Tuesday, October 23, 2007

About monkeys,circus,(p)oop

Thought for the day: We are what we pretend to be, but we better be very careful what we pretend.

Do you like monkeys? Can you catch them? According to a report in today’s local papers, there are many vacant posts, in our capital city of Delhi. There are around 15-20,000 monkeys, and only 3 monkey catchers. There have been tenders put out, and no-one responded. Finally, a team of people has been sent around the country, to look for these ‘specialists’. Imagine this line being part of the vocations up for grabs, when the 12th standard results come out. Like, mechanical engineering, Arts, Fine Arts, Monkey Catching, Medicine….


Life is a circus..LOL…In my previous company, I’d earmarked everyone, as being a particular member of the circus..right from the ringmaster(That’s easy), to the lions to the usually docile parrots who suddenly let off a mini-cannon in the circus, to the friendly pommies to the clowns. So, look at it this way. The day begins with your getting into your cage(Be it your car, or, your company bus), and going off to the ‘big top’.(Your place of work). You enter the ‘ring’(reception), and people are smiling, wishing each other and you, as you walk to your place of work, since they’ve just been ‘fed’(breakfast), a la, happy satiated animals at the circus. You see all sorts of acts going on in the ring, right from trapeze artists(people who take risks), to the clowns(who don’t know whether they are coming or going), to the jugglers(like me) who try to juggle tasks from one to the other. Then, of course, are the agile horses who keep running round and round, with their trainers jumping on and off their backs, and getting the credit for what is actually the horse's hard work...think,think...which other circus situations can you liken to daily life?

How conscious are you? Let me add-how conscious are you of your,err,poop, especially when you use public conveniences? There’s this loo in our office, and I feel appalled since three days. Whenever I enter the cubicle, there’s lil pieces of the previous user's poop floating around.(Ewww goes Red..hehe)…and, I have to push the flush button immediately. That’s what made me wonder- since this,err,undissolved/floating poop is usually the result of a flatulent tummy(At least, I guess so-I’m no doc), does the person who exits from the cubicle have a look back to see whether,err, everything’s spic and span for the next user?

Well,I shouldn't complain- it’s still much better than some of the public (in)conveniences I’ve seen in our Indian trains and at places like railway stations, where the stench makes you want to run a mile away,or, revert to the good ole days(Before my time, of course..LOL) of using a lota (pot) and going out into the fields, where at least fresh air is prevalent.


Another letter in a Friday mag of one of the local papers. And, it’s a letter I wrote in response to ‘The Art of Conversation’, and my views on blogging. Have a look.

On to the endjokes:
Bridegroom: "How much do we owe for the room?"
Hotel Clerk: "Three dollars apiece."
The bridegroom gave the clerk twenty-one dollars.
Once upon a time a Sultan had nine wives. Eight of them had it pretty soft.
Little Artie, aged 8, was walking through the school corridor in an indecently exposed condition. The school principal stopped him and asked for an explanation. "It ain't my idea," spoke up Artie, "I raised my hand in class this morning, and the teacher asked me to stick it out until lunch period."
(Innocence,thy name is children.LOL)

Till next time,keep smiling.


Keshi said...

d u pretend Amit? I hope not :)

Monkeys I like but Im scared of em too hehehe...

so which character r u in the Circus? ;-) And wut abt me?

**Whenever I enter the cubicle, there’s lil pieces of the previous user's poop floating around


**Keshi passes out n remains so for the next 24hrs***

austere said...

You must have been really irritated to write this. Not everyone has the same basic manners, so it happens. Think of the poor fellows who have to clean up the loo every two hours.

Stage, yes, but circus is a new one, and hum joker hoon. :)

Rabid cousins, these monkeys are. avoid avoid. No thank you to engineerg too, no math.

Shreya said...

I do not get those jokes. Please relegate to a subtler level :D

Sweetstickychewy said...

You know the poopies thingy is pretty gross. have come across that myself.. Errk! i am pretty gross out even with unflushed pee. some people just dun have the habit of flushing.

Ritu said...

Gwash... The poop story was really really YUCKY.... But after having two kids of me own, its almost a part of life. There was a phase in my life when my second one was born and my daughter was still young to need cleaning help.... And that is all I would be doing virtually ALL day...cleaning dirty bottoms, and nappies and bottoms and nappies..... Glad that cycle is broken with my daughter cleaning herself...and soon my son will too... Phew!

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi.Do I pretend??haha..don't we all,at sometime or other?

Monkeys...well,I like monkeys too,but,in the zoo only..or,the real life ones-be they youngsters or youth.haha.

I wrote,na,I'm the juggler in the circus-juggling tasks from one to the other.

Which character are you?Let me see,now..you'd be the friendly trapeze artist,I think..you enter the ring with a smile and waving to people,you swing from one great event to another,occasionally you find yourself fallng,but,there's always a safety net,so you spring right back.Am I right?How many marks?*smile*

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..you are right-I was really bugged,and that made me write that one on poop...and,you're right-there's always something to be grateful for-think of the poor fellows who have to clean up the loo every two hours.So true!

Hehe..you're a joker in the circus of life,huh?Let me think that over.

Yes, monkeys are rabid cousins..the menace continues in Delhi-even today I saw an article.

AmitL said...

Shreya..did you seriously request that??hehe.

AmitL said...

Hi,SweetSC..aah...someone else who's also seen this 'phenomenon'. You said it-it's really gross...basic hygiene gets forgotten these days,it seems.

AmitL said...

Hi,Ritu..yess..the poop story was yucky.hehe...I don't envy you and your 'job',definitely..but,then, apnon ke liye yeh karna is a different ball game,I guess..right??Good luck at both kids doing their own cleaning,soon.:)Good to see you here,after so many days.

anks said...

hey that was one good observation about the circus.... if you travel in mumbai local trains, you feel like trapeze artists, jumping from one platform to another to catch thr trains!!!