Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Of Lighthearted People

For a change, I thought- why not touch on a taboo topic, and let everything in this post relate to this g*ay topic? So, here goes:

How do you recognize a g*ay(the asterix is put in between, to avoid my blog being banned, by usage of such bold words out here. Further, for the rest of this article, I’m going to use a synonym and call them ‘lighthearted’ ) when you see him(her?)? I was going along this street, on my usual evening walk, listening to music of the ‘Chak De Phatte’ kind(also called ‘music to walk fast by’), when, coming from the opposite side, I saw a, err, couple of the lighthearted kind. The guy- wearing a tight Tshirt, with, I think shoulder pads, and a, err, macho jeans, was accompanied by the other guy, who was wearing the 3/4th kinds of trousers and a fluffy Tshirt designed to, err, show off the non-existent cleavage, and walking with a jhatka/matka, a la, a model walking on a ramp.
Suddenly, they walked out of the shade and into the path of the sunrays, and, the, err, lady part daintily opened her, err, his umbrella to avoid the harsh rays of the sun. (Incidentally, the time was 630 PM, nearing sunset), and both continued walking, pleased as punch. I couldn’t help grinning away at the scene, for the next 10 minutes, amazed at the contrasts this city comes up with, being a totally conservative society at one end, and, a totally free one at the other.

Another place where you can espy these lighthearted beings, is in the various barber shops which dot the city’s skyline, particularly the Phil*pino ones. You can immediately recognize them, courtesy their distinctive characteristics, like the lipstick/ tomboyish or longer haircut/ the pretty dress they wear/the makeup/the dainty way they’re ‘handling’ the client/all of these. (Thank heavens the barber shops I frequent are all ‘normal’ ones)
Joke of the day:
What do g*ay guys eat for dessert?
Nuts on top of a brownie.
Till next time,keep grinning!(I almost said 'gaily')


Soham Shah said...

Gay Post !! .. Oh sorry, I mean Good Post !!

Keshi said...

hahahahaha that first pic!


AmitL said...

LOL..Soham,nice comment.
Keshi-haha.:)U think it's a genuine pic??

Keshi said...

ofcourse not Amit lol! but they do look good to star in Titanic!


austere said...

Its a free world, no?

AmitL said...

Keshi,ROFL!!!Star in Titanic?You're right-it reminds me of the pic of the lead pair.
Austy,LOL-of course it is!!