Saturday, November 17, 2007

Heyyy Baaby

Thought for the day:Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

What would you say if a 30 something friend met you after quite some time and asked' Is there a vacancy in your company for my Baybee'? You'd wonder whether:
- You heard right.
- He adopted a teenager.
- He was kidding

Right? Well, it was none of the above. I asked him 'pardon me?', and he said,'you know, abhi mera shaadi ho gaya, ab mera baybee idhar hai'( you know,I got married and my baybee is here)..then, light dawned- he was referring to his 'Bibi'(Wife), in the inimitable style some of us Indians use. I was tempted to say 'Heyyy Baby', but decided against it,since we were sitting in my office meeting room.
I wish I could be as happy as :

The 40 something guy,suited-booted, whom I saw two days back in the late evening,probably returning from work, with a lollipop in his mouth and looking as contented as a five year old,happily sucking on it,without a care for the world or for the people smiling at him/passing snide remarks.
Finally joined the books library- it's a fantab place near our house. The first books I got is a mix(Austy,read,please):
- Perry Mason: The case of the golddigger's purse
- Soul Curry for you and me: Amitabh Bachchan(Didn't know he'd written this book)
- Selected works of Motilal Nehru
- Laughter: The secret of good health

From these, I read Perry Mason first(But,naturally,my favourite). This one was among the best courtroom dramas I've read from Gardner.
Also read the Laughter one, but, it wasn't too,err,hot,nothing to write home about,I mean. The only parts I liked:
Quote: Anything awful makes me laugh. I misbehaved once at a funeral....Charles Lamb
Joke: *see end joke below*
I was really shocked to read this story today,in the papers.How can such a thing happen?And,no action for 39 years?
A 'different' Top 10 list: The top 10 most dangerous toys to give to children:

Another letter in Weekend. They published it this week,which is pretty quick-usually it comes in the week after. For those interested,here it is:Link
And,whew...aisa bhi hota hai..(This also happens). I guess one has to respect the customs and rules of the country they are in,is all I can say.
I'm finally putting up a post for my 'best articles I've read' blog,today. Do check it out later in the day.It's a collection of 'must-share' info(At least,I feel thusly),which I've come across and clipped over the last few years.
On to the end joke:
Shed a tear for the unfortunate shoe salesman with a lisp, who got slapped when he asked an adequately proportioned female customer to sit down while 'I look up your thize'.

Till next time,keep smiling.


mystic rose said...

Baybee..ha ha.

Isnt it just terrible when you remember something funny just when you ahve to be solemn?

Ive read so many Perry Masons as a child I odnt remember anyone except Della Street(?)

Shreya said...

I liked the article you had written. Thanks for the link!! Congrats on joining the book library! :) Too bad I do not have time to read any books :( ... And, I am sooo repelled by people who refer to their hubby as 'Baby' with love; are you sure your friend was not using 'baby' in that context? :P

Keshi said...

LOL @baby story!

**He adopted a teenager.

I really thought that wud be the ans. HAHAHAHA!


KJ said...

lol Amitji...

me here after a long time. how have u been? no plans to visit abu dhabi? missed u all on this diwali..

my name no longer on ur blogroll.. :(


Lolly said...

Everyone is happy with a LollyPop in their mouth...doh!

Rain girl said...

hmm found nothing on ur other blog :( when willu updtae..

btw.. loved the cartoon ;)

austere said...

Noted noted! Good and proper serious reading list.
As long as the babies around dont give you any ideas. :)
both the lashes and the 39 year story were incredibly sad. thanks for sharing.
great end comment you made about PIO re Italy, worth investigating.

I think the AB book is a fraud, Is it? And Motilal Nehru? arre bhai kyon???

AmitL said...

Hi,Mystic..yes,baybee is indeed a funny word when pronounced that way,na?
That's true-having to be solemn at such times,is funny.
Hey,you read Perry Masons even today?Let me know.
Hi,Shreya..glad you liked the article. Reading books-well,if it's a hobby that you don't wish to give up, you can find the time,I am sure.:)LOL...I don't want to ask my friend whether he was referring to his 'baby',but,I am sure he was saying'Bibi', knowing his accent.
Hi,Keshi..nice guess.:)
Hi,KJji..plans to visit AD-yes,always there...just like your plans for Dubai.
Re. blogroll-you'll be back,once you post regularly again.
Hi,Lolly...I just knew I'd get that comment from you on the lolly-pop.:)
Hi,Rain Girl...chk the blog now..two posts there.
Hi,Austy- yes,nice list,na?Yes,the comment about PIO re. Italy,is worth investigating.
The AB book- yes,even I thought it's a spoof...a ghost-written one.and,on top of it,it was a bore.Give me a Shiv Khera anytime.