Monday, May 19, 2008

Of Blogs and Blogging

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Thought for the day: If you can’t say something good about someone, keep quiet….AmitL

Quite a nice start to the week, this one, writing wise.

They did pick my caption as the best one, in the print edition of the local paper.

Another, is a letter in Filmfare, after quite some time. But, it’s in the print edition only. So, if you buy it, check out the latest issue.
On to another topic- why does blogging sometimes remind me of Diwali time in India? I think it’s because of the way people, more often than not, do the visiting part where Diwali and blogs are concerned.

I mean, see the similarities- someone comes to your place to wish you during Diwali, partakes of the sweets and the namkeens, discussed the world situation, from their baby to your job to nuclear bombs, and goes. Next day(Sometimes, on the same day), you visit their place, partake of the sweets and the namkeens and go.

Now, compare this with blogging.

Someone visits your blog, says Hi, partakes of the sweets and the namkeens, and goes. Same day or next day, you also visit their place, partake of the sweets and the namkeens and go. The sweets stand for the happy posts/part of the posts, where the person shares the good happenings in his or her life with you.

The namkeens stand for the sad/unhappy part of their posts, where they share their problems with you , and you sympathize/empathize with them and leave the blog , in a happy or sad mood, depending on how emotional you are, either after giving your comment, or, just reading the post(s).

So, tell me, why don’t you visit a person’s blog, just because you like their writing? Just because it gives you a warm feeling to be there? Just because you feel that this virtual friend is better than any friend you could have in real life? Well, I do.
The blogs I visit, are on my list because I like to read what their writers(From Keshi to Solitaire to Ditty to Poo to Red to Shreya to Deepak to Amy to Austy to to everyone else) write and I learn something new about them or about human nature or about life in general or about anything under the sun from each of them.
If they visit my blog, I’m thrilled, if they also leave a comment, I’m delighted. But, it’s not a situation of you-visit-my-blog-I –visit-yours.(Something like ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours?LOL). Because there shouldn’t be any formality in this friendship. And, also, I write because I like to. I love to, rather, and, what better place than a blog, where there’s no editor, what you write is what gets published? (Of course, most of my mag letters also get published ad verbatim, save for a dot there and a comma here. Hehe).

So, all you wonderful people out there, I’m thrilled to know each one of you. And, I wish I had a blog day every week, a day when I could come to each of your blogs, read the new posts, the first posts, the archived posts, and have a fun day. Well, the day will come, surely!!:)
....(Note-this post might be continued next time, in a more humorous vein)
Joke of the day:
Q: What's the height of trust?
Two cannibals giving each other a bl*w job.
Till next time, keep smiling!!


~nm said...

I think you wanted to say "Why do you visit a person's blog.."

Very well said..about blogs and blogging.

Keshi said...

*why DONT you visit...?

Im not sure what u said there Amit :)

I like visiting ur blog not only cos u make me smile and grow, but also cos I care abt ya as a friend.

If I just go to blogs and leave a comment just for that MOMENT's sake, then thats not me. Im not here just for a good time, Im here to love and to be loved. So if u come to my blog and then I come to ur blog, its like friends visiting each others' houses..and its nice.

But if one day u stop coming to my house (for diwali or not), why wud I keep coming to ut house Amit?

**But, it’s not a situation of you-visit-my-blog-I –visit-yours.(

no it's not that at all! Im not that shallow. Im not here just to collect comments...and u know, THAT I hv plenty. :)

but when a friend suddenly stops visiting my online home, I see no point visiting their home all the time. I do hv something called self-respect. If they dun wanna come drop by and atleast say a Hello once in a while, Im not gonna drag my ass into their house and force myself into their lives.

The msg they r giving me is 'I dun feel like dropping by ur house anymore'. so be it.


Soham Shah said...

Today's joke was amazing !!!

By the way, thanks for being my virtual friend !!

AmitL said...

