Thursday, May 15, 2008

People-some kinds of people

There are some types of people who get on my nerves. Just two of these types are:

- People who follow you around when you are at a supermarket/grocery/shopping mall. They’ll just stand behind you, breathing down your neck, trying to see what you’re planning to buy. You touch a DVD player, they also have to touch it and see. You ask the salesman one question about the water dispenser, they have to ask five. Next time one of these irritating guys(Naturally! You think gals would follow a man shopping?LOL) follows me, I’ll quickly step into the men’s room and disappear into a cubicle for 15 minutes. Let’s see whether he comes in to check the quality of the taps on the washbasin, or the flow of water in the urinal. What makes such people what they are, I wonder? Aren’t they confident about their own shopping abilities, or the items they are shopping for? Arghh!

- Another peculiar ‘breed’ is of people who love to complete your sentences, like they have a sixth sense about what you are able to say. For example:

Me: And so this supplier..…
Him: Called you…
Me: No, he sent a fax saying…
Him: That he could come down in price.
Me: No, that that was his best….
Him: Price….
Me : No, offer for…
Him: the fans
Me : No…for the isolators.

(The above is just an example)
You get what I’m saying? Such people just go on finishing your sentences with what they feel are the words you need to complete your sentences.

Of course, this happens more when you have someone who feels he or she knows you so well that they know your sentences also equally well.
Tell me, do you like my caption this time?
(I didn’t receive the print copy yet, where they print the one they feel was best)
Going back to the topics in one of my previous posts, those crazy spam messages keep coming. Of course, the fact that their ingenuity in framing the Topic of their email(I don’t dare click it for fear that hundreds of viruses will bounce out)keeps me doubled up with laughter. Like, what do you think of such invitations:

- Bring out the tree in you.
- Get hung like noone else.
- Elongate your pleasur*maker for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper everyday.
- Long peckers get the chicks
- Get more flex on your pole
- You need to improve your little friend urwqv(Yes, the last five letters were as they are…urwqv)
- Discontented with your PE size?
- Become a marathon champ with our offer. The longer your stick, the longer you last.

You know what? It would not be a bad idea to compile a joke-book called ‘Spam Jokes’ or something. What do you think?
Thoughts for the day:
Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. Benjamin Franklin
(Now, that one's a thought after my heart!!)
To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered. Voltaire
What did the elephant say the nud* man?
Nice,but can it pick up peanuts?
Why was she scared of going on a date with the Arab?
She had heard that they eat their 'dates'.
Till next time,sayonara!!


~nm said...

I do that sometimes too..i.e try to finish other people sentences..:P

OK..I learnt a lesson today..will try not to :)

And lol at the jokes!!

Arunima said...

I also complete other people's sentences sometimes but I am right most of the times. I think I have always been right. :-)

lol on the spam mails. I get them too. What will I do with that?

Keshi said...

LOL @first pic!

D u know there's a real restaurant called FUK ME.


austere said...

I do the line-finishing thing, guilty as charged.

Spamsters dont quite get the gender of the receiver, so its pretty hilarious.

AmitL said...

Hi, mean..oh,oh..(FIll in the blanks yourself.*smile*):)ROFL..well,now you're going to be careful..:)
Hi,Arunima,LOL..another one-grin,will you consciously think of this post next time you're finishing someone's sentences?
Re. the spam mails-LOL-show them to hubby and ask if he wants u to fwd them to him..should be fun!!
Hi,Keshi..LOL-really?Where is it?In Aussie??
Hi,Austy...Yet another one??Wow.:)
LOL-you're right about the spamsters not knowing the gender of the person the email is sent to!!