Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Near misses and other happenings

(Caption for above pic: Ad : Simply the best- Kerala airlines)

Thought for the day:
If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts....Albert Einstein

near misses in a day-isn't that a bit too much?The first one was this morning-was returning home from my walk,and just as I was crossing the road, an idiotic driver brought his car from slightly on the wrong side, and,missed me by about two inches.

The evening one was more scary. I'd gone to deposit a cheque for a friend and enjoy my evening walk at the same time. So, I went by this route, and, crossed from a signal,reached the bank, and was on my way back.. This time,I walked on the opposite side of the road near the signal, as I usually do, for 'variety'(you know-observing things on both sides of the road by turn). Had I been on the same side returning, as I'd been, going, I'd be in a hospital(with any luck) by now. There was the driver of this car which,to avoid another one at the signal, lost control of his vehicle, ran onto the pavement and banged into a huge rubbish bin before stopping with it's front fender and all hanging down. Imagine-exactly the same spot as I was on, except,on the other side. LOL..after that experience, I cancelled all plans for a further walk and returned the signals, as I usually say..smiles.


Don't tell me-it's Thursday again- another week has gone..whew!*makes note to ensure more regular posts.*. So,let's see. Letters and captions and all:were quite good this week.Without letting it sound like a boast, here's the list, for those interested:

a. Which caption do you think will be selected tomorrow?Have a look. 32 entries this time-that must be a record.
b. An answer in Open Space from me, last Sunday. Here's the link.
c. A letter in Weekend magazine- makes me feel quite happy to be able to maintain my writing LTTE(Letters To The Editor) habit, in some small way.
d. A prize(Second) for a caption in Filmfare December'07 issue.(Nee,that's only in the print edition so far,so I can't give a link.For those who get the link,check page 137 or thereabouts)

Sigh-but,all this is nowhere close to what I used to be, where writing is concerned-about 10 years back,when time was not at such a smile smile....not that I'm cribbing,now.
Just wondering' kahaan gaye woh din'(Where did those days go?)
On to the end jokes:

"Mom, hey, Mom! Lennie passed his bar exam so we're going to get married next week!" The bride-to-be was ecstatic. "Gee, honey, don't you think you two should wait till he's been practicing for a year or so?" cautioned her mother. "Oh Mom," said the bride with a blush,
"we've been practicing."
I called this girlfriend of mine and asked her if she was free Saturday night. She said no, but she would be reasonable.
What did Adam say to Eve?
"Stand back, I don't know how big this thing gets."
Till next time,which'll be 'very soon', keep smiling.


Anonymous said...

Wooohoooo...mez here...

In that pic of Kerala Airlines....dun you think they should have shown banana leaf on the table....loaded with all keralite delicacies...?!

Two near misses in a surely is TOO MUCH....gharethi pooja karine walk maate nikadta jaao....!!


Shreya said...

wow Amit... your griha-disha seems to be very capricious this week. You should stay as far away from signals, cars and *ahem* humans as possible hehe. Glad to know that you're safe though. :)

good job with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam ;))..keep it up! and congrats on the gift from Filmfare! do share with us what u got *smiles*

austere said...

I guess be careful for a while.

Close, that was.

Anonymous said...

HI~how are you doing? Hope things are fine. Please be careful ~ and take care!Good to read ya again...:-)

Mal said...

Hi Amit,

Thanks for visiting my page. Yours is great too. Humourous ;)


Marlee said...

Eeeeepsssss...take care!

Keshi said...

Kerala Airlines sounds like they hv yummy food? :)

HAHAHAHAHA @last joke!