Hi,,that's now what I meant to say..what I meant was,why dont you visit a blog just for the sake of reading the person's writing?Tks!!
Hi,Keshi-that was beautifully put..thanks..I can totally see things from your perspective.Only,from my angle,since I'm an avid reader,I visit blogs,without expecting the other person to give me a return visit,honest.If they do visit,I'm thrilled,but,if they don't,well,they must be having their own reasons,na?
A big smile at your 'Diwali'logic,'s right,I must admit.Thanks!It's always nice to hear different viewpoints on a topic.

AmitL said...

Hi,Soham...always nice to read your comments.Tks.:)

Keshi said...

**without expecting the other person to give me a return visit

no u still doesnt seem to u'stand what Im saying Amit. LOL! I wasnt saying that I EXPECT ppl to come back to my blog n comment just cos I commented in their's. nooooooooo! I didnt mean that :):).

Im talking abt long term blog friends who suddenly stop visiting ya but r everywhere else in Blogville. How d u feel abt such ppl?


Solitaire said...

Awww!!! I am flattered!

And I love this post!!
It is hard to visit everyone who visits you when you are running short on time. Yes, I think we should write for writing's sake and read for our own pleasure without adding all these politics into it. when I started blogging, I did not have any visitors for a long time. I still did not stop. There are so many people who do not visit me ever since I stopped psychobabbling and yet i continue to visit them. And there are some people who have taken me off their blog roll because I visit but don't comment. LOL! Seriously, this is not a tit-for-tat world. Its

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...NOW I get what you mean(I can be pretty dense sometimes,na??LOL)..well,no-that's not acceptable/nice. Such people should either just be blunt and say that they don't want to visit your blog anymore,but,they're still very much into blogging.Can understand your feeling hurt in such situations.I guess it's a situation that just exists,and we have to accept it?
Hi,Sol-that's very adroitly put by you.*smiles*Yes,it's not a'tit-for-tat world'.

austere said...

No reciprocity, then ino point, that's what I think, Amit.

Keshi said...

forget it Amit. I dun think ppl u'stand what Im saying on this topic. Its a different thing altogether.

:) no worries.


Keshi said...

And Sol it isnt abt tit-for-tat...there's something called FRIENDSHIP here too...I hope u feel that way abt atleast some of ur blogmates? :)


Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keshi said...

I dun mean politics...or keeping scores. But naturally u do feel sad when ur close blog-mates dun visit u anymore but r everywhere else. And thats all Im talking abt.

Sol and Amit..r u telling me that if I dun come to ur blogs but visit everyone else, u'll be happy with it? :) I hope not.


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-no,don't stop the topic.I can see u're not convinced.(I can nearly read you like a book,now,pal). You see,in a way,what both of us are saying converges at a point.
You feel really hurt if someone tells you that he/she doesn't have time to drop by your blog,but,you still see him or her flitting around the whole of blogworld.So,where does he/she get that time,then?And,why should you continue visiting their blog home,in such a case?And,in this case,it's exactly like friends visiting each other's houses,and,falling out in friendship
My observation was purely based on the way some people come to your blog'ONLY' if you've visited theirs and left a comment.That's unfair,na?That's not friendship,that's purely something like a formal business dealing,I'd say.
In both the cases,the point remains-is it really friendship?
All said and done,believe me,I'm not going to stop coming to your blog,unless you block my id somehow.hehe.:)

Keshi said...

tnxx Amit!

**In both the cases,the point remains-is it really friendship?

it some small way, it still is friendship.

Like Austere commented...

No reciprocity, then no point.

And that's spot on!

ppl always like to pretend like they wont care if some ppl dun visit their blogs. the truth is they WOULD care. or else, why r we here blogging? for what? for who? why do we write? to be heard.

I got ur email. And its good to know how u think abt it. U cant escape feelings Amit and just pretend like its all ok and that we dun care who comes and who goes. Atleast Im not like that and Im not afraid to admit that either.

Anyways tnxx! :)


Poo said...

All of what you said makes so much sense!!! Sometimes reading someones blog makes them a part of your life..and reading random blogs makes me happy, but most times I don't even leave a comment...thats because I don't think I have something earth shattering to say...and I know there are loads of people who read my blog just lurk. And I have no issues with that...come read, laugh hopefully and be a part of the little corner in the world I call my life!

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