Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another of those days

Thought for the day: Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed!

(Quip: One of my mottos. That is, of course, without losing your optimism level)

It’s been quite some time since I recounted some of my ‘interesting’ telephone calls at work. So, here’s one of them:

(Phone rings. I pick up):

Supplier: Hello, Sir.
Me: Hello,Sir (Feeling more buoyant than I usually do towards evening time)
Supplier: How are you?
Me: Fine, fine.
Supplier: Did you get my quote for the dining tables and benches?
Me: Yes, I did.
Supplier: What do you think?
Me: (Slightly irritated now): What is there to think?
Supplier: You see, Sir. We quoted the table with four legs since it is eight feet long.
Me: Ok. So?(Irritated note visible in my voice now).
Supplier: So, would you like it with six feet? You see, the price of the two legs would have to be added. So, would we stand a chance? (Me, wondering: Is that 'stand' a pun?)
Me: It’s up to you.
Supplier: But, you must be having some preference.

(Now, please believe me when I say, no one ever asked for my expert opinion on table-making till now)

Me: You decide whether it needs four legs or six.
Supplier: But, Sir, you see, the price is very competitive with four legs.
Me: (Really bugged now): Look, man, it’s up to you. If you give four legs and it breaks, you will be the one going to site to repair it, not me.
Supplier:( Still persistent): So, Sir, I take it this means that four legs are acceptable?
Me: Look, give it two legs only and see if it stands. It’s your choice.
Supplier( Laughs): Sir, you joke.
Me: No. You are supplying it. Provided two, four, six, eight legs- finally you will be responsible and you get paid only if it serves it's purpose
Supplier: Ok, Sir. So you think I should go ahead with four legs?
Me: (Going 'Arghhh' internally) Thank YOU, SIR! (And, I lightly banged the phone)

(Post phone call- me wondering whether this is the kind of erudite dialogue I did my mechanical engineering for)

And, thus endeth another glorious telephonic day in the life of yours truly. I wonder how long my patience will last?

On to the end jokes:

"Johnny," the teacher started, "do you know what 'paranoia' means?"
"It's not a word, teach, it's several words," Johnny replied.
"Whatever do you mean by that?" "It's like when you go into a restaurant and a well endowed waitress with a low cut uniform reaches in front of you and says, 'does my paranoia'?"

(Hint to those who didn't get it: It's a pair, nee, a pun)
There was the frustrated guy who made a movie about his wife's s*x life --"The Night of the Living Dead"
"How is it I find you sleeping with my daughter?" stormed the outraged father. "I ask you, you little creep, how is it?!" "Why, just great, sir," replied the calm young man, "just great!"
Till next time, keep smiling


Keshi said...

love that opening quote!

HAHAHAHAHAHA @ "just great!"


austere said...

Great quote.

tsk tsk, legs and all, quite risque we are, eh?


shooting star said...

funny !!
it's always a pleasure radiong your posts!!

Alpha said...

very funny twin!! happy new year and keep writing !

Arunima said...

Finally, how many legs came?

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-thanks! Do you believe in it,too?
LOL-Austy,risque,indeedy!wish we were talking of real legs!hehe
Hi,SS..tks soo much for that comment-you're always welcome.
Hi,Twin-grt to see u around here..happy new year to u2.
Arunima,you won't believe it-the table came with four legs.hehe.