Friday, September 28, 2007

Are you positive?

Thought for the day: Ideas don't stay in some minds very long because they don't like solitary confinement.
(No wonder I blog.grin)

Tell me, are you a positive human being most of the time? I like to think that I usually am one. But, then, that's for people to judge.

There are occasions when the atmosphere gets vitiated with negativity and I find it hard to continue making positive comments. Take, for example:

Lunch time at work: five people sitting. Suddenly, one begins:Oh, I just don't like to work here anymore. The next takes it further...I know what you mean, just yesterday....... And, the next goes: The way they're going, they won't last.....In such a situation, what would you do? Throw in your two bits as well, and spit on the plate which feeds you?I wouldn't...the best solution for such a situation, according to me, is 'change the topic'...say something about the food, the weather,ask one of these people about their kids and, bring things back on track. Don't you find it hard to work, when you hear such negative thoughts and they keep swimming in your head?

Frankly, negativity disturbs me. I'd rather be alone with my own thoughts, rather than gossip around, talking bad about people, companies, events. But, the fact remains, people are always happier to crib than to praise. Have you ever said' Oh, he did a wonderful job', only to have someone say' oh,it wasn't so good...he just copied it from....'.....for some reason, people hate to praise others. It's like they are paying their hard earned money from their pocket, when they have to say a few good words...hehe.

I remember, some years back, a leading local paper in Baroda, mentioned me as a regular writer of 'letters to the editor', and gave a word or two of praise, only to end it with 'but,then,since he writes mainly good things about the magazines, the editors have no reason to not publish him'.
I was so irked by this comment- it was obviously envy showing. I mean, I used to(and still do) put so much effort in writing , and, even make lots of constructive suggestions, that eds used to print them...but, this guy read only the praise each his own, I always say.:)
My respect for Mallika S went up a few notches. Why? She's listed in the alumni of Miranda House, in Wikipedia., her name,err,rubs shoulders with Nandita Das, Anita Desai, Mira Nair,etc.
End jokes:

First of all, clean and inspect your tackle, carefully pull back your rod cover, and remove any dirt or gunge that may have built up while not in use. Then, extend your rod to its full length, and check that there are no kinks or any wear, particularly at the base, where the grip is
usually applied. Make sure you've got a decent float, the appropriate bait, and that there's plenty of shot in your bag.

The above, of course, refers to fishing. If you drew analogies to making luv to a beautiful woman, it's no,err,skin off my back.
First off, you wanna make sure there's plenty of ammunition for your rifle. Then, proper bait and lures to attract the female critter(s). Only hit where you're aiming! God forbid, you don't want another "little hunter" to pop out of the laurels. Another thing, get as much "wild
life" as you can outta da bush! Whether you're hunting rabbit, bear or squirrel- remember, there is "bush" involved! If necessary, you can clean up the blood if any is left behind!

Note:Of course, the above refers to hunting.hehe.

Till next time, keep smiling.


Alka said...

I agree. The power of positive thinking is enormous. It also helps one stay young and delays wrinkles. :-)Since I have just posted an anorexic on my recent post so beauty is weighing heavily in my mind. :-)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Fantastic Post! And very true.

The world does comes across as loving the negative more than just praises and saying something good about people.For some reason humans find it

And great say there about workmates around the lunch table. I feel ya! And agree with ya.

This post rocks!

Have a good weekend!