Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Word Oddities

Thought for the day: There are people who climb the ladder of success wrong by wrong.

Do you watch out for peculiar character traits in people where their style of talking is concerned? They seem to have a pet phrase/ word which becomes so much a part of their lives that they keep on repeating it in every line they speak. In fact, if you’re honest, even you’ll have some such traits. Let me recall some of the more memorable ones from the past:

(a)‘Are you with me?’: A boss in my first company had this as his pet phrase, and I remember it from the days when I was a GET(Graduate Engineer Trainee).
We had a thirty five day training schedule in Pune, and he was the coordinator, meaning that he used to be the one introducing each ‘lecturer/teacher’, and also, would be taking some of the classes himself. So, everytime he would introduce someone he’d go’ This is Mr. So-and-so. He has been with us since ….. Are you with me?’
And, when he was taking the subject of airconditioning for textile industries, he’d ask ‘Are you with me?’, and then, say himself ‘But, this is such a heavy topic to grasp, how can you be with me?’

I remember, at the end of the program, we put up a small skit, where each person’s character traits were identified and, someone aped this gentleman very well, using a sentence which went like :” Hello, everyone, I’m …I have been in this co for …years. Are you with me? And, now I’m going to the washroom. Are you with me?” It was done so nicely, that even the guy himself couldn’t help bursting out laughing.

( b) You Know: I remember this phrase with at least two people. One, again from my previous co, and the other, a professor in our college. Both used to use ‘You know’ at least twice in each sentence. The Prof would go:
Like, you know, the theory of machines is not an easy topic, you know. So, you know, you all have to study very hard, you know.
And, we used to joke how he must be talking to his wife at home. Probably like this: You know, darling, I feel like eating pakodas, you know. So, you know, why don’t you make some?And, then, at night, we can, you know, if you want, you know….’ (Naughty, naughty…but, those were fun days, I guess).
(c ) Basically: This is the most common word. People hooked to it’s usage go ahead and use it in every sentence, once, twice, thrice…
e.g. Basically, what I mean to say is that basically the basic purpose of….

( d) There are those who go ‘Obviously, Naturally, Practically’……but, those are relatively ‘normal’ terms.

(e) Me: My common words- issue(Like, people creating an issue) , problem, solution, style(That’s his typical style of working), ‘Aisa hi hai’ (It’s like this only), ‘Khush raho’ (Be happy), ……..and, a few more.

What about you? What’s your favourite catchword/ phrase?

On to the end-jokes:

Wife: "There's a nice-looking lady at the window table."
Husband: "She's a hook*r."
Wife: "How can you be so sure?"
Husband:"C'mon! Look at her hair, all that make-up, that short skirt, the plunging neckline, and those high heels."
Wife: "But you like it when I dress like that. Do you think I look like a hook*r?"
Husband: "There's no way I can get out of this conversation alive, is there?"

"My mother," said the young woman to her date, "says there are some things a girl should not do before twenty." "Your mother is right," said her boyfriend. "I don't like a large audience either."

Till next time, keep smiling.


austere said...

There is this lady, an industrialist no less, who peppers her lines with a
strong "really". Makes one wonder if the rest of her words are unreal.

Style and aisey hee are a little mild no?

Once we gave a b'day cake with " what you call" written on it to someone.

Keshi said...

interesting post Amit. :) r ya with me? LOL!


DiTtY said...

My pet phrases are:
As in

Okay, now I should stop! :)

Curious said...

I use

F-ing hell


hows ya amitji.. so when do we have the DBM? Fix a date! :D

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...yesss,Really is another pet word with many people,especially those skeptical ones who turn up their noses at all and sundry.

AmitL said...

Hi,Ditty.Huh?Really?Seriously?Those are your pet words?Pet words as in 'patent' words?:)Tks for an honest list.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...tku..yes,I'm with ya....going where,may I ask?LOL.

AmitL said...

Hi,Curiousji..tks for an honest list..:)

Re.the DBM,I say: Huh?Oh,but,really,you are the organizer.Just say when!:)*smiles*