Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tidbits of Info

Time for some tidbits of information this time.

Things I’ve read / heard/ seen over the last two days.

- Faces: Here in Dubai, they place traffic policemen at strategic points on various roads. When there’s a long queue of vehicles, people tend to cross over, nee, slither from one lane to the other thinking that they will save a few minutes here or there. At such times, the traffic policeman’s job is to note down numbers of those who wrongly overtake and those who cross the yellow line. When passing by this gentleman, the anxious expressions on the drivers’ faces are worth seeing.

Their attention gets focused as soon as they see this policeman, and, after passing him, their eyes remain riveted in the rear view mirror, to check whether they committed a violation. After all, a hefty fine of AED 200/- is nothing to laugh at. I’ve even seen one guy jump down from his vehicle, unmindful of traffic behind, and vociferously argue with the policeman, insisting that he was not guilty.

- Ever heard of a wedding breaking up due to Aamras(Mango Juice).- the lively RJ on one of the FM channels, read out a report from Pune, which said that when a groom’s party reached the bride’s place, they demanded Aamras. When they were told that the menu was agreed with them long back and it would not be possible, whammo- off went the groom and his family in a huff. No Aamras, No shaadi(Wedding)

(And, then the RJ began drooling over how she loves Aamras with Poori and Shrikhand with Poori…I couldn’t help bursting out laughing….well, that’s what RJs are adept, na- cheering us up.)
Thoughtful Thought:

“When somebody criticizes you don't worry,
Stones are generally thrown only on tree full of fruits.”

- I heard about it, I never thought I’d see it… I’d heard about the fool who sat on a tree branch and began cutting it, not knowing that he'd fall. Today, I saw a guy sitting precariously on a plank of wood on a platform about ten feet above ground and cutting it in the middle. There were two friend’s watching him, with grins on their faces. Wonder whether he fell, finally?

- Today is Earth Day. (Also informed by the RJ). So, what are you doing to conserve our planet, today and in the days to follow? Take less plastic bags at the grocery than you usually do, walk to the shop a few blocks away rather than taking your car, use the blank side of discarded papers, take a photocopy less, if you can store it on email,…..??

- Yesterday, again on the same FM channel, the RJ informed us an astonishing fact- here, as per rules of the Municipality, hotels are not allowed to serve yesterday’s food today, so every night, it gets dumped, discarded, thrown into the waste receptacles. On one side, I agree that it’s better than having people falling ill from spoiled food. On the other, what a colossal waste of something like, say salads, or, rotis, which could be consumed next day. Couldn’t they just bundle them into parcels and send them with some early morning flight to India, where there are teeming thousands just outside the airport, who would be thrilled to get a nice meal for once?

Incidentally, I do keep updating my inspirational blog. Lots of posts coming up there, too…err, time permitting, of course.:) Just updated today.
Will leave you today with this lovely thought:


Cheers and keep smiling.


Shreya said...

so you have a desi RJ or a desi radio show or a desi radio station, Amit? Just curious :D

Shreya said...
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Anjuli said...

and what about day-dreamers? :-P

Keshi said...

Sri Lanka too has Traffic Policemen..wut a hard job it must be, considering that ppl never follow road rules in SL. LOL!


AmitL said...

Hi,Shreya-yes,Dubai has a number of desi stations-89.1,101.6,106.2,etc...there's even a Malayalam FM channel,since they comprise the maximum population here.hehe.
Hi,Anjuli-day dreamers on the road?Perish the thought!!
Hi,Keshi-I can imagine..In fact,I was wondering-in India,they'd need an animal police too,coz we have cows,goats,dogs,pigs,cats,et al also roaming the streets,alongwith the bullock carts and the buses.hahaha.:)

shooting star said...

hey amit!!! its been long time since i have been on our blog!!...kya kare aajkal schedule is very tight!!!
anyways..first of all a very good piece..humorous and iinformative...i mean the silly crazy things people do!!!
secondly...i really liked your piece on garbage and people's mentality on it...its an issue close to my heart!!...i mean if people take the small effort of carrying the small piece of trash/waste till they find a bin to drop it into...i think it will make a big difference!!!!