Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny songs et al

Thought for the day: Listen to everyone. Assemble the facts. Confirm the facts. Form your own opinions.

Note: Inspirations is also updated today.

With a five day holiday coming up from tomorrow, LG.(Now,don't ask what LG is)

Don’t you just love unusual song lyrics? I can think of two,nee,three unusual songs like this. The first one: I have this song in my ‘music to walk fast by’ music player, and, it’s definitely quite a,err, walkable tune.

Richie Valens: La Bamba

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba
Se necesita
una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia
pa'mí y pa' tiAy Arriba y arriba
Ay arriba y arriba por ti seré
Por ti seré Por ti seré
Yo no soy marinero,
Yo no soy marinero
Soy capitan Soy capitan
Soy capitan
Bamba, BambaBamba, BambaBamba, Bamba(Repeats)

And the translation(Google zindabad):
"To dance La Bamba. To dance La Bamba you need to be a little bit funny.A little bit funny and another little thing -- get going, get going! (literally 'get up and get up') Ay! Get going, get going. I'll be for you, I'll be for you, I'll be for you.I'm not a sailor. I'm not a sailor, I'm a captain, I'm a captain, I'm a captain."
And, how about this song from the Hindi movie’ Judwaa’?(In fact, unusual Hindi songs with or without double entendre can usually be correlated to Govinda..remember ‘Meri Pant bhi sexy’?LOL-some extracts(only) below)

Oonchi hai building (Tall is the building)
lift teri band hai (Your lift is closed)
kaise main aaoon(How can I come?)
dil rajamand hai) (The heart is agreeable)

mumbai band hai (Mumbai is closed)
train nahi chalati (Trains don't run)
kaise main aaoon
dil rajamand hai

bijali nahi hai (There is no electricity)
are batti bhi gul hai(And the lights are also off)
kaise main aanu
(dil rajamand hai)
What do you say to those 'brilliant' lyrics?
Is it better than Govinda's Dulaara song:
Meri Pant bhi sexy, (My pant is also sexy)
Meri shirt bhi sexy, shirt
Mere baal bhi sexy, hair
Meri chaal bhi sexy, walk
Yeh rumaal bhi sexy haiiii! hanky...
(And the song goes on......
On to the end jokes:
Guy: Let's wait till June to get married.It won't be long until June.
Girl: How much longer will it be then?
Daffynition:A cookie: A Virg*n doughnut.
And then there was the unemployed gynaec.He couldn't find any openings.

Till next time,keep smiling.


Keshi said...

**Your lift is closed

LOL! ahemmm!

**There is no electricity

call the Electricity ppl then!

hahaha funny song indeeds!


Shreya said...

ohh this post reminds me of the lyrics:

khane ka hai chicken curry,
uspe mangta papihari,
jeb mein tere dus rupiyah,
pee le cutting, kha le bhajiya..
tension kahe ko lene ka.
sahi bolta hai. sahi bolta hai.

and then ofcourse there is the govinda-karishma songs:

tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karoon
Pak chik pak raja babu...


Keshi said...

Hv a great Christmas Amit! See u in 2008 :)


shooting star said...

funny you post about songs lyrics and mention the particular song...i was just listening to it husband had put it on winamp list..and i dint in the middle of my death rock comes this nau se gyara song.....

Sweetstickychewy said...

loved the thought of the day Amit.

and haha the lyrics. Glad you provided translation. You know there are times i just like the song that make u go and go and not think so much.

happy holidays and Merry Christmas Amit.


AVIANA said...

interesting lyrics there...of course i'm interested in those things since i'm a songwriter...

have a nice holiday!

Pallavi said...

Good to read you again.. Amit.. How have you been ?

Anonymous said...

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