Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hyper about this, Hyper about that

What do you think? Nice ad,the above one,huh?


I think. I think I am. Therefore I am... I think

When I heard this song, I nearly switched the FM channel it was on, wondering why they were playing oldies, suddenly. The song begins with a very K.L. Saigal-ish style, going ‘Doob Jaa Mere Pyaar Mein’(Drown in my love, literally translated), from Johnny Gaddar.
After the first line, though, the song picked up it’s tempo, and now it’s part of my ‘fast walk favorites’. It’s got a real fun beat to it. Check the link. (song: Move your body)
Do you wonder why minor incidents make our minds go haywire? For example, today morning- I woke up, and the first thing I heard is this strange sound from the refrigerator. A continuous sound, like something’s wrong with the refrigeration circuit. I opened the door, checked-all was ok. The sound persisted. I switched off the fridge, restarted it, and the sound stopped, for a minute or two. Then, it started again. Tried switching off again. Same problem. I began planning all the actions, at that hour of the morning (5 AM)…having to call a repairman, him saying that he would have to take it to his workshop(That’s what they always say, here), quoting a ridiculous charge for the repair plus the vehicle to transport it to their shop. Then, finding that it was not repairable, going to some hypermarkets and showrooms to pick out a new one, using my credit card to pay for it….

Then, as an after-thought, I turned the fridge around to see if there was really something wrong with the circuit on the backside. Couldn’t see anything first, in that dazed state of thoughtfulness. I touched the refrigerant pipes here and there. Still nothing . Then, I saw the culprit. Nah, it was not a mouse banging a drum to wake us up. A plastic bottle cap, touching the pipe. It was causing the sound, since it was touching the pipe, was wedged in, rather, between the pipe and the partition. I picked it up and Voila. The noise stopped. Pin drop silence. I heaved a sigh of relief. Much ado over nothing.

What about you? Do you also go hyper sometimes, over such minor matters?
Since we’re talking of being hyper, the cap reminds me of a post I’d done sometime back. Do you suffer from capophobia too? I do. It’s (I define it as) the horror of seeing everything without it’s cap. Be it the water bottle, the pens/ballpens, the snack boxes, the toothpaste, the shaving cream….caps from every, err, capped item seem to vanish mysteriously, from one moment to the next, never to be heard of,err,seen,again. Am planning to start a cap collection of caps of all sizes. Whenever a bottle or a box or anything breaks/becomes redundant, preserve it’s cap, for future use. I wonder, is cap-collecting a hobby like numismatics or philately? What is it called? A ‘Cap’tivating hobby? Or, Capismatics, or, Capately? Are there competitive exhibitions of these as well?
Quiz for the day: Which one is Aish in the pic below?(From her modelling days)


Joke of the day:
A cowboy and his wife had just been married and went to a hotel for their honeymoon. The man went to the front desk and asked for a room. He said, "This here is a very special 'casion -- our weddin' night and we need a very special room with a strong bed." The clerk winked and
asked, "Do you want the Bridal?" The cowboy thought about it a while and then replied, "No, I guess not. I'll just hold onto her ears until she gets used to it."
(Hint: If you don’t get it, think. Bridle and Bridal)
We say we love flowers
..yet we pluck them.
We say we love trees
..yet we cut them down.
And people still wonder why some are afraid
.. When told they are loved.
Till next time, be good. Just five minutes to go before our weekend begins!!


Ritu said...

Oh I get hyper all the time. But Im trying to change these days... Becoming calmer. Liked the ad you've posted...indicative of India's biggest problems!!!

austere said...

Trying to be calm.
Nice ad.

AmitL said...

Hi,Ritu..I guess it's a built-in instinct.Good to see u're progressing towards 'calmness'.And,yes,the ad is really indicative of our biggest problems.:)
Hi,Austy...nice to hear that.:)Tks.

Keshi said...

so u dun visit me anymore Amit? :(

**No, I guess not. I'll just hold onto her ears until she gets used to it."

LOL I knew that joke from b4.


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...I wonder how you asked such a question?I might as well give up blogging.hehe.

Arunima said...

I she the second one from the right?

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima..LOL..I downloaded this pic sometime back and forgot the answer...perhaps that's the one..will let u know.hehe.