Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wee hours of the morning. An accident. Person hit by a pick-up van. Body on a stretcher. In an ambulance. Being covered by a white sheet by the doctor. Sandal on left foot visible. Crowd of 15-20 people observing. Some describing what happened. Two policemen in their smart uniforms stand around.

Scared pickup vehicle driver. Told by police to bring his car to the side. Probably wondering whether his insurance will pay the AED 200,000/- (Around Rs 24 lakhs) blood money to the next of kin of the diseased? Will the family of the deceased agree to get him released, when their anger subsides? Or, will he spend the rest of his life in jail?

Crowd disperses. Another ‘event’ observed. Time to go to work. Or go ahead with daily tasks.

I say a silent prayer for the poor guy. May his soul rest in peace. Wonder what were his thoughts at that last moment.

Human life has very little value, indeed! Just like in India!


austere said...

fragile, the thread is.

Anonymous said...

mmmm :(


Anonymous said...

mmmm :(


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Keshi said...

Im so sorry to hear this...I dunno this person but I feel very sad for him.

**Human life has very little value, indeed!

Well-said Amit! ppl just only care abt themselves...its very rare for someone to actually stop n feel for a stranger.

like u did. HUGZ!


Solitaire said...

Very sad...