Monday, May 12, 2008

ATMs and all that stuff

Keshi reminded me that I did not give the answer for the above ad in my last but one post.

The ad is for : Grow More Trees

Explanation, for those not familiar with our customs: In India(and, perhaps, elsewhere), some varieties of trees are considered sacred, and people worship them, say prayers and move around them while saying them(prayers). So, in the future, if we’re not careful, we might be worshipping around telephone/electricity poles, since there won’t be any trees around.
Someone recently sent in this ‘revelation’ to a newspaper:

As you know, when you give your ATM card at any store, there are two slips which come out of the printer. One slip is given to you for signing. This slip has your full card number. The other slip which you get as your record copy, has just the first four and the last four digits of your card. So, any cashier, if he or she wants to misuse your card, can easily memorize the expiry date, turn over the card and memorize the three pin number digits and voila- that sets the stage for you to get a few thousand(if you’re lucky) bucks worth of debits on your credit card statement. Touchwood, it hasn’t happened so far to me or to anyone else I know, but, the possibility always exists, na? Next time you pay with your card, see the two slips carefully and prepare to be shocked.

Still on ATMs, that reminds me of an email I received recently, of how 37 Bank Muscat ATMs in Oman were used to perpetuate a fraud. There was a key logging pad over the originals and a card scanner in the slot where you put the card in. So, the fraudsters were able to get the card details and the pin numbers with this method. The article did not detail about the losses people suffered, though.

To avoid such disasters, the article suggests that you use the ATM you are familiar with, as far as possible. And, check the ATM keyboard and card slots-they shou the set in the body and not protruding above the base. You should also look out for miniature cameras stuck to the ATM top which can photograph your pin code entry, and you should cover your hand with a paper and then enter the pincode.

Astounding, na, what people will do to get rich quickly?
Lazy thought:
It was such a lovely day I thought it a pity to get up….W. Somerset Maugham
(I hope to say this someday.LOL)

Regular thought for the day:
It is always easier to believe than to deny. Our minds are naturally affirmative…John Burroughs

Jokes for the day:
Quip for above pic: Now, that's being supportive. Did anyone ever do this for you on your first day at work?
Sardar breaks an egg 2 make an omelette. He finds the egg empty . . . Gets frustrated &
say's "Damn! These days even hens get abortions done.
Acronym for the day: You use it regularly, you love their IM.
So, what’s the full form of yahoo?
It is: Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle.
Amusing tidbit of the day:
No matter how beautiful the s*x animations are on the virtual playground, they can't compete with the movement of your own body. But soon you will be able to slip into motion-capture suits to capture those uniquely natural moves and engage your entire body in online s*xual adventures, rather than limping along with keyboard and mouse. Personal motion-capture suits will enable residents to contribute s*x animations to the world of their choice, and to develop scenarios tailored to their own deepest desires, especially if they team up with others who also have the suits.
Till next time, cheers!Have a nice day!


Keshi said...

**The ad is for : Grow More Trees

ok tnxx! But if I saw that Ad, it wud take a million years for me to figure that out, even if I lived in India. Bad advertising or my blonde genes I guess. LOL!


Keshi said...

And on this post...

ur hooked on online sexual animations Amit? LOL!

btw come n take part in my current post. Its URGENT, there's a killer on the loose!


AVIANA said...

hey there...i love love love the picture!!!!!


austere said...

Such a desi I am, I don't own or use an ATM card. Bad, I know...

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi..hehe...honestly, even I didn't know what the ad was for,the first time I read it.

Nah-I'm not hooked on online animations of any kind.LOL...real life is better anyday.

And, I did take part in your killer post.
Hey,Aviana..grt to see u here,as always.I need to link you...I keep misplacing your id,and,visit via Keshi's comments sections.
Hi,Austy,let me say one thing-door ki bail,daal baraabar...if you don't use an ATM, don't have a mobile(or even a landline),don't own a TV set, believe me,you're happier than most people.But,what to do-these materialistic things have a habit of catching up with us,sooner or later.