Thursday, April 03, 2008

Out with the ole, in with the new. With the new look to the blog, I felt that I should also come out of the same format of Thought for the day, main post, end-jokes…so, now, it’ll be a somewhat ‘different’ post each time-from simple to shocking to laughable to rude to crude…err,no, remove the last two..…anything which catches my fancy,so to speak. I think that’ll help me post more regularly, rather than just once every 3-4 days or so.

Today’s topic:


What set me off was the sight of this lady in the morning. She was standing just opposite to where we were waiting in our Co mini-bus, for a colleague to turn up. She puts a finger in her nose-trils , pulls it out, stares at it. Again, puts a finger( in a twisting manner, this time) in her nose-trils, pulls it out, stares at it. This happened six times. I wonder whether she was looking for loose change? Or, had her nose-ring gone in with her sniff? Or,

It made me wonder- we all pick our noses, I know- in public and in private. But, most of us do it discreetly or, with a paper napkin or hanky in hand, don’t we? Ok, we’ve all been artistic about it, twirled the finger inside and what not! But, I’ve not really seen too many people staring at what, err, comes out! Have you? I mean, it’s usually teensy, so, even if you’re using just a finger, you’d flick it off, na? Oh, yes, another trait I’ve observed is, wiping it on the nearest object- an electric pole, a wall, a dustbin- once I even saw someone wiping it on the suit of the guy ahead of him, at a wedding.

That habit’s only slightly better(worse?)than the habit of blowing your nose in public, I
feel. People just walking along the road, unmindful of anyone walking behind them, suddenly they stop and blow their nose droppings onto the ground or onto the trousers/skirts/shoes of the person behind.

Did you know that there’s been some research done on this,err, art?
Believe it or not, there was a study on nose-picking habit done by some researchers and was published on the Journal of Psychiatry February 1995.Out of 1000 surveys mailed out, only 254 replied. Guess what?
8.7% claim that they have never picked their nose.
91% stated that they had picked their nose in the past and were still actively practicing this habit. Yet, only 49.2% of the respondents actually thought that nose-picking was common in adults.
· 9.2% rate their pickin' as "more than average."
25.6% actually pick their noses daily, 22.3% do it 2 to 5 times each day, and three people admitted to doing it at least hourly.
55.5% spent 1-5 minutes, 23.5% spent 5-15 minutes, and 0.8% (2 people) spent 15-30 minutes each day cleaning their nostrils. One lone soul claims to devote over 2 hours each day to this ritual.
18% reported nosebleeds, while 0.8% claimed perforation of the nasal septum from their nose-picking.
82.8% had picked their noses to "unclog the nasal passages", 66.4% had done it to relieve discomfort or itchiness, 35.7% to avoid the unsightly appearance of a booger hanging from their nose, 34.0% for personal hygiene, and 17.2% picked out of habit. 2.1% (five people) claimed to pick solely for enjoyment. To no one's surprise, one perverted person picked his/her nose for "sexual stimulation."
65.1% use their index finger, 20.2% use their pinky, and 16.4% use their thumb (must have BIG nostrils to fit a thumb in) as their instrument of choice.
Most people (90.3%) disposed of the goop in a tissue or a handkerchief, while 28.6% used the floor, and 7.6% stuck it to the furniture.
8% of the respondents actually ate the end product. In case you are thinking of trying this delicacy, the study claims that the pickings are quite tasty (salty).

Did you hear this one:

Google Australia has introduced a new feature, enabling you to search content on the internet before it is created. Click this link to know more.

Quite interesting; please try it.
Till next time, cheers.
Be good. If you can’t be good, be careful. And, next time you think of picking your nose, think of this post!!


Sweetstickychewy said...

LOL! This post had me cracking up in splits. Pretty graphic.

AND Ewwww! i can't believe tht women did that so opening even giving some attention on how 'poo' from nose looks like! *FAINTS

Really nice read!:D

austere said...

Nice look.
Gross, don't you think, that action of nose change inspection?
Exhaustive research, but why?

vishesh said...

lol...i don't do it public...but well when at home i do...i was doing as i was reading your post ;) :P

Ritu said...

The first pic gave me the shivers...and the post was err...damn informative...Id say!!!! LOL

Curious said...

Euuuuuuuuuuu... but those pictures hahahahaha!!! :)) :))

Btw... Ever seen eating their dirt after nose picking i've seen many do it! Euuuuuuuuuuuu

AmitL said...

Hi,SweetSC..tks for the comment.

You're right-I was wondering the same @ that woman..well,you live and observe,na??:)
Austy,gross indeed!But,still,people do indulge in it.As for the research,beats me-you guess why anyone must've done it!!
LOL...Vishesh-I guess the post reminded you to clear your nose in order to grunt with laughter,huh??
Hi,Ritu-nice to see ur comment.:)Glad u liked the pic(LOL).
Curious-ARGHHH-I haven't seen anyone do that,and I hope I never do!!!!