaleej Times, on the IPL(I wrote that before I left for Baroda). Last time's Filmfare- won the third prize in the caption contest(Ahem!), this time's Filmfare- won the first prize in Letters. There's also a letter in Stardust(June).
More coming up in a day or two. In the meantime, here's the laff for the day:

This woman had a great fear of the dentist's chair. When she was told that the tooth would have to come out she was almost in tears: "Oh dear" she said " I hate losing a tooth! I would rather have a baby any day " to which the dentist replied "Well, make your mind up, Madam, I
have to adjust the chair."



shooting star said...

wow!1 so ur in India....!!
Idea is a good network..i ahve been using it since past 6 years......i feel the best thing to do is to get a life time validity and then keep rechargin your mobile for top ups....and at the end of the day..irrespective of which netwrk ur using u end up paying almost same regardless of the special discounts and offers...

austere said...

Kem Cho!

Did you see the new road from karelibaug to Sama?

"Mobile karneka" is such a oft heard term it doesn't even sound gramatically incorrect anymore.

Redoing the whole house?
Vat chey ney!

Keshi said...

cool new observations abt Baroda :) So how long r ya gonna be in India Amit?

Mobiel fones...gosh everyone in Sri Lanka has one..even the granmas. LOL!

**"Well, make your mind up, Madam, I
have to adjust the chair."

hahahahahahahaha too funny!


D said...

Hahahaha ... those underwear ads were priceless... how innovative... haha...

AmitL said...

Hi,SS...well,I did have an idea chip,with lifetime validity for incoming..however, we didn't use it for a year,and,they've cancelled,I took a BSNL one now...hopefully it'll 'connect India'.
Hi,Austy- planning to take a kinetic ride over the road..a bit scared of any potholes which might come in the way.:)
Hi,Keshi- only till June end.SIghh...But,I'm also missing the fast Dubai pace.:)
LOL at your LOL at the joke.

Sakhi said...

The last one is awesome! :D :D :D

Solitaire said...

Hahaha! Your laugh in the end was too funny..

But I laughed out loud at the "mereko mobile karna ne"..hahahah! So typical!

I swear everything there is now becoming a big show-off rather than necessity.

sanguine said...

hey , any plans of dropping in here in bbay ?

'Mere Ko Mobile Karna Ne' is still understandable ,i was shocked when i heard 'mobile marta usko' in bbay...

Arunima said...

ha ha those rings!

AmitL said...

Hi,Sakhi..hehe..I loved it too,which is why I shared it here.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Sol...tks...:)And,yes,everything seems to be becoming too much of a show-off,rather than reality.sigh..:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Sanguine...couldn't visit Mumbai this time..

ROFL at Mobile marta usko.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima...what was the answer???:)