Thursday, May 29, 2008

That juicy,luscious,voluptuous,red-hot...

This is THE season. The season of that juicy, luscious, voluptuous(most of the time), red-hot, se*y…….mango, of course….if you were thinking anything else, ye of dirty minds, whatever were you imagining?

Keeping in tune with this, our very own Lulu Hypermarket (I say ‘our own’ coz it’s very much Indian-owned, Indian-products governed, with a good quantum of foreign products, too, and fairly decently priced) came up with a mango festival. From the goodies they had, I got mango juice(but naturally), mango jam, mango raita, Gujarati mango curry and..believe it or not, mango bread. Of course, for me, it’s just a ‘sample taste’ of these goodies, since mangoes are on the’ restricted’ list when on a diet. But, let me say, they were/are yum, except for the mango bread, which I didn’t try out yet! Now, for those interested, here’s just some of the other items on their ‘mango festival’ top 100 list:

Grilled chicken breast with mango sauce,
Mango and Chicken kebab
Mango fruit cake
Mango mousse
Mango pickle
Mango jam
Mango pulp
Mango pickle
Mango muffins
Mango swiss rolls
Mango with shrimps and pasta salad

So, how many of those have you tried out? I always thought I was the only person who experimented with things like eating wholemeal bread with curd on it instead of butter, but, it seems there’s lots of others who also love it.
BTW, did you know that there’s a ‘Radio Mango’ FM channel in Kerala? I read about it somewhere today in a link. Imagine how easy it’d be to name your programs- call them
Mango Shake
Mango Mirchi
Mango Morning

Incidentally, there’s also an airline called Mango Airlines.
That reminds me of a school joke:Ask a person ‘ Have you ever seen a man go climbing climbing up a tree?
Whatever the person answers, you can look astonished and ask:
If he says ‘yes’, say ‘ OMG. I haven’t. I didn’t know mangoes could climb’.
If he says ‘no’, look astonished and ask ‘What? You’ve never seen a man go climbing up a tree?’
The next post will be from Baroda. Unless I’m able to post tomorrow. Let me leave you with a pic of the world's smallest dog:

Till then, cheerio!!


sanguine said...

me first !! me first !!

i love mangoes . but i dont like mango drinks , mango icecream , shakes or anything . though i dont mind mango pickle , i cant eat mango in any other form except plain .
stange isnt it ??

Solitaire said...

I hate you.

Keshi said...

Mago is my fav fruit YUM!

wow ur going home? How nice Amit. See u from Baroda then! ;-)


D said...

I looooove mangoes!!! I loooooovvvveeeee MANGOES!!!
Can you understand HOW MUCH I LOVE MANGOES????
LuLu ALWAYS has a mango festival at this time every year... hehe...

austere said...


That says it all.


Michelle said...

i can only settle for the fruit and the pickle...thats

Arunima said...

I am going home and eating mango today. One more hour to go home yipee!

Floyd Girl said...

Ah! One's gotta lurrve the magically marvellous mango! :)

Have a safe trip back home! :)

Pallavi said...

Yumm on the mangoes.. :)