Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chak De India!

Thought for the day: How many roads must a man walk down before he admits he’s lost?

Whew..that was one eminently watchable match. I refer, of course, to the India-Pakistan 20-20 World Cup match, which India won. As with every Indo-Pak match, there were thrilling moments till the last minute.

A cricket fan I know, was going to avoid watching it, because his heart cannot take the stress.

That’s besides the point- what I want to mention is the comment someone made, when India beat the Aussies 2 days back. This person says’ Oh, India had to win. Because the betting is always highest in India-Pak matches’. I was too surprised to say anything. I mean, instead of feeling happy/patriotic that your team won against the World Champs, you attribute it to match-fixing? Arghhh…

Personally, I think we won coz all the oldies were out of the team- the cribbers, the morale-downers, the ‘my state your state’ crowd. Frankly, this was the first match of even the 20-20, that I watched fully, knowing deep down that at the end of it, I’d say ‘Chak De India’.
Best news of the day:

What a lovely way to start the day.

I was selected BUFer of the week. Ahem Ahem. Read more about it here.

BUF is one blog I’ve become totally addicted to ever since I first visited it. And, would love to invite those who’re really interested in sharing their views on some lively topics, to join in. The more the merrier, as they say. Plus, there’s a shoutbox which runs faster than a hare, when it’s active. Much better than any shoutbox I’ve seen. (I switched over to the free version on this blog too)
They picked my caption as the best caption in the print edition last week.Ahem. However, it’s not reflected in the net edition. The one they picked was’ Thanks for the lunch invitation, ladies-but I’m a vegetarian’.

How about this week? Here's the link.
Do you run out of dreams to,err,dream about? I do, many times. Haha. And, this, in spite of my routine of 930 to 5 (Clarification: PM to AM, please,not at work). It happens when I fall asleep, without being too tired. So, I’ll get up in the middle of the night and I have to think of ‘dream topics’(Err, don’t ask which ones…grin)…If I do manage to sleep, by thinking over the previous topic, it begins to recycle- i.e. the dream repeats, once, twice, thrice…Arghh!(Luckily, nightmares do not get repeated)

It makes me wonder about the veracity of the phrase’ Dreams are a manifestation of our innermost thoughts and feelings’. But, then, if so, who can explain dreams of wild animals, or, tripping on the pavement, or, falling from a height or climbing down a precipice and not having any steps to step on for two floors, and hence being forced to jump, for example? LOL.

I do wonder, bloggers, what you dream about most? My dreams used to be mainly related to work, when I was obsessed with it. Why don’t you share your funniest and your wildest dreams here/on your blog? I’m sure they’d be fun to read. If it’s too long a description, email them-I’ll put them up, with due credit to you… (No, I won’t make this a tag…tags sound very routine now)

End jokes:

Sardar 1 is talking on his cellphone. Sardar 2: Who’re you talking to?
Sardar 1: With wife
Sardar 2: So sweetly?
Sardar 1: She’s your wife
Q: Why do blondes wear blouses with thick shoulder pads?
A: So that men have somewhere comfy to rest their knees.
Grandpa was getting married to a 25 year ole nymph(o). The family is very worried and the eldest daughter tells him” Dad, we’re most concerned. S*x with a girl like that could prove fatal.”
Gramps: So what? If she dies, she dies.
(Now, that’s confidence, huh?)
Till next time, keep smiling.


Sweetstickychewy said...

Your post are getting interesting as each one comes up! awesome stuff.

Congrats on being chosen as 'BUFER' of the week! *Clapps*

***Dreams are a manifestation of our innermost thoughts and feelings’.

I like that statment above. I hear it to be true. It seems that dreaming about animals symbolises something though i know not what exactly.

As for me, i kinda hardly dream but than again in recent weeks i have been having alot of dreams in relation to work. Yeah.:D


Enjoy da post!

twilight said...

I have to agree with the comment above that your posts are very interesting. I guess because you write on wide variety of stuff.

Congrats on being chosen as the "BUFER of the week" - exciting stuff huh? :) and for your caption getting selected.

The India win will have me watching repeats on youtube for ages! It was fantastic!

@ dreams. I seem to have dreamless sleep. Is that a good sign? I take it as that anyway :)

Red Soul said...

ur blog has music now? kitna kuch badal gaya hain, since I last came here [tries to sound like those aunties who pinch ur chins and say "kitni badi ho gaya hain, itna sa tha.... mere goad mein kuch kiya karta tha...] nice song btw. KUCH KARIYE :P

AmitL said...

Hi,SweetSC.Tks for the comments on the posts.
Tks for the claps.
Re. dreams,how can you not have dreams?How do u sleep,otherwise?:)hehe.Cheers.
Hi,Twilight...tks soo much for the comments-on the posts,BUFer of the week and the caption.
I never heard of 'dreamless sleep'
Hi,Red...hey,grrt to see a comment from you after ages.LOL at 'blog mein kitna badal gaya hai'...at least,you used the right phrase,and did not sing'dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayi Bhagwan,kitna badal gaya hai blog'..:)Cheers.

Keshi said...

OMG this is the 100th blog that I came across that has something to say abt India's victory lol!

Congratts for being the BUFer of the week! U deserve it Amit!

I dream crap..lol!

**Dreams are a manifestation of our innermost thoughts and feelings’

does that mean Im crap? :(


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi..grin..that's also got to be some kinda record...my blog,the 100th one about India's victory.:)

Tks for the congrats.:)

LOL..that's not the way the 'dreams are a manifestation...'part was to be understood...hehe..I referred,of course,only to the good part of dreams being a manifestation..:)

Keshi said...

lolz Amit ty!


austere said...

Congrats on the BUFer of the week.. and the caption.
Why the philosophical bent?

Alka said...

Congrats on the BUFer of the week. I have read some posts there. Interesting stuff. And what a creative hobby you have in an alien, lonely land to keep yourself constructively occupied. Lesser mortals resort to affairs and some more affairs.