Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A day off

Thought for the day: A day off and all the tiredness goes off...Try works...AmitL

Yep,I did take a day off,after a lot of deliberation. Of course, there WAS a visit to the doc scheduled for today,courtesy some stomach pain,etc and I did go,but,touchwood,things seem to be normal,and I feel aok today.(Should be back at work tomorrow,and,then,two days off.TG).
Waise, this is my lucky day of the week. Do you have a lucky day too? I mean,this is the day I was born,this is the day I got my first job,this is the day I first landed in Dubai,this is the day bla-bla-bla...I don't want to bore you too much,but,yes,I do consider Wednesday to be a lucky day. (All other days are lucky too-when something good happens on them.hehheh).

Got a rare CD- Beatles No. 1 Singles. Most of my fav. Beatles numbers are on it,including'paperback writer', 'Love me do','From me to you','We can work it out' and even John Lennon's 'Come together'.
I read some unusual news again-one of the Emirates has declared that all mannequins in shop displays have to be headless, as an addition to the rule that there should be no display of innerwear in these windows. Now,that made me wonder-what if a shop wants to advertise it's swimwear collection? Will they make them look like headless Superman,who wore his innerwear as outerwear?
On to the end jokes:

Quip for above pic: Signs of the times.
First comes yumm.Then I come. Then my sissi. Then I peepee. Then I come again.
Nah,that's not an 'A' joke. It's just the South Indian version of how to spell Mississippi.
Till next time, keep smiling.


austere said...

Those are fab one writes lyrics like those anymore, Lennon- McCartney rocks!

Not your birthday today, is it?

Friday is generally good for me.

Curious said...

Amitji: Headless mannequins??? :-s :-s Am not gonna see my mannequin crush anymore??? I have this serious crush on this mannequin in MOE!!! :-S

And he wears lingerie - i mean the manly kind!! :-s

All days are lucky enuf if starts with the right blend of Kaapi for me!! :D

Keshi said...

**Got a rare CD- Beatles No. 1 Singles

good buy indeedz! I hv that CD too :)

My fav from em is 'Ticket To Ride' it!

I dun need just a day off, a year off will do LOL!


Mona said...

Guess what? Wednesday was my lucky day too! a lot of good things happend on Wednesday ... I haven't noticed anything happened on Wednesday anymore these few years. I think I should start noticing again :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..yep,that's a fab album-and,you're right-they dont write lyrics like that anymore.

My bday? haha-it just went on 23.02.(It was on a Sat this year)

See?I'm replying on your 'good day'.

AmitL said...

Hi,Curious-yes,you're not going to see them anymore,coz the Emirate is Sharjah.:)
haha-have a nice Coffee day!

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-yep,that's another nice number. And,a year off? that'd be heavenly-I guess we will get that year,someday-perhaps when we retire..hahahah.

AmitL said...

Hi,Mona-great to hear from you after quite some time.:)Yes,do begin noticing Wednesdays again!