Monday, March 24, 2008


Thought for the day: You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong. ~ Warren Buffett

ATMs- another indispensable part of our lives since the past few years. But, this question befuddles me- why would anyone withdrawing money in the early morning/ late evening, or, in fact, at any time of the day, stand outside the ATM and count it? And, that too, when there’s a queue of people waiting (im) patiently behind you? I mean, if it’s less, what’s going to happen? Will you tell the machine to give the money back? Will you scream and shout that you got the wrong amount? Will you kick it and then dance around holding your injured toe in your hand?

Some time back, I heard of a guy here, who was busy counting his money outside the ATM, on the street. He didn’t notice someone creeping up behind him- suddenly, the person pounced on his money and ran off.

There’s this friend of mine, who forgot to take the card out from the machine, while he was thinking of heaven-knows-what. So, the machine swallowed up his card, did not give him his money and on top of it all, he was debited the amount nevertheless. He spent 15 days running around trying to get his money back.

I remember the days when I was working in Baroda, and ABN had installed the first ATM. We were all so scared to use it that for 3-4 months, we insisted on standing in the long queues and withdrawing money via cheques only. Well, those days are long over, and, I realized that as long as you treat the ATM with due respect(As a gizmo of the modern age), you’re unlikely to face (m)any problems.

So, is the ATM a boon or a bane? You tell me!
On to captions:

Well,they did select my caption, rather, one of my captions as the best one, this week.(In the print edition). Can you guess which one was selected? They don't give any prizes, of course, but, it’s fun to enter such caption contests, na? Frankly, where captions are concerned, I always feel that if I think of a line and it makes me smile/grin/LOL, then, it’s worth sending.
I always love songs with a nice beat, as does everyone else, I guess. So, imagine my delight when I found this oldie somewhere in my CD albums. The song’s titled’ Dariya kinaare ek bungalo’ from ‘Sabse bada rupaiya’. Can’t find the original song on the net, so here’s the remixed version.
Foot note added later: I did find the song, but, don’t know whether it’ll play. Here’s the link: It’s one of those ‘just right’ songs to have on your mp3 player, na?
On to the end-jokes:

In training, I had a clinical attending (a woman) whose last name was Lichter. Later that year we had a patient whose last name was Titzoff. If Dr. Lichter married the patient and hyphenated her name she'd be Dr. Lichter-Titzoff.
Did you hear about the cook who got his hand caught in the dishwasher.
They were both fired.
Pun of the day which made me ROFL:

Confucius say man who go to bed with diarrhea wake up in deep shit

Till next time, keep smiling.


Keshi said...

LOL @scared of ATMs!

Love that first quote alot!


austere said...

Big goofy grin confession time.. dont use an ATM, dont KNOW how to use one...

the wig one's nice. :)

Sweetstickychewy said...

ATM: the pros and cons to it.;P

My cousin once lied to her sister that she doesn't know how to use ATM cause she did not want to use her money but her sister's money. lol.

It was pretty embarassing when we found out that she actually lied about not knowing it.

So far..the suckiest thing abt ATM will be when you really need some cash withdrawl and the machine say, " its not working!" those can be irritating. Esp when the next spot is not convenient or within walking distance. :)


Curious said...

I always end up having some trouble paying cahs in those machines... Takes my cash but never credits it to my account.. these days i haave account with a bank that lets me pay online...

I almost use credit cards everywhere and then jus transfer the money..whithout really visiting the ATM maachines...

Btw have u heard of the those" My dad is my ATM jokes" that's me... so no probs at all!

So unless I need loose cash ( for petrol bunks or something) outta machines I don't go!

Pallavi said...

I like confucious.. LOL

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-nooo,you're pulling my leg,right??
Hi,SweetSC-yes,that's the worst part of ATMs-no money,and/or,it's not working!!Makes me go'arghh'
Curious-Hey,how do you do that-is it when you have a credit card from the same bank as your bank acc?Or,you can pay any card bill from your bank acc?I hate the payment queues at UAE Exchange,you see!
Hi,Pallavi-I love all erudite people like Confucious.hehe.