Thursday, October 11, 2007

This one or that one?

Thought for the day:Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald.

I really think that there exists a 'song dissection committee' in Bollywood. Their job is to catch hold of good ole songs, and use different words/sentences from them, to create titles for new movies.

How else can you explain, for example:

Chalte Chalte: Generating a movie titled 'chalte chalte', another titled' kabhi alvida na kehna'....I'm sure, we'll also see movies titled 'Rote Jaagte', 'bas yun hi tum', ' mere yeh geet yaad rakhna'(Probably starring Himesh Reshamiya), 'Gungunaate rehna', etc.

Or, how about 'Le jaayenge, le jaayenge, dilwaale dulhaniya le jaayenge(From the ole Chor Machaaye Shor')

Or, 'laaga chunari mein daag', which is also part of an ole song?

Perhaps the fact is that they've run out of titles to be recycled, or, the Hindi dictionary doesn't have any more exciting titles for them?
Do you think we have too many choices these days?I certainly think so...and,in the bargain, our habits get so spoilt,that we want yet another choice altogether.

For eg: Biscuits: There was a time when Gluco and Monaco were synonymous with biscuits, just like Xerox was for photocopier. Now, go to any shop, in a city in India,or, in Dubai and a vast multitude of biscuits awaits you-right from cream biscuits of various types(choco,orange,strawberry,to name a few) to crackers(onion,spring,et al),to four brands of digestive biscuits,to oooph...
(Believe me, Gluco and Monaco were more valued than the ones today are)

Or, take television- time was when Doordarshan was our only channel, and, people used to count the days of the week to see' Chitrahar',or,'The odd couple', or, the Sunday movie,or, The Lucy Show' or even 'Samachar' . And, some would be 'rich' enough to rent a VCR for a night,so that they could watch five consecutive movies...Today,you have a hundred and one channels, and, you still feel that there's nothing on the idiot box.

It somehow reminds me of the sardar,who was used to slipping on a banana peel daily, which a mischievous boy would throw in his path .And,one day, he didn't slip-because there were two peels,and,wondering 'will I slip on this one or that one', he passed both of them.
We have a long weekend coming up...with Sunday being the additional holiday...aah,how good it'll feel to be at home when the rest of the world is at home. Will try to resist blogging on Sunday,to see how others resist it on their Sundays..grin.(Keshi,you listening?) ..I'm sure restaurant-owners will also be pretty happy that their businesses will be back to normal. I used to see one of them daily during my walks,and,he'd be walking around dejectedly holding a racket in hand-I didn't understand why he was playing tennis in his restaurant,till I saw him rushing after a fly one day,when I'd popped in to wait for the restaurant to open at sunset. He proved the veracity of the phrase 'baithe baithe makkhi maarna'(Sitting around swatting flies) .
A recent study showed that the average husband only actually speaks to his wife about thirty-seven minutes each week.
Well, yeah, I can believe that, I mean just how long does it take to say "Uh-huh" or "Yes dear" or "I'm sorry" ?
Banta: Guess what I heard in the pub? They reckon the milkman has made love to every woman in our street except one."
Wife: I'll bet it's that stuck-up Rupa at number 14.
Sign in a pathology lab: It might be piss and shit for u, but for us it is bread and butter.
Did you hear about the blonde that thought a 'mush'room was a place to kiss.(It must be interesting to know such people, I'm sure!)

Till next time, keep smiling.


Keshi said...

**Do you think we have too many choices these days

oyeah we havr far too many choices these days! if u read my current post and point #4, men r given 2 choices by Keshi...and thats alot lol!

so ur not ard on Sunday? awww...well I dun blog on weekends all that much..too busy :)

hv a good long weekend then Amit!


shooting star said...

hmmm....choices...certainly we are getting too many..more than we can handle...and its what making the youth and the children of today becoming spoilt.....

AVIANA said...

I like the thought of the day! Well have a nice weekend and make sure you enjoy your holiday! :)

Lolly said...

I am CRACKING up at the picture ;)

Too many choices gives me anxiety...I like the KISS method...keep it simple silly x.x.x.

Shreya said...

Having more choices for selection of goods is what my econ professor would call a 'higher standard of living'- you know, the increase in real GDP and all that stuff :P :D

and do u usually not have a holiday on Sundays? how does that work :-/? Well, here's hoping that u enjoy your Fun-day, err i mean, Sunday to the fullest. \m/

Anonymous said...

Well...too many choices or should I say easy availability/accessibility kill the charm to certain I used to wait eagerly for Chitrahaar/Weekly Hindi Movie to feast my eyes with Bollywood Masala...before Channel storm came.....and now...see...!!

..Shi (now don´t you scratch your head again...its me baba...hehe...)

austere said...

Yes, Buniyaad and all used to be such fun. part of the fun was in not knowing the picture quality and moving the antenna in all directions.

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Song dissection committee-great idea, but then tell me how the "angreji mixing wala songs" are created.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi,hehe..yes...too many choices...but,you give just 2 choices?? your post.:)
Hi, have a point there...:)
Hi,Aviana..yep,even I liked the thought..:)
Hi,Lolly...that's a nice pun-it cracked me up too.hehe...ohh..tks for elaborating on the KISS method..grin.
Hi,Shreya...that's a nice economic view to look at choices.hehe...
Nooo,we don't have a holiday on Sundays..Our Sunday is Friday,if you get what I mean.:)

Hi,...Shi..yes,too many choices do kill the made a new phrase there,I think.:)No,I won't scratch my head this time.
Hi,Austy...ohhh..Buniyaad..yes,that was a nice serial..even Hum Log-but,it dragged too much,later..
The 'angrezi mixing wala songs'..I do have a theory about that-will tell in a post,later.:)Cheers.