Sunday, March 02, 2008

Then...and Now.

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Thought for the day: Brevity is the soul of lingerie …………..Dorothy Parker

Routines: Then and now: 2002 to today.

Moments then: (Some of the worst ones)

- Morning: Standing in a queue from 630 AM, sometimes for 45 minutes, for the bus to arrive, hiding behind the lamp/signpost, during summer time, to avoid the sunrays(but not the horrible humidity), not finding a place to sit, and going standing amidst the stinky vapoured homo sapiens present.
- At work: Handling purchasing for 9-12 projects at a single time(peak period), having ½ a dozen people from each project calling me, some screaming, some shouting(People always have a tendency to offload their pressures on others).
- Evening: Standing for 45 minutes to one hour for the bus, rarely finding a place to sit for the slow(traffic-laden) journey of an hour, bus filled with some more of the same homo sapiens as above, reaching home all tired out, by 830-9 PM. Or, going home walking, which’d be a good 45-50 minutes walk, since it was faster than waiting for the bus. Falling asleep by 0930 PM.
- Going to work during that period of workaholic-ism, even on the sole Friday holiday, from 11 AM to 4 PM(minimum), to try and cope up with pending works.
- Feeling that the financials of the whole thing did not justify the efforts put in, but, still continuing doggedly, courtesy my ‘never say die’ attitude.

Moments now:

- Morning: Strolling across the road, to where the Company bus picks me up, at 0720. Reaching office, without a feather, err, hair, ruffled. Listening to Hindi songs on FM Radio on the way, with the chit-chatty announcers talking nineteen-to-the-dozen.
- At work: Handling three projects(One of them being a mega one), no-one shouting or screaming their head off(In fact, here, no-one’s allowed to shout, as per Aussie H.O. regulations, I believe.*smiles at passing by colleague*). Being able to pack up and move by 0530 PM on most days.
- Company bus picking me up at 0530, and being home by 0615 PM, latest. Being able to go for long walks/ gymming, et al.
- A much better financial package than the original one of y2k2.

So, why do I still feel so bugged during/ at the end of the day, on quite a few days? Why do Saturday/ Sunday seem to fly by faster than the one-holiday- Fridays used to, four-five years back?
On to the end jokes:
"Johnny," the teacher started, "do you know what 'paranoia' means?"
"It's not a word, teach, it's several words," Johnny replied.
"Whatever do you mean by that?"
"It's like when you go into a restaurant and a well endowed waitress with a low cut uniform reaches in front of you and says, 'does my paranoia'?"
Did you hear about the nymph-o at the hotel pool? She was barred from the area after the lifeguard saw her go down for the third time.
Till next time, keep smiling.


Keshi said...

Big difference ha! :)


austere said...

I guess some change is inevitable.
But interesting to see how you're aware of it.