Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ego Trips et al

Why do people have such a high ego? What set me off was this incident at the supermarket on the ground floor of our building. I was standing in the three-person long queue, and this lady ahead of me suddenly left the stuff at the counter and told him’ Wait, I forgot something. I’ll be back’. So, the guy, assuming that she’d take time, took over my purchases and was about to ring them in his register, when the lady came back and literally growled’ I WAS HERE BEFORE HIM’. The guy, feeling embarrassed, told her’ But, you went off to get something’, looking at me apologetically.

Sensing an angry ego about to erupt, I just told the guy’ Go ahead, finish her work first’, and smiled at both of them before turning to browse the magazine rack near me.

It made me wonder- what makes people so surly? Had the lady said the same thing with a smile, it would have made the situation a lot pleasanter. And, I’m sure she’d have looked prettier too, instead of looking like a thin growling bear (wearing spectacles).

What about you? Do you go on such ego trips sometimes?

What is the cause? Are such people naturally surly,or do life and/or circumstances make them so, so that even the slightest provocation makes them fly off the handle?


Anyone heard this joke? I always find it too funny to think of it happening in real life.

Two men met at a bus stop and struck up a conversation.One of them kept complaining of family problems.

Finally the other man said: “You think you have family problems?Listen to my situation.

A few years ago I met a young widow with a grown up daughter.We got married and I got myself a step-daughter.
Later, my father married mystep-daughter.That made my step daughter my step-mother.And my father became my step-son.
Also my wife became mother-in-law of her father-in-law.Much later the daughter of my wife, my step-mother, had a son.
This boy was my half brother because he was my father’s son.But he was also the son of my wife’s daughter which made him my wife’s grand-son.
That made me the grandfather of my half brother.This was nothing until my wife and I had a son.Now the half sister of my son, my step-mother, is also his grandmother.
This makes my father thebrother-in-law of my child, whose step-sister is my father’s wife.I am my step-mother’s brother-in-law, my wife is her own child’s aunt, my son is my father’s nephew and I am my OWN GRAND-FATHER!!!!!!!!!!And you think you have FAMILY PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!
Cheerio,till next time!!


Solitaire said...

I think its the "survival of the fittest" theory that makes people aggressive when fighting for their rights.

austere said...

Most times I'm ok with it, chalta hai.
lying and deceit (I know, it means the same) and my brain explodes. But getting slightly better at it.