Monday, April 07, 2008


The signs get funnier and funnier. I refer, of course, to the ads people stick up on the walls of everything they see-be it the fence of the building under construction, or the wall of a loo, or the wall of a building or even that garbage dumper. They make the morning/evening walks just that much more of a ‘something to look forward to’.
(Above pic is for illustration only. They're not usually so comfy)
I had a friend who used to stay in such a bedspace-shared flat. They had four beds, one against each wall and in the centre was a rotating table with a TV.So, whoever wanted to watch TV, would turn it towards himself.
(That reminds me of the first studio flat I was staying in. I had the peace of staying alone, but, the bathroom was so small, you could step out of the WC and right into the shower tray.And, woe betide if you bent down-your head would bang against the wash basin. LOL.)

Over the last few days, some of the amusing ones which made me LOL in the wee hours of the morning when I was out for my walk, were:
- Male bedspace available for two executive males
- Female bedspacer required.
- Female partition available(For those not ’in the know’, this would sound crude, but, here, it simply means that there’s a room in which a temp partition has been created)
- Use our services for your piece of mind. (This was on the van of a cleaning company)
- On to another topic: Spam.

I get loads of spam, mainly on one of my gmail ids, which get deleted without checking. On days like today, when I feel I need a good laugh, I idly read at least the titles(Clicking on any is inviting disaster-the spam quantum will double, I’m sure) and it makes me wonder-who gives them these imaginative title ideas? Like:

- Healthy increase in length and girth
- Reputable product for men
- Immense dimension of your monster
- Huge tool to please your lassie(I always thought lassie was a dog’s name)
- Glittering, shimmering beauties (But, this one said’ watches’ in the same line)
- Small cucumber is your main trouble
- Think over your banana length.

Is there anything like spam awards, I wonder? Most of these guys would qualify, if so!!
Thought for the day: When you feel "dog tired" at night, it may be because you growled all day.
Till next time,be good!!


Keshi said...

think over ur banana length? WTH lol!


AmitL said...

Hehe..Keshi,that's what I said'WTH lol'.:)

austere said...

The bedspace ones were funny. :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

hehehe ...and there was pyaar mein cabbie cabbie written behind a taxi

Anonymous said...

thought for the day was funny! hehe.. and re. spam, I get them as text messages on my cell phone as well :(