Thursday, May 08, 2008

Irritants: Gum

If there’s one breed of people that I cannot understand, it is the gum chewers, especially when they try to chew and talk at the same time.

(Note: ‘You’ in this post refers to gum chewers in general, and not any particular person)

I mean, I know, some sugarfree gums are good for the teeth, but, why not enjoy them while, say, watching TV or reading a book or while standing quietly in a corner? Why do you have to sound like the food monster and go chomp chomp chomp on that gum, just when there’s a serious discussion going on?

What do I gather from this?

That you are not interested in the talks hence you are going chomp chomp? Or,
that you’re God, the all-knowing, so you couldn’t care less what is being discussed, because you know it anyway? Or,
That you’re hungry and waiting to be relieved so that you can go eat,till then this gum is your only solace? Or,
That you are trying to concentrate?

Other irritating habits of gum chewers :

- To increase the noise part of chewing, when they want to convey sarcasm.
- Stretching the gum out of their mouths with their fingers to see how long it can go and then pushing the gook back into the mouth.
- Suddenly blowing a bubble which goes ‘pop’, in the midst of a group of people.
- Spitting gum in bathtubs, so that the next person to use it sits on it and…..
- Spitting gum on the streets, so the next stepper on it will have a nice squashed piece of gum to get rid of when he reaches home.

All said and done, even I like to chew gum now and then, but, peacefully and when alone.

Thought for the day:

Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.
Pun of the day:

I think you're laughing at these gags much too loudly and too early.
I think you're suffering from premature joke elation

Another thought for the day:
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
-- Oscar Wilde

Can you guess what the ad below is for?

Answer next time. Till then, take care and keep smiling!!


austere said...

:) It looks ugly and loutish.

I liked the thought very much.

I'd rather have some Cadbury Bourneville.

Soham Shah said...

I love reading ur blogs..

U hv been added to my Blogs I read section of my blog..

Keep up the good work my friend..

Keshi said...

**Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.

love that quote. So true. I can relate someone in my life with that.

Im trying hard to guess what the ad is for lol! Is it for some energy/electricity/net company?


Anonymous said...

liked the thought of the day..THE MOST....but guess...enemies have to be sensible & sensitive enough to feel the guilt...!



Sweetstickychewy said...

***Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.

Thoughtful one there. I am packing it into my backpack and unlocking it when i pop some babies. hehe.:D

About da ad:

Could it be that the woman are praying that God will bring back electricity? I like the concept but i really wonder wat is it they are promoting.. Some electricity company or deal?

And hehe about the chewing gum. I guess it would help if they cdon't chomp away too loud making some loud sounds.

haha..I enjoyed this one Amit.


kaush said...

Hello hello! Ketlo long time thai gayo ne! Kem cho? Btw, the dentist has to speak when teeth ki baat ho rahi hai. Sugar-free gum is in no way good for the teeth. Its just BETTER than sugar waali gum. It does not have any benefits as such. Its so totally annoying when you see some movie stars also chewing gum at award ceremonies, a total put off!!!

And I have no idea what this ad is about? Like electricity chauth or something?

Curious said...

I hate ppl who chew gums as well... I actually picture them as cows!!!

But that said i like that happy dent cow ad! :P :P

I think that ad is for "plating more trees" Campaign or something? I vaguely remember seeing it on some TV!

Curious said...

Science awys comes up with a cure! here's a cure for chewing gums!

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...loutish-now,that's a good word,which is a bad word,if you know what I mean.hehe.
the thought-yes,I liked it too.
Hi,Soham..thanks..and,I did drop by your nice blog today..tks for adding me in the blogroll.
Hi,Amy...LOL..okies,you may backpack that thought for,err,future use.
I gave the answer to the ad in my latest post.It's for 'grow more trees'.
I'm glad u concur about the chewing gum fanatics.:)
Hi,Kaush...LOL..yep,long time thai gayo..tame kem chho?
Ah,- you're a dentist..tks for that revelation about sugar-free gum.
ROFL at 'electricity chauth'.Nice idea.But,no,it was for 'grow more trees'.
Curious,ROFL- next time,when I see someone chewing gum in that irritated manner,I'll tell him/her that he reminds me of a cow.Err,no,I'll tell them that you remind a friend of a cow and give them your reference.hehe.Nice-that you remembered about the ad.:)

And,let me check out the link you gave,now.