Thursday, May 22, 2008

On Top of the world

Speaking of the Burj, I read yesterday that a British man has leapt from the Burj, to successfully complete the world’s highest BASE jump from a building- and, promptly landed himself a date in court next week. The 36-year old clambered up 150 floors of stairs without being spotted by security guards before leaping with a parachute just before 5 AM.
Once again- I engaged in some pleasant conversation, with someone from a group of what I consider Dubai’s most interesting conversationalist people- the taxi driver.
The talk started when I saw him looking woefully at his mobile, which he’d put in front of him, just below the windshield.
By way of explanation, he said- "it fell into the water today. "
Me: Oh? Water?
Him: Yes…in the bathroom.
Me(Didn’t want him to elucidate further, so I asked): I hope the mobile’s never been opened up yet? Otherwise, the water will enter inside the circuits.
Him: No, no sir. I just bought it 2 months back.(It was one of the new Nokia models).
Me: Oh, then it’s ok.
Him: The previous passenger suggested that I keep it in the sun, so that whatever water is inside will also dry up.
Me: Oh, ok.
Him(suddenly): Pointing to the radio, which was running in the background. What do you think of this Du connection (Du and Etisalat are the two telephone companies here) which they’re saying is for just AED 55/-, and you get AED 54/- talk time with it?
Me: Oh, yes..but, the reception at present is not as good as Etisalat.

………And, so, the conversation went on. By the time I reached my destination, I learned that he was using calling cards(I think they’re not official here) which you use to dial a number and then they connect you to anywhere round the world, that he talks to his Ammi, Bibi, Beta, Beti, ….with the 30 minutes card, and, there’s still time, so he chats with friends, that he’s from Pakistan, that he took to taxi driving just three months ago, but, he’s been here since five years, that he used to drive a large pickup and private taxis earlier, but, the business folded up due to stricter rules, that he earns 2700-3000/- Dirhams a month, and, it’s too meager, and he feels that he should take up a job as a driver in a company, rather than do taxi-driving, since there are too many obstacles, right from complaining people to the police, to ranting goras who treat the road as their own, that he saw a gora flagging him down, but, he saw me and, decided to pick me up, because the goras need to suffer a bit.

So, what do you say? Am I a patient listener ?
Extract of the day: Lewis Carroll’s From Alice In Wonderland:
'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?''
'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.
'I don't much care where --' said Alice.
'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.
'--so long as I get somewhere,' Alice added as an explanation.

Highly erudite, some of these fairy tales, I’d say. Heh heh. I know Amrita, nee, Red will love this quote.

Joke of the day:

Till next time,adieu!Have a great weekend!!


~nm said...

Tell me that the first pic is a fudge up! It just can't be true!!

I've no words to describe how I felt after I read about where you took it from!! Really..My jaw just dropped till the floor!!

I just so want to be there and experience this view myself!! I have to!!! Its just WOW!

Sorry..haven't read your rest of the post and I can't right now. I'm too perplexed, awed..just call it whatever you want read rest of hte post.

austere said...

That looks like photoshop work?

You got the brown skin privilege then. Your really drew him out, didn't you?

Arunima said...

yes, I think you are a good listener but you must be a good conversationalist too to draw him out.

Amit, I read a couple of blogs today and saw your comments there. I noticed that you give very good comments and you are so involved in their posts. I see it in my own blog too. It was so nice to see it because I just resort to,"nice post" when I don't know what more to say but just feel that the post was good. You always add something more to it. So, cheers to you!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

i got vertigo just looking at that pic!

and i think alice in wonderland has some of the best philosophy ever!

Solitaire said...

Yes you are a patient listener!!
And LOL at Daddy comic!

shooting star said...

hi amit!!!
i come to your blog after considerable spans of time..kya totally engrossed with work on weekends are the only time i do get to do my kind of stuff...
anyways...very nice pics....the first one is amazing..i would love to live in a room with that view!!!
the rest of the post is a good read..liked it a lot!!!
i do think you are a paitent listener!!!.....and very funny cartoon to end it all!!!!

Keshi said...

love the first pic!!


D said...

Goras need to suffer a bit? Haha

AmitL said...

Hi,NM..nooo..the first picture isn't a fudge's a fact-and,hey,I didn't take the picture,though I wish I had..I'm just waiting for my chance to visit the top floor,even if they charge an admission fee..right now,the building's still under final construction stages.Check out this google link for more details,including it's own site.(
Hi,Austy,it's not photoshop work..the pic is true.:)They say the building will be seen from outer space,even..who knows?But,it's a fact that it's currently the tallest building in the world...another developer here,already announced the 'mile high tower',under design.

Hehe-isn't it fun-the brown skin privilege-never thought that'd be true here.
Hi,Arunima-tks for the comment..
Re. my comments on blogs-yep,I love reading posts on all the blogs I visit-I can never stop wondering where all this talent that so many people have for writing, would have been, if blogs had not been invented.And,since I love reading each post,the comments are also somewhat in detail.Tks for the observation:)
Hi,Sol-tks..coming from you,that's a nice compliment.
The Daddy comic was really funny.
Hi,SS...great to see u here after quite some time.:)Oh,yes,I would love to live in such a room with such a view,too.:)Incidentally,I read that they're planning to build a tower here,which will rotate a full 360,imagine sleeping in the eastern direction,and,when you wake up,you're facing west.Fun,na?
Hi,Keshi-I do,too!!Wish someone'd loan me a few million dirhams,to buy a flat that level. haha.:)
Hi,d...LOL-yes,I found that extremely funny,too(Goras need to suffer a bit).:)