Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Caps and the art of losing them

(Quip: Now, that's advertising, I say!)

Thought for the day: "See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be." ~ Lester Levinson
Whew- after a month of reduced working hours, ending with three holidays, it’s tough to get back to the normal schedule. (And, I just noticed that I haven’t posted since 11th
- Arghhh), but, as they say ‘and this too shall pass’.

Do you have issues with caps? I refer, of course, to all sorts of caps, and, the fact that the caps keep getting lost. Perhaps we've developed an art of losing them. Like, take these uniball pens- the caps are a typical case of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. Or, take water bottles – another case of the caps being ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. Be it a tin of ghee, or, a box of biscuits, or, an airtight container, I always find their caps missing. Where do they vanish? Are there tiny pixies around, who remove them and hide them around the flat just for fun, I wonder? Being a stickler for perfection, I always feel that having something around the house is no use if you cannot find it when you need it. Perhaps I’ll start a ‘cap collection box’, and begin keeping all the caps that are found, inside it. I’d better find a way to ‘cap’ this irritation before it becomes an obsession. LOL.
Do you collect good articles/ clippings from mags and papers, as and when you come across them? I definitely do, and, while doing some sorting during these hols, I came across quite a few good ones…some humorous, for posts here (Arghhh..goes Austy..”more ccp stuff”), and, many of the ‘positive’ thoughts, and health-related ones. Perhaps I’ll begin a ‘positive’ blog, where I’ll put these up. Give me some time to think it over, please. (Writing for four blogs would be a wee bit difficult, I think..grin..) Four blogs reminds me, do you know the other blogs I write in, besides this one? One, of course is BUF(Between Us Friends), and the third one is….(One from my blogroll)(Those who know, don’t say it, those who don’t know, try and guess)
Let me add, one would-be blogger(who’s just a blog-reader at present) guessed my ‘other’ blog after just 4 wrong guesses- and, what a sharp observation led her to it. Hats off to you, …shi.
Can you believe it, Animal Planet showed some really ‘A’ stuff two days back- ok, so it was not on humans, otherwise the authorities here would have been banned the channel on the same day out here. They’ve an interesting series on elephants going on. And, suddenly, they showed a male tusker running after a female shorty(Reminds me of Hindi films, somehow)..It was quite funny, in a way. Now, the wooing went on for five minutes, and, suddenly, the tusker mounted the female with his,err, Lil Johnny and all, and, the deed was done in less than a minute. And, the whole family of elephants crowded around, watching(As the commentator said, there’s great excitement in the tribe when this happens, and they all crowd around). Afterwards, the female wanders off shyly, comes back, and is given a shower of ‘dhool’ (No, not phool as in flowers, but, dhool as in dust) from the rest of the family…something like a ‘pat on the back’, perhaps? And, the male moves around, head held high, daring any others to come and have a go with him. Hehe.
Reading Keshi’s recent posts on ‘ Top 10 Not-to-ask questions’, I remembered a very interesting clipping I have on something similar, called ’10 things men don’t know about women’, I believe, but, that’ll come up next time.
End jokes:
The man brought the girl back to his apartment, took off his clothes, and said, "I'd like you to meet my little friend." She took a look, gathered up her clothes, then said, "Call me when your little friend grows up."
"Mother," the young woman asked, "remember when you told me the way to a man's heart was through his stomach?" "Sure," her mother answered. "Well," the girl went on, "last night I think I may have found a new route."
Pick up Line: The word for the day is legs. Lets go back to my place and spread the word.

Till next time, keep smiling.


Neha said...

Funny ad that is.. :)
I wonder if its really genuine though..

Thankfully I'v never had those cap problems.. :P

hey u noe I used to collect so much of such stuff..newspaper clippings etc.. I'm quite a junk collector/ archiver :) Still have a lot of those with me..

Keshi said...

LOL @pickup line!

wud u use that kind of pickup line Amit? :):)


Keshi said...

btw Amuit how many caps d u hv right now? :)

**I’d better find a way to ‘cap’ this irritation before it becomes an obsession



Keshi said...


** ’10 things men don’t know about women’

d u want us to ans that?


austere said...

You have a sensible filing system for articles?
I don't.
I guess one more blog titled appropriately would be ok.

of course the pixies take em away.

AmitL said...

Hi,Neha...yes,even I wondered whether it's genuine.:)

Do share the clippings,one of these days,na??
Hi,Keshi...Would I use that kind of pickup line??Let me think...if I detect a good sense of humour,then,perhaps..hahaha.

Caps..haha..how many do I have right now?Will count and let you know.
The 10 things- are in the next post.awaiting your comments.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...hey,that's sad...you should have a nice filing system...and, tks for the 'appropriately titled'blog idea.:)

Curious said...

Animal Plant elephant thingy... ROTFL :))