Monday, May 05, 2008


Have you ever had the pleasure of tasting icecream made in the original style- from one of those wooden icecream makers(as in pic above), in which the ice and the balance ingredients are poured,then,you rotate the handle round and round and round and round....when it becomes too tough to rotate,voila..the ice cream is ready.
For some reason,I was remembering that ole style of icecream making today. There's a place called Samrat Ice Cream in Baroda,which,till maybe 10 years back, used to prepare their scrumptious icecreams that way. Then,commercial reasons gave way to sentimental reasons,and they shifted to the machine based icecreams.But,still,the flavour somehow remains the same.Yum-that's one thing to look forward to during my Baroda visit next month!!(I'll forget my diet just this once,or,walk from there to home,a good 4 kms!LOL)


Solitaire said...

Shu vaat chhe! Saras!

Keshi said...

Im not much of an Icecream person unless im in a weird mood. LOL!

**!!(I'll forget my diet just this once,or,walk from there to home,a good 4 kms!LOL)

haha ok Amit enjoy it to the fullest then!


Curious said...

Try cold stone cremery amitji... there ice creame tastes really different that the ones around... :D

Btw.. when u come back...get me a bucket load... as a treat.. :D :D

AmitL said...

Hi,Solitaire..comment maate aabhaar.:)
Hi,Keshi-what do you mean,weird mood?:)
Thanks for encouragement-about forgetting my diet..hehe.
Where is the cold store creamery,Curiousji?
and,sure-I'll bring back a bucket load from Baroda-with a deep freezer,of course.:)

austere said...

The sitaphal flavor I've had.

But nothing to beat Vadilal's Orange candy.

My tastes are pedestrian, shoon karishoon!

AmitL said...

Hi, candy is a nice flavour,defi.I like vanilla,even now...shoon karishoon?hhaha.
But,haven't you tried Samrat,ever?Next time,do!Satisfaction guaranteed.