Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In buying everything from safety shoes to swimming pools and Jacuzzis, I tend to have and hear the most interesting conversations. The latest one went:

(After long technical discussion):
Frustrated supplier(His price was too high): Well, you must make an apple to apple comparison with my competitors.
My colleague: Well, have you seen two apples which are exactly alike?
Supplier(flustered) : Not really.
Colleague: There’s your answer.
That reminded me of my first job. I was sitting, taking interviews of freshers, to be taken as GETs(Graduate Engineer Trainees), and one enthusiastic guy, trying to convince us of his skills, said:
Him: Sir, I can sell ice to an Eskimo.
Me: Really?
Him: Yes, Sir.
Me: Ok. Go ahead- I’m the Eskimo.Sell ice to me. (The Manager settled back in his chair, with a big smile on his face).
Him: (A bit flustered). Well, err..let’s see….(then, he kept trying for 15 minutes. And, was unable to convince me and our Manager)
Him: (Finally): Sir, I admit- I can’t sell ice to an Eskimo. My brother had advised me to use the statement to create a dazzling effect.
(Both of us smiled and bade him goodbye. We didn’t select him, but, not because of the ice, but, because of his lack of qualifications)
Thoughtful quote for the day:

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine." Ralph Waldo Emerson
Another thoughtful quote for the day:
We meet to create memories, we part to preserve them.... Anonymous
“ I wish” wish for the day:

That I could laugh as uproariously as Sidhu Paaji does as a judge in the Laughter Challenge competitions. Even though he is paid to laugh, it still brings a smile to my face, whenever I see him jumping about with laughter. Quite infectious. (Even though some of the jokes participants tell are not so funny). I'm sure it'd extend my life by a few more years than it's supposed to be.hehe.
And, Sidhuji reminds me of his famous Sidhuisms as a commentator, some of which went:

- Eddie Nichols(The Umpire) is a man who cannot find his own buttocks with his two hands."
- Martin Crowe:Wickets are like wives - you never know which way they will turn!!!
- The third umpires should be changed as often as nappies and for the same reason.
- That ball went so high it could have got an air hostess down with it.
What do you think of my caption?
Cheers,till next time!!


AVIANA said...

love the emerson quote...

how are you?

Keshi said...

hahahahahahaha @first image!


Ritu said...

ha post as always. Loved the caption too!!!!!!!

austere said...

Sidhu is completely avoidable.argh.

AmitL said...

Hi,Aviana..I'm fine.:)Nice to see u here.
Hi,Ritu..glad u liked the caption.
Hi,Austy..Sidhu's laughs are grt,though.

Shreya said...

wow, yikes for the interviewee! I like the quote about memories! Sidhhu is one funny man - and I am always surprised how he can laugh so much even though the jokes aren't funny :P

AmitL said...

Hi,Shreya..hehe to the yikes.:)

Siddu-yes,it's amazing,na?But,then,if I was being paid a hefty sum to laugh,I'd also follow suit.Wouldn't you?Can you think of a better job?

Arunima said...

liked the caption. Who won?